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Level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, XB, XS, XG, XP, XD, XSA

Event: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, All Around

America's Top 100 Level 5 All Around Team Scores -
2023 America's Top 100 Level 5 All Around Team Scores
  as of 09.29.2023
1116.250Capital Gymnastics National CenterVA2023 Virginia Level 4 / 5 State Championship
2116.200Jaycie Phelps Athletic CenterINGame Night
3116.075Jaycie Phelps Athletic CenterINCruisin' & Groovin' Indiana Compulsory State
4115.975Capital Gymnastics National CenterVA2023 Hill's Maryland Classic
5115.925ETC GymnasticsTNElevate The Stage - Huntsville, Alabama
6115.875AIM Athletics Texans GymnasticsTX2023 District 5 WGA Qualifier
7115.800Paragon Gymnastics of VAVA2023 Virginia Level 4 / 5 State Championship
8115.750ETC GymnasticsTN2023 TN Compulsory State Meet
9115.500San Mateo GymnasticsCAStars Challenge 2023
10115.250Capital Gymnastics National CenterVASpring Fling Invitational
11115.175ETC GymnasticsTN2023 Warrior Classic Invitational
12115.025Capital Gymnastics National CenterVAThe Capital Cup
12115.025West Valley Gymnastics SchoolCAStars Challenge 2023
14114.975Capital Gymnastics National CenterVA2023 Excalibur Cup
15114.950Queen City Gymnastics/ Kids FirstOHJaycie Phelps Midwest Showdown
16114.925Stars and Stripes GymnasticsMIDeVeau%27s Circle of Stars
17114.900Northshore Gymnastics CenterWAUSAG WA Dev State Championships
18114.750National Elite GymnasticsTX2023 Metroplex Challenge
19114.725Gold Medal GymnasticsAZRope Your Dreams Invitational
20114.650Paragon Gymnastics of VAVA2023 Charleston Cup
21114.625Airborne Gymnastics Training CenterCAStars Challenge 2023
22114.600Jaycie Phelps Athletic CenterINJaycie Phelps Midwest Showdown
23114.575Airborne Gymnastics Training CenterCA2023 NorCal NAWGJ Judges Cup
24114.550National Elite GymnasticsTXMemorial Park
24114.550WOGA GymnasticsTXWOGA Classic 2023
26114.500Rochester Gymnastics AcademyNY2023 Level 5/6/XS NY State Championships
27114.475Apollo GymnasticsVAApollo Xcel Invitational
28114.325Ascend Gymnastics CenterWAUSAG WA Dev State Championships
29114.300Rochester Gymnastics AcademyNYNiagara Cup 2023
30114.250Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc.TN2023 TN Compulsory State Meet
30114.250Excalibur GymnasticsVA2023 Virginia Level 4 / 5 State Championship
30114.250ETC GymnasticsTNAtlanta Centennial Classic
33114.200Sportsplex GymnasticsMDCAG Flower Power Invitational
33114.200Clarksville Elite Gymnastics CenterTN2023 TN Compulsory State Meet
35114.150Apollo GymnasticsVA2023 Virginia Level 4 / 5 State Championship
36114.125WOGA GymnasticsTX2023 District Qualifier Rising Stars
37114.100Northshore Gymnastics CenterWA2023 Bunny Hop
38114.075National Elite GymnasticsTXDreamcatcher Gymnastics Invitational
39114.050Paragon Gymnastics of VAVASpring Fling Invitational
39114.050AIM Athletics Texans GymnasticsTX2023 District 5 WCC Qualifier
41114.025Bright Stars GymnasticsNJ2023 Gasparilla Classic
41114.025Bartlett Gymnastics CenterILBig Chill
41114.025Universal Gymnasts Inc.OHJaycie Phelps Midwest Showdown
44113.975Paragon Gymnastics of VAVAPink Invitational ~ Gymnasts Unite
45113.950WOGA GymnasticsTX2023 Metroplex Challenge
45113.950Pacific Reign GymnasticsWAUSAG WA Dev State Championships
45113.950World Class GymnasticsVA2023 Virginia Level 4 / 5 State Championship
48113.900Elite Gymnastics AcademyMA2023 Commonwealth Cup
48113.900Metropolitan GymnasticsWA2023 Bunny Hop
50113.875Rochester Gymnastics AcademyNY2023 Rochester Classic
51113.812Metropolitan GymnasticsWAUSAG WA Dev State Championships
52113.775Apollo GymnasticsVAElevate The Stage - Huntsville, Alabama
52113.775Bartlett Gymnastics CenterIL2023 Yurchenko Invitational
54113.750Queen City Gymnastics/ Kids FirstOH2023 Derby Classic
55113.725GymNastiILUGA Invitational
56113.700Northshore Gymnastics CenterWABrestyans Las Vegas Invitational
57113.650Ocean Tumblers GymnasticsVA2023 Virginia Level 4 / 5 State Championship
57113.650C and C Gymnastics2023 Apple Classic
59113.625Elite Gymnastics AcademyMAHawaiian Luau Invitational
60113.575Pacific Reign GymnasticsWARealm Classic
61113.550WOGA GymnasticsTX2023 Texas Prime Meet
62113.525North Shore GymnasticsLANorth Shore Classic
62113.525Brandy Johnson's Global GymnasticsFL2023 Charity Challenge Cup
62113.525Pearland EliteTXPearland Elite District Qualifier 2023
65113.475Arctic Gymnastic CenterAK2023 Gymnastic Park Flip & Roar
65113.475Empire Gymnastics AcademyTXStars And Stripes DQ
67113.450US GoldTXDreamcatcher Gymnastics Invitational
67113.450Black Hills GymnasticsWAUSAG WA Dev State Championships
67113.450Elite Core GymnasticsILBig Chill
67113.450Jaycie Phelps Athletic CenterINFlip For A Cause
71113.375Ascend Gymnastics CenterWABrestyans Las Vegas Invitational
72113.350Bartlett Gymnastics CenterILIllinois State Championship Levels 4 & 5
73113.325Elite Gymnastics AcademyMA2023 MA Level 4-6 State Championships
73113.325Pearland EliteTXDistrict 6 Qualifier - Tumble in the Jungle
73113.325Club Champion GymnasticsCAGliders Invitational
76113.225Bright Stars GymnasticsNJ26th Annual Star Struck Invitational
76113.225Richmond Olympiad GymnasticsVA2023 Virginia Level 4 / 5 State Championship
78113.200Gymcats GymnasticsNV2023 Nevada Womens State Championships
78113.200Stars and Stripes GymnasticsMI2023 Battle of Champions
80113.175Galaxy GymnasticsNY2023 Level 5/6/XS NY State Championships
81113.150Florida EliteFL2023 Daytona Beach Bash
81113.150National Elite GymnasticsTXWOGA Classic 2023
83113.100Gold Medal GymnasticsAZ2023 Arizona Grand Invitational
83113.100Olympus GymnasticsUTUtah DP State Championships
85113.050GymNastiILIllinois State Championship Levels 4 & 5
85113.050Bartlett Gymnastics CenterIL2023 Bravo Classic
87113.025All American Gymnastics AcademySDSouth Dakota State Meet - Xcel Gold, Plat, Di
88112.975Gym AmericaMIGirl Power 2023
88112.975Pacific West GymnasticsCAStars Challenge 2023
88112.975Bartlett Gymnastics CenterILPerfect 10.0 Gymnastics Challenge-Women
88112.975Pacific Reign GymnasticsWACharity Choice Invitational 2023
92112.950Stars and Stripes GymnasticsMIElevate The Stage - Toledo, Ohio
92112.950WOGA GymnasticsTXPretty In Pink D 3 Qualifier
94112.925Gym AmericaMISpring Spectacular Invitational 2023
94112.925Arizona SunraysAZRope Your Dreams Invitational
94112.925GymNastiILSCGA Classic 2023
97112.900Club Champion GymnasticsCAChris Waller's Heart of a Champion Invitation
98112.875Precision South Gymnastics AcademyGA2023 Legends of the Smokies Invitational
98112.875Queen City Gymnastics/ Kids FirstOH2023 Ohio Compulsory State Meet
100112.850Maximum Athletic CenterTX2023 Svetlana Boguinskaia Invitational
100112.850Gold Medal GymnasticsAZArizona NAWGJ Judges Cup - Diamond "Bucks" In
100112.850ETC GymnasticsTNNashville Nights 2023