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Kurt Thomas Invitational -
Kurt Thomas Invitational
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-02-092018-02-11 Kurt Thomas Gymnastics839
Meet Scores Session: 5C
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Golden, DaviahnaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.700 1T9.600 10T9.800 19.450 7T38.550 1
2Walk, HannahElevate 5C S1 ***9.400 31T9.800 2T9.600 39.500 638.300 2
3Hernandez, LuisaElevate 5C S1 ***9.650 6*9.850 19.500 5*9.200 20T38.200 3T
3Charlton, JennaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.600 12T9.700 6T9.300 15T9.600 3T38.200 3T
3Pennam, ShreenaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.650 6*9.600 10T9.500 5*9.450 7T38.200 3T
6Cabrera, JasmineTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.600 12T9.800 2T9.400 11T9.250 18T38.050 6T
6Lakhani, ZahaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.500 21T9.650 8T9.500 5T9.400 1338.050 6T
8Rosas, EvangelinaNova Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.600 12T9.800 2T8.800 56T9.550 537.750 8
9Gressman, KennaApex 5C 2T ***9.650 6T9.600 10T9.100 24T9.300 15T37.650 9
10Booth, ElizabethElevate 5C S1 ***9.500 21T9.000 47T9.400 11T9.600 3T37.500 10T
10Malekouti, JasmineNova Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.450 28T9.500 17T9.350 149.200 20T37.500 10T
12Bazile, KaleighIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.550 17T9.650 8T9.000 33T9.200 20T37.400 12
13Remidez, KristenTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.650 6T9.400 24T9.100 24T9.200 20T37.350 13T
13Thorn, SydneyTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.600 12T9.500 17T8.900 47T9.350 1437.350 13T
15Ford, MaddieApex 5C 2T ***9.700 1T9.800 2T9.000 33T8.800 44T37.300 15T
15Chae, YoonTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C S1 ***8.500 82T9.500 17T9.650 29.650 237.300 15T
17Valdez, JadaNova Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.600 12T9.350 34T9.200 18T9.050 33T37.200 17
18Almenares, EmilyIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.400 31T9.400 24T9.500 5*8.850 4337.150 18T
18McClenny, CarlyElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 2T ***9.450 28T9.000 47T9.500 5*9.200 20T37.150 18T
20Jani, RomaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C S1 ***9.100 57T9.100 44T9.000 33T9.800 137.000 20T
20Moreland, TeresaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C S1 ***9.150 54*9.200 40T9.200 18*9.450 7T37.000 20T
20Salais, SophiaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.150 54*9.400 24T9.200 18*9.250 18T37.000 20T
23O%27Neal, TaylorTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.700 1T9.000 47T9.200 18T9.050 33T36.950 23
24Johnson, AubryanaElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 2T ***9.000 61T9.600 10*9.200 18T9.100 30*36.900 24T
24Torrez, AlexisNova Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.250 42T9.600 10*8.900 47*9.150 28T36.900 24T
24Williams, KarlynIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.300 37*9.600 10*8.900 47*9.100 30*36.900 24T
24Reyes, SophiaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.550 17T8.500 71T9.400 11T9.450 7*36.900 24T
24Sunderji, IlanaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C S2 ***8.900 71T9.000 47T9.550 49.450 7*36.900 24T
24Oh, ElizabethElevate 5C S1 ***9.300 37*9.400 24T9.000 33T9.200 20T36.900 24T
30Barrera, SaraiIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.200 46T9.600 10T9.000 33T9.000 36T36.800 30
31Del-Cid, CourtneyTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.700 1T9.350 34T8.900 47T8.800 44T36.750 31T
31Muiruri, FlorenceIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.350 35T9.400 24T9.000 33T9.000 36T36.750 31T
33Snyder, KatieNova Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.550 17T8.600 65T9.100 24T9.300 15T36.550 33
34Martinez, YansyTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.350 35T9.300 36T9.000 33T8.750 51T36.400 34
35Perkins, JaylaTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.200 46T9.250 38T8.800 56T9.100 30T36.350 35
36Eldridge, DelaneyTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.200 46T9.700 6T8.700 64T8.650 57T36.250 36
37Trevino, CrystalIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.500 21T8.900 55T9.100 24T8.700 53T36.200 37
38Portillo, DanetteElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 2T ***9.650 6T8.200 76T8.800 56T9.450 7T36.100 38T
38Aguilar, LizbethIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.500 21T8.800 59T9.100 24T8.700 53T36.100 38T
40Asmussen, LivvieElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 2T ***9.000 61T9.000 47T8.900 47T9.150 28T36.050 40
41Schuller, MiaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C S2 ***8.800 75T9.000 47T9.000 33T9.200 20T36.000 41
42Cole, AddisonTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.250 42T9.400 24T8.600 71T8.700 53T35.950 42T
42Martinson, LucyTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.400 31T9.200 40T8.800 56T8.550 6435.950 42T
44Walls, HannahElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 1T ***9.100 57T9.500 17T8.900 47T8.400 68T35.900 44
45Jackson, KristaIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.050 609.200 40T8.800 56T8.800 44T35.850 45
46Huneke, NaomiTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.700 1T8.800 59T8.700 64T8.600 59T35.800 46T
46Reid, CarolineTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C S2 ***8.900 71T8.600 65T9.000 33T9.300 15T35.800 46T
48Kollinger, SophieElevate 5C S2 ***8.500 82T9.500 17T9.100 24T8.650 57T35.750 48
49Camp, RylieTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C S1 ***8.000 889.400 24T9.100 24T9.200 20T35.700 49T
49Wheeler, KristalynTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.000 61T9.000 47T8.900 47T8.800 44T35.700 49T
51Copeland, KimorahNova Gymnastics 5C 2T ***8.900 71T9.150 439.100 24T8.500 65T35.650 51
52Greer, JaNieceTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.500 21T8.100 80T9.000 33T9.000 36T35.600 52T
52Webb, RachelElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 2T ***8.400 84T9.400 24T9.500 5T8.300 72T35.600 52T
52Valdinovas, JocelynElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 1T ***8.800 75T9.000 47T9.200 18T8.600 59T35.600 52T
52Vittorio, SofiaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.200 46T9.100 44T8.400 79T8.900 40T35.600 52T
56Bermundez, GiannaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.500 21T8.000 82T9.000 33T9.000 36T35.500 56T
56Strait, PaisleyTexas Elite 5C 2T ***9.000 61T8.900 55T9.300 15T8.300 72T35.500 56T
58Rideau, JordynIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.300 37T8.600 65T8.700 64T8.800 44T35.400 58
59Espinoza, ShailaIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.450 28T8.700 62T8.600 71T8.600 59T35.350 59
60Davis, MyaNova Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.500 21T8.300 74T8.900 47T8.600 59T35.300 60
61Williams, RyaneTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.250 42T8.800 59T8.500 75T8.700 53T35.250 61
62Morrow, MiaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.650 6T9.250 38T8.200 86T8.050 7935.150 62
63Bruggers, GabbyElevate 5C S2 ***9.200 46T9.400 24T8.200 86T8.300 72T35.100 63T
63Abell, AlexElevate 5C S2 ***8.700 77T8.900 55T9.300 15T8.200 76T35.100 63T
65Harris, NylahTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.550 17T8.200 76T8.400 79T8.900 40T35.050 65
66Smith, AlessiaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.000 61T8.200 76T9.000 33T8.800 44T35.000 66
67Lynch, McKinnaElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 2T ***9.250 42T8.700 62T8.800 56T8.200 76T34.950 67T
67 Felder, AylaElevate 5C BT ***9.150 54T8.500 71T8.400 79T8.900 40T34.950 67T
69Hernandez, AbbyTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C BT ***9.200 46T9.300 36T8.000 898.400 68T34.900 69
70Hackler, MadelynElevate 5C BT ***9.300 37T8.600 65*8.500 75T8.400 68T34.800 70T
70Rivers, AudraElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 2T ***8.400 84T8.600 65*9.000 33T8.800 44T34.800 70T
72Furler, TaliaTexas Dreams Gymnastics 5C S1 ***9.000 61T8.200 76T8.500 75T9.050 33T34.750 72
73Ivery, Ra%27NiaaNova Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.400 31T8.900 55T8.400 79*8.000 80T34.700 73T
73Jaggi, JillianTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.200 46T8.600 65T8.400 79*8.500 65*34.700 73T
73Shum, NatalieElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 1T ***9.000 61*9.100 44T8.700 64T7.900 8334.700 73T
73Gregerski, BreannahIrving Gymnastics Association 5C 2T ***9.000 61*8.400 738.800 56T8.500 65*34.700 73T
77Massey, RylanTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.100 57T8.700 62T8.600 71T8.200 76T34.600 77
78Edwards, LilyElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 1T ***8.600 80T9.450 238.400 79T8.000 80T34.450 78
79Moore, LaiaTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***9.200 46T8.000 82T8.600 71T8.600 59T34.400 79
80Hughes, MariaElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 2T ***9.300 37T8.000 82T9.100 24T7.700 8534.100 80T
80Wilson, OliviaTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***9.000 61T8.100 80T8.700 64T8.300 72T34.100 80T
82Williams, KyalTexas Elite 5C 2T ***9.000 61T8.300 74T8.700 64T8.000 80T34.000 82T
82Benson, JasmineTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***8.900 71T7.800 85T8.900 47T8.400 68T34.000 82T
84Jordan, SamirahTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***8.700 77T7.400 879.000 33T8.750 51T33.850 84
85Knetsch, AdalieElite Gymnastics of Tyler 5C 1T ***8.300 879.500 17T8.800 56T7.100 88T33.700 85
86Hamilton, LaurenTexas Gymnastics Training Cent 5C 2T ***8.600 80T7.800 85T8.300 857.800 8432.500 86
87Wayne, AvaElevate 5C S2 ***7.000 899.400 24T8.200 86T7.350 8731.950 87
88Dracos, TylerTexas Elite 5C 2T ***8.350 866.000 888.700 64T7.100 88T30.150 88
89Bartley, AtiyaTreviņo's Gymnastics 5C 2T ***8.700 77T0.000 89T8.500 75T7.500 8624.700 89