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America's Top 100 Level 5 All Around Team Scores -
2019 America's Top 100 Level 5 All Around Team Scoresas of 10.30.2020
1117.450Everest GymnasticsNC2019 NC Compulsory State Championship
2117.275Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNC2019 NC Compulsory State Championship
3117.050Capital Gymnastics National CenterVALucky Stars Invitational
4117.025Sonshine GymnasticsNC2019 NC Compulsory State Championship
5116.475Kurt Thomas GymnasticsTXLevel 5 State/Hillenburg Invitational
6116.300Capital Gymnastics National CenterVALevel 4/5 VA State Championships
7116.100Everest GymnasticsNC14th Annual Everest Challenge Cup
8115.950Capital Gymnastics National CenterVASpring Fling - Ocean Tumblers
9115.900Wildfire GymnasticsCAMasquerade Mania 2019
9115.900Kurt Thomas GymnasticsTXJudges Cup DFW
11115.650Kurt Thomas GymnasticsTXPretty in Pink
11115.650Kurt Thomas GymnasticsTXZenith District 3 Qualifier
13115.600Airborne Gymnastics Training CenterCANor Cal Level 4 & 5 State Championships
14115.575Paragon Gymnastics of VAVALevel 4/5 VA State Championships
15115.550Denton Gymnastics AcademyTXLevel 5 State/Hillenburg Invitational
16115.525Azarian U.S. Gymnastics Training CenterCA2019 SoCal Level 3-5 State Championship
17115.500Ocean Tumblers GymnasticsVALevel 4/5 VA State Championships
18115.450Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNC2019 Soldier Salute
19115.400Aspire Gymnastics AcademyILIllinois Gymnastics State Championships
19115.400Lakeshore Academy of Mt. ProspectILIllinois Gymnastics State Championships
21115.375Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNCLights, Camera, Action! 2019
22115.350Gymnastics Power HouseTXLevel 5 State/Hillenburg Invitational
22115.350AIM Athletics Texans GymnasticsTX2019 WCC District 5 Qualifier
24115.325Airborne Gymnastics Training CenterCAAccel's PRINCESS INVITATIONAL 2019
25115.250Wildfire GymnasticsCA2019 Trick or Treat Invitational
26115.225Gedderts Twistars USAMI2019 Battle Of Champions
27115.200WOGA GymnasticsTXWOGA Classic/Liukin Invitational
27115.200SCEGA GymnasticsCATricks 4 Treats
29115.175Florida Gymnastic Training CenterFLCelebrate America
29115.175San Mateo GymnasticsCANor Cal Level 4 & 5 State Championships
31115.125Wildfire GymnasticsCA2019 SoCal Level 3-5 State Championship
31115.125AIM Athletics Texans GymnasticsTXLevel 5 State/Hillenburg Invitational
31115.125Arizona Dynamics GymnasticsAZOld Pueblo Invitational
34115.075Texas Dreams GymnasticsTXJudges Cup DFW
34115.075Texas Dreams GymnasticsTXLevel 5 State/Hillenburg Invitational
36115.050Paragon Gymnastics of VAVASpring Fling - Ocean Tumblers
37115.025All Pro Gymnastics IncMDBattle at the Beach
38115.000GMS Gymnastics InstituteVAMagical Classic
39114.975Flight School GymnasticsCATricks 4 Treats
40114.900Everest GymnasticsNC2019 EDGE Invitational
40114.900Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNC2019 Old Skool Invitational
42114.825Everest GymnasticsNCSonshine Invitational
43114.800Arizona Dynamics GymnasticsAZArizona Compulsory State Championships
43114.800Danik GymnasticsID2019 Idaho State JO Championships
45114.775Phenom GymnasticsILIllinois Gymnastics State Championships
46114.725Flight School GymnasticsCABroadway's Olympic Dream Classic
47114.700Azarian U.S. Gymnastics Training CenterCAHalloween Time at Azarian
47114.700Kurt Thomas GymnasticsTXRising Stars 2019
47114.700Arizona Dynamics GymnasticsAZPGA Halloween Invitational 2019
50114.675SCEGA GymnasticsCA2019 Galaxy Classic
51114.650Arizona Dynamics GymnasticsAZStars & Stripes Invitational 2019
52114.625SCEGA GymnasticsCA2019 SoCal Level 3-5 State Championship
52114.625Gym Kinetics GymnasticsILIllinois Gymnastics State Championships
54114.600Precision South Gymnastics AcademyGAGasparilla Classic
54114.600Azarian U.S. Gymnastics Training CenterCA2018 Desert Spooktacular
56114.550San Mateo GymnasticsCAPink Meet Invitational
57114.525Colorado Aerials Gymnastics CenterCOAerials Fall Festival
58114.475Aspire Gymnastics AcademyILBig ClassicBIG CLASSIC
59114.450Capital Gymnastics National CenterVAExcalibur Cup
59114.450Arizona Dynamics GymnasticsAZ2019 Gold Medal Extravaganza
59114.450Denton Gymnastics AcademyTXLevel 3 & 5 District II Championships
62114.425Byers Gymnastics Center IICA2019 Disco-Tech Invitational
62114.425Ocean Tumblers GymnasticsVAFlower Power Invitational
62114.425Byers Gymnastics Center IICANor Cal Level 4 & 5 State Championships
65114.400Airborne Gymnastics Training CenterCAAirborne's Aloha Invitational
65114.400Arizona SunraysAZJammie Jam Invitational
67114.375Brown's Gymnastics-Las VegasNV2019 Nevada State Championships
67114.375Impact Athletic Training CenterTXLevel 5 State/Hillenburg Invitational
67114.375Hill's GymnasticsMDBattle at the Beach
70114.350Gym Kinetics GymnasticsILNGCD Academy's 2019 Flip'r Invitational
70114.350Colorado Aerials Gymnastics CenterCO2019 Colorado Level 2/5 State Meet
72114.325US GoldTXLevel 5 State/Hillenburg Invitational
72114.325Olympus GymnasticsUT2019 Fun In The Sun Invitational
72114.325Paragon Gymnastics of VAVAFrederick Classic on the Hill 2019
75114.300Azarian U.S. Gymnastics Training CenterCABroadway's Olympic Dream Classic
75114.300Edge Gymnastics Training CenterCA2019 Disco-Tech Invitational
75114.300Hill's GymnasticsMDFinal Countdown
75114.300Gymcats GymnasticsNV2019 Nevada State Championships
79114.275WOGA GymnasticsTX2019 Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet
79114.275Rochester Gymnastics AcademyNYSyracuse Gymnastics Sports Fest 2019
79114.275IK GymnasticsILIllinois Gymnastics State Championships
82114.250Arizona Dynamics GymnasticsAZAZ Judges Cup Diamond Bucks Meet
82114.250Everest GymnasticsNCCrown of the Carolinas
84114.225High Point Gymnastics AcademyNC2019 NC Compulsory State Championship
84114.225Edge Gymnastics Training CenterCANor Cal Level 4 & 5 State Championships
84114.225Kurt Thomas GymnasticsTXTexas L3/5 District 3 Championships
87114.200SCEGA GymnasticsCA2018 Desert Spooktacular
87114.200Arlington AerialsVALevel 4/5 VA State Championships
89114.175Colorado Gymnastic InstituteCO2019 Colorado Level 2/5 State Meet
89114.175Champions GymnasticsTXLevel 5 State/Hillenburg Invitational
91114.150Flight School GymnasticsCA2019 SoCal Level 3-5 State Championship
91114.150Gymstrada Gymnastic SchoolVASpring Fling - Ocean Tumblers
93114.125Above The Bar Gymnastics AcademyTXLevel 5 State/Hillenburg Invitational
94114.100World Champions CentreTX2019 WCC District 5 Qualifier
95114.075Phenom GymnasticsILAspire Classic - 2019
95114.075Wildfire GymnasticsCA2019 World Elite Cup
95114.075GMS Gymnastics InstituteVASpringfest Invitational
98114.050West Valley Gymnastics SchoolCAAccel's PRINCESS INVITATIONAL 2019
98114.050Wildfire GymnasticsCA2018 Desert Spooktacular
100114.025SCEGA GymnasticsCA2019 NAWGJ-SC Judges' Cup
100114.025SCEGA GymnasticsCAWalk the Plank at SCEGA
100114.025Colorado Gymnastic InstituteCO2019 Pink Ribbon Invitational
100114.025West Valley Gymnastics SchoolCANor Cal Level 4 & 5 State Championships