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2018 Massachusetts Levels 1, 2, 3, XB State Cup -
2018 Massachusetts Levels 1, 2, 3, XB State Cup
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-05-122018-05-13 Unknown1411
Meet Scores Session: A10 Level: XB Division: C
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA

1Goldstone, LilyExxcel Gymnastics and Climbing A10 XB C9.6009.600 29.5009.500 2T9.8009.800 19.4009.400 1T38.30038.300 1
2Donaldson, AshleyElite Gymnastics Academy A10 XB C9.6509.650 19.8009.550 19.6509.500 49.3509.350 338.05038.050 2
3Connelly, KylieYellow Jacket Gymnastics Club A10 XB C9.5009.500 3T9.3759.350 5T9.5259.525 39.3509.300 4T37.67537.675 3
4Testa, JulietMarcov Sharp A10 XB C9.3009.300 7T9.4509.450 49.5509.200 11T9.3509.300 4T37.25037.250 4
5Deandrade, BellaGymfinity Sports Academy A10 XB C9.3009.300 7T9.3009.300 79.3759.375 8T9.2009.200 9T37.17537.175 5
6Dempsey, CaseySouth Shore Gymnastics A10 XB C9.6009.200 9T9.6008.950 129.4509.450 5T9.4509.400 1T37.35037.000 6
7Topolewskie, NadiaKathy Corrigans School of Gymnastics A10 XB C9.4009.400 5T9.3509.350 5T9.3009.200 11T9.0009.000 15T36.95036.950 7
8Walsh, CamrynMassachusetts Gymnastics Center-Hingham A10 XB C9.2508.900 13T9.3509.200 8T9.6509.650 29.3009.150 1236.90036.900 8
9Colonna, EllaYellow Jacket Gymnastics Club A10 XB C9.2008.750 15T9.5009.500 2T9.3759.375 8T9.3009.200 9T36.95036.825 9T
9Palmacci, VanessaLegends Gymnastics A10 XB C9.2009.200 9T9.3008.900 13T9.4259.425 79.5009.300 4T36.82536.825 9T
11Eidens, MackenzieTumblekids USA Billerica A10 XB C9.3009.000 129.4009.150 109.3759.375 8T9.3009.050 13T36.80036.575 11
12Zimmer, AddisonMassachusetts Gymnastics Center-Hingham A10 XB C9.2009.200 9T9.2009.200 8T9.1009.100 159.0509.050 13T36.55036.550 12
13Beland, AnyaMassachusetts Gymnastics-Leominster A10 XB C9.3008.900 13T9.6258.650 189.4509.450 5T9.4009.300 4T37.27536.300 13
14Croce, AvaAce Gymnastics Inc. A10 XB C9.1008.700 17T9.4508.900 13T9.2009.200 11T9.3009.300 4T36.35036.100 14
15Mattes, RachaelMassachusetts Gymnastics Center-Pembroke A10 XB C9.4009.400 5T9.1009.100 118.5508.550 169.0009.000 15T36.05036.050 15
16Lacava, Chloe360 Gymnastics A10 XB C8.9508.750 15T8.9008.900 13T9.3009.200 11T9.0509.000 15T35.85035.850 16
17Pederzani-Brown, GiannaMassachusetts Gymnastics Center-Pembroke A10 XB C9.5009.500 3T9.0008.700 178.8008.400 189.0009.000 15T35.60035.600 17
18Gault, MadilynnNashoba Gymnastics Academy at One Stop Fun A10 XB C9.2508.700 17T9.0508.850 169.0508.500 179.2009.200 9T36.20035.250 18