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2018 Massachusetts Levels 1, 2, 3, XB State Cup -
2018 Massachusetts Levels 1, 2, 3, XB State Cup
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-05-122018-05-13 Unknown1411
Meet Scores Session: A10 Level: XB Division: A
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Telio, SofiaExxcel Gymnastics and Climbing A10 XB A9.600 1T9.250 5T9.500 2T9.350 3T37.700 1
2Depaul, FrancescaExxcel Gymnastics and Climbing A10 XB A9.500 3T9.100 9T9.500 2T9.350 3T37.450 2
3Goodman, RebeccaAce Gymnastics Inc. A10 XB A8.900 12T9.200 7T9.600 19.500 137.200 3T
3Znoj, IzabelPrestige Fitness and Gymnastics Center A10 XB A9.350 59.400 19.100 109.350 3T37.200 3T
5Cooney, GraceTumble Kids USA A10 XB A9.500 3T9.100 9T9.200 8T9.350 3T37.150 5
6Quintanilla, CharlotteSouth Shore Gymnastics A10 XB A8.900 12T9.350 2T9.300 6T9.450 237.000 6
7Cedrone-Stokes, SkylarGymfinity Sports Academy A10 XB A9.300 6T9.250 5T9.300 6T9.000 13T36.850 7
8Woods, MillieExxcel Gymnastics and Climbing A10 XB A8.900 12T9.350 2T9.400 4T9.000 13T36.650 8T
8Ivanova, MonicaMassachusetts Gymnastics Center-Hingham A10 XB A9.150 8T9.100 9T9.200 8T9.200 10T36.650 8T
10Leblanc, AlexisGymstreet USA A10 XB A9.000 118.900 159.400 4T9.300 7T36.600 10
11Devlin, SiobhamTumble Kids USA A10 XB A9.300 6T9.200 7T9.000 129.000 13T36.500 11
12O%27Brien, MichaelaMEGA A10 XB A9.100 109.050 138.800 14T9.300 7T36.250 12
13Quinn, BrennaPrestige Fitness and Gymnastics Center A10 XB A9.600 1T9.300 48.100 189.200 10T36.200 13
14Andrianopolis, SophiaR and R Gymnastics A10 XB A9.150 8T8.800 168.800 14T9.150 1235.900 14
15Sofia Zalduondo, AnnaMassachusetts Gymnastics Center-Hingham A10 XB A8.900 12T9.000 148.500 16T9.300 7T35.700 15
16Kimmerl Robidoux, LucyTumble Kids USA A10 XB A8.800 16T8.650 179.025 119.000 13T35.475 16
17Burns, CharoletteTumble Kids USA A10 XB A8.800 16T8.550 188.900 139.000 13T35.250 17
18Cunningham, Isabelle360 Gymnastics A10 XB A8.800 16T9.100 9T8.500 16T8.800 1835.200 18
19Fraser, LacyNashoba Gymnastics Academy at One Stop Fun A10 XB A8.500 198.300 198.050 198.200 1933.050 19