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2019 Pennsylvania Xcel State Championships -
2019 Pennsylvania Xcel State Championships
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-05-172019-05-19 Unknown889
Meet Scores Level: XS Division: Sr A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Pawlowski, IsabellaPhiladelphia Gym Center XS Sr A9.500 29.425 1T9.800 19.525 238.250 1
2Misiti, ElizabethGym Time XS Sr A9.400 4T9.425 1T9.750 29.300 7T37.875 2
3Bryant, SophieWilson School of Gymnastics and Dance XS Sr A9.225 9T9.375 4T9.700 3T9.150 10T37.450 3T
3Brannick, JosephineCentre Elite Gymnastics, Inc. XS Sr A9.300 69.300 79.550 6T9.300 7T37.450 3T
5Harrington, MorganCentral Bucks School of Gymnastics XS Sr A9.225 9T9.075 18T9.575 59.425 337.300 5
6Custaney, HaleyFantastic Gymnastics XS Sr A9.250 7T9.050 209.550 6T9.375 437.225 6
7Gross, SarahParkettes National Gymnastics Center XS Sr A9.450 38.500 349.475 8T9.550 136.975 7
8Basalla, AlynaFearless XS Sr A9.025 149.400 39.125 229.325 5T36.875 8
9Stauffer, KendallPower,Grace Gym Dance Inc. XS Sr A9.400 4T9.150 13T9.225 18T9.050 17T36.825 9
10Bottone, AdrianaPower,Grace Gym Dance Inc. XS Sr A9.525 18.975 24T9.350 11T8.900 22T36.750 10
11Zimmerman, AddieWilson School of Gymnastics and Dance XS Sr A8.900 17T9.375 4T9.350 11T9.100 14T36.725 11
12Livelsberger, MylieWilson School of Gymnastics and Dance XS Sr A8.750 21T9.175 11T9.450 109.325 5T36.700 12
13Johnson, SameraWillow Tree Gymnastics Academy XS Sr A9.150 119.275 88.900 27T9.100 14T36.425 13T
13Myers, VanessaCentral PA Academy of Gymnastics XS Sr A8.950 15T9.100 16T9.250 179.125 12T36.425 13T
15Cygan, BrynnG2 XS Sr A8.700 249.000 21T9.700 3T8.950 2036.350 15
16Jessman, BaileyPottsville Gymnastic Training Center XS Sr A8.950 15T9.225 108.900 27T9.225 936.300 16T
16Davis, AddisonGymsport Athletic Center XS Sr A9.075 139.075 18T9.100 239.050 17T36.300 16T
18Goodwin, ChloeCarol Leone / Lions Gymnastics XS Sr A8.350 349.350 69.475 8T9.050 17T36.225 18
19Monyer, OliviaC3 Gymnastics XS Sr A8.750 21T9.000 21T9.300 159.150 10T36.200 19T
19Thomas, TessaGravity Elite XS Sr A9.100 129.175 11T9.000 25T8.925 2136.200 19T
21Hager, ChaseTumble Kids Gymnastics LlC XS Sr A8.650 25T9.125 159.225 18T9.125 12T36.125 21
22Goldberg, KaileyCentral Bucks School of Gymnastics XS Sr A8.900 17T8.800 319.275 169.100 14T36.075 22
23Szopo, NoelleArcadia Gymnastics and Fitness Center XS Sr A9.250 7T8.825 309.050 248.900 22T36.025 23
24Yegizaryan, MirabellaErie Gymnastic Center XS Sr A8.725 239.150 13T9.350 11T8.700 2535.925 24
25Genes, AbbyMiller's Gym Stars XS Sr A8.850 198.850 28T9.350 11T8.575 2835.625 25
26Sheldon, JaneGymnastic Center of Hershey XS Sr A8.600 27T9.100 16T9.000 25T8.600 2735.300 26
27Cummings, AnnaPhilly In Movement XS Sr A8.600 27T8.975 24T8.750 30T8.625 2634.950 27
28Kerestes, BellaFalcon Gymnastics and Fitness XS Sr A8.250 358.900 269.225 18T8.450 31T34.825 28
29Edris, SaoirseGymnastic Center of Hershey XS Sr A8.775 208.750 338.750 30T8.500 29T34.775 29
30Yeakle, JosieGymnastic Center of Hershey XS Sr A8.600 27T8.850 28T8.750 30T8.450 31T34.650 30
31Claflin, AlyssaBerks East Gymnastics XS Sr A8.550 308.775 328.825 298.450 31T34.600 31
32Henry, KaralineWaynesboro YMCA XS Sr A8.650 25T9.000 21T7.850 358.850 2434.350 32
33Lehman, KylaWillow Tree Gymnastics Academy XS Sr A8.500 318.050 359.150 218.500 29T34.200 33T
33Carpenter, KatieFalcon Gymnastics and Fitness XS Sr A8.400 32T8.875 278.500 338.425 3434.200 33T
35Bisson, MiaPhilly In Movement XS Sr A8.400 32T9.250 98.350 348.150 3534.150 35