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2018 Xcel Regionals -
2018 Xcel Regionals
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-04-262018-04-29 Lightning City Gymnastics2649
Meet Scores Session: C9 Level: XB Division: XB c9 gp1
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA

1Angelino, AddisonWFG Tri County Gymnastics C9 XB XB c9 gp19.7759.775 29.6509.525 39.9009.675 3T9.5759.550 138.52538.525 1
2Glazener, MadelynTitanium C9 XB XB c9 gp19.8509.850 19.7509.625 29.7009.700 1T9.2509.250 8T38.42538.425 2
3Baldwin, BrookeRaleigh School of Gymnastics C9 XB XB c9 gp19.5509.550 4T9.5509.400 59.6759.675 3T9.6759.475 238.10038.100 3
4Viger, ReignEverest Gymnastics C9 XB XB c9 gp19.4259.300 9T9.5009.350 9T9.7009.700 1T9.5509.450 337.80037.800 4
5Roper, JaceyFoothills Gymnastics and Cheer Center C9 XB XB c9 gp19.4759.325 89.4759.475 49.6509.500 79.6259.400 438.00037.700 5
6Stanley, NyllahSouthern Elite Gymnastics Academy C9 XB XB c9 gp19.5009.250 119.3759.375 6T9.6259.625 59.5509.225 1037.47537.475 6
7Applegate, MacyCoast Elite Gymnastics Academy-CEGA C9 XB XB c9 gp19.6009.600 39.5759.375 6T9.4259.375 13T9.2759.050 1837.55037.400 7T
7Hepler, BrookeUltimate Gymnastics C9 XB XB c9 gp19.3509.300 9T9.7509.325 11T9.5509.525 69.6259.250 8T37.55037.400 7T
7Reams, TarynUniversal Elite Gymnastics C9 XB XB c9 gp19.5509.400 79.2509.175 169.4759.475 8T9.5009.350 637.45037.400 7T
10Maldonado, PaulaTAG USA Gymnastics, Inc. C9 XB XB c9 gp19.5509.550 4T9.5759.375 6T9.6509.250 179.6259.200 11T38.05037.375 10
11Davison, RyleahEverest Gymnastics C9 XB XB c9 gp19.4259.150 13T9.4509.300 139.5759.425 10T9.5509.325 737.72537.200 11T
11Gentry, MckaylaStingray Gymnastics (Allstar) C9 XB XB c9 gp19.5259.125 159.6009.325 11T9.5759.375 13T9.5009.375 537.77537.200 11T
13Kordos, VictoriaGreater Hollywood Family YMCA C9 XB XB c9 gp19.6509.525 69.3759.025 189.6009.375 13T9.3259.200 11T37.95037.125 13
14Cantor, AlejandraElite Gymnastics Academy C9 XB XB c9 gp19.1509.150 13T9.4009.225 149.4759.475 8T9.4009.175 14T37.25037.025 14
15Kuruvilla, ZoeTAG USA Gymnastics, Inc. C9 XB XB c9 gp19.5009.175 129.4009.200 159.4009.400 129.4509.200 11T37.57536.975 15
16Kernodle, KiyaKidsport Gymnastic Academy C9 XB XB c9 gp19.0758.950 179.6509.650 19.5259.225 189.4509.125 1737.10036.950 16
17Eggleston, MollyGym South Gymnastics C9 XB XB c9 gp19.2009.100 169.4009.150 179.4509.425 10T9.4759.150 1637.10036.825 17
18Huffman, EmilyStingray Gymnastics (Allstar) C9 XB XB c9 gp19.3008.850 189.3509.350 9T9.3759.375 13T9.6009.175 14T37.10036.750 18