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The Captains Meet -
The Captains Meet
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2017-03-032017-03-05 Planet Gymnastics of Concord, Inc.748
Meet Scores Session: 07 Level: XS Division: JuniorC
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA

1Barucci, EllaElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XS JuniorC9.6009.300 2T9.3258.700 32T9.6009.300 5T9.3009.250 8T37.35036.550 5
2Trachsel, RosieWinchester 07 XS JuniorC9.6009.050 13T9.6009.200 5T9.6008.900 31T9.4509.300 5T37.60036.450 6
3Ghosh, MayaElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XS JuniorC9.4509.200 7*9.6759.100 10T9.2508.900 31T9.5009.100 18T37.70036.300 9T
4Holston, ZoePlanet Gymnastics of Concord, Inc. 07 XS JuniorC9.6259.100 10T9.4008.750 30T9.2509.200 8T9.1509.150 16T36.90036.200 11
5Burke, EmmaHead Over Heels Gymnastics 07 XS JuniorC9.4508.700 23T9.2258.900 20T9.4009.400 3T9.4009.050 21T36.95036.050 13T
5Driscoll, EllieElite Gymnastics Academy 07 XS JuniorC9.1008.850 17T9.5259.200 5T9.3259.000 23*9.0509.000 23*36.50036.050 13T
7Ferris, AlexandraHead Over Heels Gymnastics 07 XS JuniorC9.5009.050 13T9.4008.900 20T9.2009.000 23T9.2508.750 40T37.25035.700 24
8Searles, HaileyPrestige Fitness and Gymnastics Center 07 XS JuniorC9.5008.700 23T9.4508.800 25T9.1508.600 399.4509.250 8T36.80035.350 28
9Craig, JessaRoots Gymnastics Center 07 XS JuniorC9.0008.750 228.7508.500 43T9.2009.100 12*9.0008.900 29T35.25035.250 30T
10Giaquinto, JuliaTumblekids USA Billerica 07 XS JuniorC9.2508.650 27T9.2508.400 459.5509.050 19T9.7009.100 18T36.90035.200 32
11Dwyer, HaileyHead Over Heels Gymnastics 07 XS JuniorC8.9508.400 369.3009.300 2T9.2508.500 41T9.2008.900 29*35.80035.100 33T
11Sullivan, KathleenRoots Gymnastics Center 07 XS JuniorC9.7758.700 23T9.6508.700 32T9.6008.800 35T9.4258.900 29*37.85035.100 33T
13Rowe, AlexaHead Over Heels Gymnastics 07 XS JuniorC9.3508.700 23T9.3508.300 46T9.4009.100 12T9.3508.850 34T36.40034.950 36T
13Fawcett, SophiaHead Over Heels Gymnastics 07 XS JuniorC9.0008.500 32T9.0008.850 249.0258.900 31T8.9008.700 42T35.45034.950 36T
15Alba, KendellWinchester 07 XS JuniorC9.3008.300 38T9.7508.200 489.6009.200 8T9.4008.900 29T36.97534.600 42
16LoVuolo, AvaHead Over Heels Gymnastics 07 XS JuniorC8.8007.800 469.3508.500 43T9.4008.900 31T9.5008.850 34T36.90034.050 45