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Level: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, XB, XS, XG, XP, XDEvent: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, All Around
America's Top 100 Level 10 All Around Team Scores -
2019 America's Top 100 Level 10 All Around Team Scoresas of 12.08.2019
1117.325Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLCILIllinois State Championship Level 6,9,10
2117.075Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLCILJaycie Phelps Midwest Showdown
3117.025Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLCILRegion 5 9/10 Championships
4117.000Texas Dreams GymnasticsTX2019 Region 3 Levels 9-10 Championships
5116.925Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLCIL2019 Women's JO National Championships
5116.925SCEGA GymnasticsCARegion 1 Regional Championships
7116.900Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNCSand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
8116.850Texas Dreams GymnasticsTX2019 Women's JO National Championships
9116.775Metroplex GymnasticsTX2019 Texas Level 9/10 State
10116.525SCEGA GymnasticsCA2019 So-Cal Level 6-10 State Championships
11116.500San Mateo GymnasticsCA8/9/10 State Meet
12116.450Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNC2019 Levels 6-10 NC State Championships
13116.425Texas Dreams GymnasticsTX2019 Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet
13116.425Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNCChow's Challenge
15116.400Texas Dreams GymnasticsTX2019 Texas Level 9/10 State
16116.375Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNCUSA Gymnastics Region 8 Level 9&10 Regional C
17116.350SCEGA GymnasticsCAArizona Sunrays Classic Rock Invitational
18116.325Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLCILKing Arthur Invitational
19116.300Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLCILLeenda's Island Adventure
20116.250Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLCILBuckeye Classic
20116.250San Mateo GymnasticsCARegion 1 Regional Championships
22116.175Texas Dreams GymnasticsTX2019 Kurt Thomas Invitational
23116.100FLIPSCLegacy Elite Classic
24116.050Jaycie Phelps Athletic CenterIN2019 Indiana Level 6,7,8,9,10 State Meet
25116.000Bull City GymnasticsNC22nd Annual Star Struck Invitational
25116.000Twin City TwistersMN2019 Women's JO National Championships
27115.975Head Over HeelsCA8/9/10 State Meet
28115.950Olympia Gymnastics AcademyMIRegion 5 9/10 Championships
29115.925Bull City GymnasticsNC2019 Levels 6-10 NC State Championships
29115.925Arizona Dynamics GymnasticsAZ2019 Arizona Level 6-10 State Championships
29115.925La Fleur'sFLSand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
32115.875SCEGA GymnasticsCAFiesta Bowl
33115.850Buckeye GymnasticsOH2019 Ohio Levels 6-10 State Championships
34115.825Metroplex GymnasticsTX2019 Region 3 Levels 9-10 Championships
35115.800Airborne Gymnastics Training CenterCA8/9/10 State Meet
36115.725Twin City TwistersMN2019 Minnesota 6,7,8,9,10,XG,XP,XD State Championships
36115.725World Champions CentreTXChow's Challenge
38115.675Everest GymnasticsNC2019 Everest Classic
38115.675Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNCGreensboro Gymnastics Invitational
38115.675San Mateo GymnasticsCA2019 Delta Classic
38115.675Phenom GymnasticsILIllinois State Championship Level 6,9,10
42115.650Everest GymnasticsNC2019 Levels 6-10 NC State Championships
42115.650Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNC2019 Women's JO National Championships
42115.650Southeastern Gymnastics CenterNCAtlanta Crown
42115.650World Champions CentreTXLady Luck Invitational
46115.600Olympia Gymnastics AcademyMI2019 Michigan Levels 7, 8, 9, 10, XP and XD State Championship
46115.600Phenom GymnasticsILNGCD Academy's 2019 Flip'r Invitational
46115.600Byers Gymnastics Center IICA8/9/10 State Meet
49115.550Airborne Gymnastics Training CenterCA2019 Long Beach Open
49115.550SCEGA GymnasticsCA2019 California Grand Invitational
49115.550Metroplex GymnasticsTX2019 Women's JO National Championships
52115.525Jaycie Phelps Athletic CenterINJaycie Phelps Midwest Showdown
52115.525SCEGA GymnasticsCA2019 SCEGA California Classic - Women
52115.525Gedderts Twistars USAMI2019 Michigan Levels 7, 8, 9, 10, XP and XD State Championship
55115.500San Mateo GymnasticsCA2019 SCEGA California Classic - Women
55115.500All American GymnasticsUT2019 Utah Optional/Xcel State Meet
55115.500Hill's GymnasticsMDLevel 10 Regional Championships - Region 7
55115.500Wildfire GymnasticsCARegion 1 Regional Championships
59115.450Gedderts Twistars USAMIRegion 5 9/10 Championships
59115.450Gymcats GymnasticsNVVegas Cup 2019
61115.425Metroplex GymnasticsTXArizona Sunrays Classic Rock Invitational
61115.425World Champions CentreTX2019 Biles Invitational
63115.400World Champions CentreTX2019 Texas Level 9/10 State
64115.375San Mateo GymnasticsCA2019 Women's JO National Championships
65115.350Hill's GymnasticsMDExcalibur Cup
65115.350Arizona Dynamics GymnasticsAZ2019 Valley of the Sun Challenge
65115.350Arizona SunraysAZArizona Sunrays Classic Rock Invitational
68115.325All American GymnasticsUTCrystal Cup 2019
68115.325All American GymnasticsUTRegion 1 Regional Championships
70115.300World Champions CentreTX2019 Women's JO National Championships
70115.300Hill's GymnasticsMD2019 Women's JO National Championships
70115.300Georgia Elite GymnasticsGAGeorgia Level 6,9,10 State Championship
70115.300Hill's GymnasticsMDHill's MD Classic
70115.300Buckeye GymnasticsOHSand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
70115.300Buckeye GymnasticsOHBuckeye Classic
76115.275Airborne Gymnastics Training CenterCARegion 1 Regional Championships
76115.275Cincinnati GymnasticsOH2019 Ohio Levels 6-10 State Championships
78115.250Cincinnati GymnasticsOH2019 Women's JO National Championships
79115.225Texas Dreams GymnasticsTXWOGA Classic/Liukin Invitational
80115.200Bull City GymnasticsNCGreensboro Gymnastics Invitational
81115.175La Fleur'sFL2019 Women's JO National Championships
82115.150World Champions CentreTX2019 Region 3 Levels 9-10 Championships
82115.150Head Over HeelsCARegion 1 Regional Championships
82115.150World Champions CentreTXWOGA Classic/Liukin Invitational
82115.150Hill's GymnasticsMD2019 Maryland Level 6, 9 & 10 State Championships
82115.150Everest GymnasticsNCUSA Gymnastics Region 8 Level 9&10 Regional C
87115.125Orlando Metro GymnasticsFLSand Dollar/ Whitlow Invitational
88115.100Cincinnati GymnasticsOHRegion 5 9/10 Championships
88115.100La Fleur'sFLThe Daytona Beach Open
88115.100Arena Gymnastics Inc.NJLevel 10 Regional Championships - Region 7
91115.075Twin City TwistersMN24th Annual Northern Lights Classic
92115.050La Fleur'sFL2019 Florida Level 7, 8, 9, 10 State Championships
92115.050Gymnastix Training CenterGAGeorgia Level 6,9,10 State Championship
92115.050Twin City TwistersMNFiesta Bowl
95115.025Bull City GymnasticsNCAtlanta Crown
95115.025Flips Gymnastics LLCMN2019 Minnesota 6,7,8,9,10,XG,XP,XD State Championships
97115.000Georgia Elite GymnasticsGA22nd Annual Star Struck Invitational
97115.000Azarian U.S. Gymnastics Training CenterCA2019 Pacific Classic
97115.000World Class GymnasticsVA2019 Virginia Levels 8,9,10 State Championships
97115.000Phenom GymnasticsILRegion 5 9/10 Championships