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2018 Xcel Regionals -
2018 Xcel Regionals
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2018-04-262018-04-29 Lightning City Gymnastics2649
Meet ScoresTeam: Sandhills Academy of Gymnastic
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVault PBVaultBars PBBarsBeam PBBeamFloor PBFloorAA PBAA

1Shively, AshlynSandhills Academy of Gymnastic B18 XP XP b18 gp19.2759.150 5T9.3259.250 6T9.4508.550 179.6259.250 9T37.20036.200 6
2Young, BraidynnSandhills Academy of Gymnastic A3 XG XG a3 gp19.1008.675 209.3259.325 7T9.3259.250 9T9.4759.400 9T36.75036.650 8
3O%27Leary, SarynSandhills Academy of Gymnastic A6 XG XG a6 gp39.4259.125 79.4759.475 6T9.4009.350 89.4509.225 1537.17537.175 8
3Vallejo, SarahSandhills Academy of Gymnastic A6 XG XG a6 gp39.5009.025 129.3259.325 14T9.5009.375 6T9.4509.150 17T36.87536.875 12
5Cilluffo, IsabellaSandhills Academy of Gymnastic B10 XS XS b10 gp39.0008.700 20T9.3259.325 189.3759.200 169.3759.375 5T36.60036.600 18
5Stayskal, CarlySandhills Academy of Gymnastic A1 XG XG a1 gp29.1758.700 159.2509.100 14T9.4509.350 5T9.3759.250 10T36.50036.400 12
7Jones, JuliaSandhills Academy of Gymnastic B8 XS XS b8 gp39.3759.375 49.3509.350 16T9.4509.450 5T9.3509.350 8T37.52537.525 7
7Godsey, PiperSandhills Academy of Gymnastic A2 XG XG a2 gp19.2508.450 219.2258.775 20T9.4009.400 3T9.3509.275 10T36.62535.900 19
9Blakely, AvaSandhills Academy of Gymnastic B13 XS XS b13 gp19.1258.150 219.1008.850 219.4009.400 5T9.2509.250 1236.50035.650 21
9McKee, IsabelleSandhills Academy of Gymnastic A7 XG XG a7 gp38.8008.700 209.2758.850 199.5007.550 219.2509.075 15T36.82534.175 20
11Chapin, EllieSandhills Academy of Gymnastic B10 XS XS b10 gp19.2509.250 4T9.2509.250 209.3008.925 209.2259.225 15T36.65036.650 17
11Keith, KyleeSandhills Academy of Gymnastic B18 XP XP b18 gp19.1259.050 12T9.0008.750 159.6258.800 15T9.2259.225 12T36.35035.825 12
13Leonard, AmeliaSandhills Academy of Gymnastic B17 XP XP b17 gp19.2508.700 229.1258.750 209.1758.500 20T9.1008.925 2236.00034.875 22