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Level: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, XB, XS, XG, XP, XDEvent: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, All Around
America's Top 100 Level 10 All Around Team Scores -
2022 America's Top 100 Level 10 All Around Team Scores
 as of 01.25.2022
1116.525Pearland EliteTXHouston National Invitational
2116.150Brandy Johnson's Global GymnasticsFL2022 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
3115.825Twin City TwistersMN2022 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
4115.775World Champions CentreTXHouston National Invitational
5115.650Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLCILUGA Invitational
6115.625Gold Medal GymnasticsAZ2022 Arizona Grand Invitational
7115.525Cincinnati GymnasticsOHUGA Invitational
8115.400Pearland EliteTX2022 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
9115.300Flips Gymnastics LLCMNMWT WI Dells Safari Invite - Midwest Twisters
10115.200Georgia Elite GymnasticsGAOzone Invitational
11115.150Bold GymnasticsUTLady Luck Invitational
12115.125Olympus GymnasticsUTLady Luck Invitational
13115.075Gymcats GymnasticsNVVegas Cup 2022
14115.000Hill's GymnasticsMD2022 Hill's Maryland Classic
15114.700Texas Dreams GymnasticsTXFriends of Achievers Invitational 2022
16114.675Ascend Gymnastics CenterWA2022 California Grand Invitational
16114.675Texas Dreams GymnasticsTX2022 Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet
18114.625Olympus GymnasticsUT2022 California Grand Invitational
19114.600Gymcats GymnasticsNV2022 California Grand Invitational
19114.600Metroplex GymnasticsTX2022 Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet
21114.550Cincinnati GymnasticsOH2022 Coaches Spectacular
22114.325WOGA GymnasticsTX2022 Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet
22114.325First State GymnasticsDE25th Annual Star Struck Invitational Women
24114.200Jaycie Phelps Athletic CenterIN2022 Coaches Spectacular
24114.200Metropolitan GymnasticsWA2022 Freedom Invitational
26114.100WOGA GymnasticsTXVegas Cup 2022
27114.000Airborne Gymnastics Training CenterCALady Luck Invitational
27114.000World Class GymnasticsVA25th Annual Star Struck Invitational Women
29113.975Flips Gymnastics LLCMN2022 Chow's Winter Classic
30113.900SCEGA GymnasticsCA2022 Arizona Grand Invitational
31113.875Legacy Elite Gymnastics LLCIL2022 California Grand Invitational
32113.850Queen City Gymnastics/ Kids FirstOHCircle of Stars
33113.775North Stars Gymnastics AcademyNJ25th Annual Star Struck Invitational Women
34113.750BIO GymnasticsGA2022 Hilton Head Island Invitational
34113.750Buckeye GymnasticsOHCircle of Stars
36113.700Gold Medal GymnasticsAZ2022 California Grand Invitational
36113.700Azarian U.S. Gymnastics Training CenterCALady Luck Invitational
38113.650Golden City GymnasticsFL2022 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
39113.575Bull City GymnasticsNC2022 Coaches Spectacular
40113.525Arizona Dynamics GymnasticsAZ2022 Winter Sun Invitational
41113.475San Mateo GymnasticsCAVegas Cup 2022
42113.450DeVeau's School of GymnasticsINCircle of Stars
43113.425Sonshine GymnasticsNC2022 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
44113.300La Fleur'sFLLady Luck Invitational
45113.225San Mateo GymnasticsCA2022 California Grand Invitational
46113.200La Fleur'sFLSand Dollar Invitational 2022
47113.100Prestige GymnasticsPA2022 Hill's Maryland Classic
48112.950Arena Gymnastics Inc.NJ25th Annual Star Struck Invitational Women
49112.925Phenom GymnasticsIL2022 Bravo Classic
50112.825Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc.TN2022 USA Invitational
51112.750American Twisters GymnasticsFL2022 Coaches Spectacular
52112.625Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc.TNOzone Invitational
53112.600SCEGA GymnasticsCA2022 California Grand Invitational
54112.500Orlando Metro GymnasticsFLSand Dollar Invitational 2022
55112.475Gymnastics Olympica USACA2022 California Grand Invitational
56112.425Metropolitan GymnasticsWALady Luck Invitational
57112.400Tampa Bay Turners GymnasticsFL2022 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
57112.400X-Cel GymnasticsPA25th Annual Star Struck Invitational Women
59112.375Stallone GymnasticsPA25th Annual Star Struck Invitational Women
59112.375Aspire Gymnastics AcademyILUGA Invitational
61112.325South Coast GymnasticsCALong Beach Open 2022
62112.225Universal Gymnasts Inc.OHCircle of Stars
63112.150Prestige GymnasticsPASand Dollar Invitational 2022
64112.100Jamjev GymnasticsAL2022 Coaches Spectacular
65112.050Apex GymnasticsNY2022 Arizona Grand Invitational
65112.050Colorado Gymnastic InstituteCOCircle of Stars
67112.025Capital Gymnastics National CenterVA2022 Hill's Maryland Classic
68111.975Prestige GymnasticsPAKatie Baldwin Invitational
69111.825West Valley Gymnastics SchoolCAVegas Cup 2022
70111.800Perfect BalanceNC2022 Rocky Mount Rumble Challenge
70111.800Gedderts Twistars USAMICircle of Stars
72111.600American Gymnastics Academy of Long BeachCALong Beach Open 2022
73111.575High Point Gymnastics AcademyNC2022 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
74111.525Coastal Gymnastics AcademyCA2022 Arizona Grand Invitational
75111.450East Bay Sports AcademyCA2022 California Grand Invitational
76111.425Capital Gymnastics / TexasTXHouston National Invitational
77111.375Roswell GymnasticsGASand Dollar Invitational 2022
78111.300AJS Pancott GymnasticsPASand Dollar Invitational 2022
79111.225Xtreme Gymnastics and TrampolineMO2022 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
80111.075Brown's Gymnastics-Las VegasNVLady Luck Invitational
80111.075Lakewood Ranch GymnasticsFL2022 Hilton Head Island Invitational
82111.050First in FlightNC25th Annual Star Struck Invitational Women
83111.000Aspire Gymnastics AcademyAR2022 Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet
84110.925Excalibur GymnasticsVAPalm Springs Gymnastics Cup
85110.775Silvia's Gymnastics LLCPASilvia Mitova Invitational
85110.775Lakewood Ranch GymnasticsFLSand Dollar Invitational 2022
87110.750United Sports AcademyPAJanet Rothenberg Memorial
88110.725Lake City TwistersWISand Dollar Invitational 2022
89110.675Byers Gymnastics Center IICA2022 California Grand Invitational
89110.675Queen City Gymnastics/ Kids FirstOH2022 Coaches Spectacular
91110.650Capital City FlipsMI2022 Coaches Spectacular
92110.625Centre Elite Gymnastics, Inc.PA2022 Centre Elite Classic
93110.575Salto GymnasticsWI2022 Coaches Spectacular
93110.575Olympia Gymnastics AcademyMICircle of Stars
95110.325Florida EliteFL2022 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
95110.325American Gold GymnasticsNDLong Beach Open 2022
97110.225Aspire Gymnastics AcademyIL2022 Bravo Classic
98110.075Centre Elite Gymnastics, Inc.PA2022 Hill's Maryland Classic
99110.025Emerge AcademyIACircle of Stars
100109.975Incline Gymnastics Training CenterCO2022 Kim Zmeskal's Texas Prime Meet