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Level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, XB, XS, XG, XP, XD, XSA

Event: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, All Around

America's Top 100 Level XSA All Around Team Scores -
2023 America's Top 100 Level XSA All Around Team Scores
  as of 09.29.2023
1112.650Thrive AnnapolisMDThrive Friendship Meet 2023
2112.175Gym Like ThisFL2023 Think Pink Invite
3111.700Thrive ArnoldMDThrive Friendship Meet 2023
4110.675Gym Like ThisFLTim Rand Invite
5110.150Gym Like ThisFLRegion 8 USA Gym Xcel Championships 2023
6109.575Action Gymnastic AcademyNJNJ States Levels 7/XP/XD/XSap
7109.425Gym Like ThisFLPresidential Classic
8109.050Central Carolina GymnasticsNC2023 Coastal Classic
9108.775Gym Like ThisFL2023 Vero Beach Coastal Classic
10108.675LEGA Leading Edge Gymnastics AcademyGA2023 Xcel State Championships
11108.600Action Gymnastic AcademyNJPink Invitational ~ Gymnasts Unite
12108.050LegacyCO2023 Xtreme Altitude March Madness
13107.975Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc.TN2023 Make it Count Gymnastics SPECTACULAR
14107.800Min's Academy of Gymnastics and Multiple ArtsNJPink Invitational ~ Gymnasts Unite
15107.600Action Gymnastic AcademyNJRutgers Twilight Knight
16107.475Colorado Aerials Gymnastics CenterCORegion 3 Platinum Diamond Sapphire 2023 Champ
17107.400Colorado Aerials Gymnastics CenterCO2023 Colorado Sky Invitational
17107.400LegacyCORegion 3 Platinum Diamond Sapphire 2023 Champ
19107.275Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc.TN2023 TN Optional State Meet
20107.250Colorado Aerials Gymnastics CenterCO2023 Colorado State XP/XD/XS
21107.000Action Gymnastic AcademyNJSpring Madness 2023
22106.950Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc.TN2023 USA Invitational
23106.875Colorado Aerials Gymnastics CenterCOPeak Spring Fling 2023
24106.600Central Carolina GymnasticsNCRegion 8 USA Gym Xcel Championships 2023
25106.525LegacyCO2023 Colorado State XP/XD/XS
26106.300Mountain Brook GymnasticsALRegion 8 USA Gym Xcel Championships 2023
27106.000Colorado Aerials Gymnastics CenterCOPikes Peak Cup 2023
28105.575Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc.TN2023 Warrior Classic Invitational
29105.475Central Carolina GymnasticsNC2023 WSGC
30105.300Central Carolina GymnasticsNCGreensboro Gymnastics Invitational
31105.275All American GymnasticsVAShamrock Invitational
31105.275Colorado Aerials Gymnastics CenterCO2023 Xtreme Altitude March Madness
33105.050LegacyCOPresidential Classic
34104.950Min's Academy of Gymnastics and Multiple ArtsNJ26th Annual Star Struck Invitational
35104.875Texas Best GymnasticsTX2023 Metroplex Challenge
36104.850LEGA Leading Edge Gymnastics AcademyGA2023 Coastal Classic
37104.725Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc.TNRegion 8 USA Gym Xcel Championships 2023
38104.475Texas Best GymnasticsTX2023 Biles Invitational Elite Compulsory Qual
38104.475LegacyCOPikes Peak Cup 2023
40104.425LEGA Leading Edge Gymnastics AcademyGAAtlanta Crown
40104.425Colorado Aerials Gymnastics CenterCO2023 Denver Winterfest Classic
42104.400Bull City GymnasticsNC2023 Kupets Pink Invitational
43104.350Action Gymnastic AcademyNJJanet Rothenberg Memorial 2023
44104.200Texas Best GymnasticsTXWOGA Classic 2023
45104.150Brandy Maries GymnasticsPA22nd Annual Stars Stripes Coed Invitational - Women
46103.950Texas Best GymnasticsTXRose City Classic Invitational 2023
47103.925LEGA Leading Edge Gymnastics AcademyGAAtlanta Centennial Classic
48103.575Denver School of GymnasticsCO2023 Colorado State XP/XD/XS
49103.550Let It Shine Gymnastics Inc.TNOzone Invitational
50103.200Texas Best GymnasticsTX2023 Xcel State
51103.150LegacyCOBest Of The West 2023
52102.775Denver School of GymnasticsCOPikes Peak Cup 2023
53102.400Denver School of GymnasticsCOEdgewater Classic 2023
54102.225Action Gymnastic AcademyNJ2023 February Flips
55102.150Brandy Maries GymnasticsPA29th Annual Hug and Kiss Meet
56101.825LegacyCOPeak Spring Fling 2023
57101.650Gold Medal GymnasticsAZWOGA Classic 2023
58101.300Gym Like ThisFL2023 L6/7/XP/XD FL State Championships
59101.075LEGA Leading Edge Gymnastics AcademyGAPikes Peak Cup 2023
60100.950All American GymnasticsVA15th Annual Flip For The Fight
61100.925Gymnastic Center of HersheyPAPink Invitational ~ Gymnasts Unite
62100.425Aerials Fit N Fun GymnasticsPAJanet Rothenberg Memorial 2023
62100.425Denver School of GymnasticsCO2023 Denver Winterfest Classic
64100.375Mountain Brook GymnasticsALMagic City Invitational
65100.250All American GymnasticsVARVA Invitational 2023
66100.125Bull City GymnasticsNCGreensboro Gymnastics Invitational
67100.100Gymnastic Center of HersheyPA29th Annual Hug and Kiss Meet
6899.850Columbia GymnasticsMDPink Invitational ~ Gymnasts Unite
6999.500Bull City GymnasticsNCThe Carolina Cup
7099.400All American GymnasticsVAOzone Invitational
7199.275O'Leary's Gymnastics CenterMASnowflake Invitational
7299.075O'Leary's Gymnastics CenterMASand Dollar Invitational
7396.925Columbia GymnasticsMDLevel 8,9,10,XP,XD and Saphire State Meet
7496.650Columbia GymnasticsMDSpring Fling 2023
7590.000Columbia GymnasticsMDAnti Bullying Invitational
7689.175Mountain Brook GymnasticsALOptional & Xcel State Meet 2023
7787.750Falcon Gymnastics and FitnessPA22nd Annual Stars Stripes Coed Invitational - Women
7886.750Denver School of GymnasticsCO2023 Colorado Sky Invitational
7979.875Jean's GymnasticsMA2023 MA Levels 9-10, Xcel Diamond / Sapphire
8079.775Jean's GymnasticsMALet%27s Make A Deal 2023 Women
8179.650Mountain Brook GymnasticsALSweet Tea Classic 2023
8274.375Aerials Fit N Fun GymnasticsPA2023 Centre Elite Classic
8373.800Capital Gymnastics National CenterVAVirginia Xcel State Championships
8473.550Capital Gymnastics National CenterVA2023 Region 7 Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Sapphi
8573.075Capital Gymnastics National CenterVA2023 Xcel Championships Invitational
8672.850Jean's GymnasticsMAExxcel Beach Party
8772.225Capital Gymnastics National CenterVA15th Annual Flip For The Fight
8872.175Aerial East GymnasticsVAI Have A Deam Invitational
8972.000Aerial East GymnasticsVASun & Surf Spectacular
9071.700DeVeau's School of GymnasticsIN2023 Make it Count Gymnastics SPECTACULAR
9071.700KMC Dance and Gymnastics CenterPA2023 Region 7 Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Sapphi
9271.650AcrofitFL2023 Lightning City Invite
9371.600Jean's GymnasticsMAWilkey’s Gymnastics Invitational
9371.6005280 GymnasticsCORegion 3 Platinum Diamond Sapphire 2023 Champ
9371.600Broderick Gymnastics AcademyMA2023 XCEL Regional Championships
9671.475Carrollton FlexettesGAFlippie Hippie
9771.450AcrofitFLRegion 8 USA Gym Xcel Championships 2023
9771.450KMC Dance and Gymnastics CenterPA2023 PA Xcel Gold-Diamond-Sapphire States
9971.425Planet Gymnastics of Concord, Inc.MA2023 MA Levels 9-10, Xcel Diamond / Sapphire
10071.400Carrollton FlexettesGAAtlanta's Paws for a Cause Invitational