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Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Level 8 MD States -
Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Level 8 MD States
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2022-04-022022-04-03 Four Star Athletic ComplexClick here309
Meet Scores
Team Scores  Show Personal Bests    All Scores  Level:   6,  XP,  XD
#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Haines, AveryWin-Win Gymnastics 1 6 Ch A9.375 26T9.825 19.800 19.650 7T38.650 1
2Joseph, KaelynFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Sr A9.650 1T9.550 17T9.575 15T9.575 14T38.350 2
3Henderson, BrileyFlips 1 6 Jr B9.250 40T9.650 6T9.650 109.500 24T38.050 3
4Flach, TeaganFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 6 Ch C9.225 47T9.600 9T9.775 2T9.400 66T38.000 4
5Williams, HaleyACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Ch B9.500 9T9.600 9T9.350 61T9.500 24T37.950 5
6Fox, EmmaThrive Annapolis 1 XP Jr B9.175 60T9.325 55T9.525 24T9.875 137.900 6T
6Schepp, CharleyAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XP Jr C9.100 78T9.500 23T9.700 6T9.600 10T37.900 6T
8Pedley, JuliaFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 6 Ch B9.225 47T9.500 23T9.775 2T9.375 81T37.875 8T
8Rivera, AryannaAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 6 Jr B9.650 1T9.425 36T9.375 56T9.425 60T37.875 8T
10Keats, FinleyAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XP Jr A9.125 72T9.475 28T9.500 30T9.750 237.850 10
11Murray, KiaraColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Sr B9.500 9T9.525 20T9.550 19T9.250 126T37.825 11
12Poore, AmandaACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Sr A9.200 55T9.350 50T9.725 59.500 24T37.775 12
13Burton, AmaraSilver Stars Bowie 1 XP Jr C9.575 4T9.150 91T9.450 37T9.500 24T37.675 13
14Page, MakennaRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 6 Jr C9.575 4T9.550 17T9.300 79T9.200 143T37.625 14
15Mangum, CassidyHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Jr C9.225 47T9.425 36T9.750 49.200 143T37.600 15
16Sandel, EmmyThrive Annapolis 1 XP Jr B9.000 115T9.575 14T9.525 24T9.475 38T37.575 16
17Smith, CourtneyUnited Gymnastix 1 6 Ch C9.400 22T9.750 29.400 49T9.000 221T37.550 17T
17Goodrich, AshlynFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 6 Jr B9.350 29T9.475 28T9.700 6T9.025 216T37.550 17T
19Carty, AudreyFlips 1 6 Jr C9.250 40T9.675 4T9.325 71T9.225 133T37.475 19
20Watts, JaelynWin-Win Gymnastics 1 6 Sr A9.250 40T9.375 48T9.600 13T9.225 133T37.450 20
21Annie Bivalacqua, ParkerRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 6 Jr A9.475 13T9.500 23T8.900 171T9.525 22T37.400 21
22O%27Connor, LuciaHill's Gymnastics 1 6 Jr C9.100 78T9.525 20T9.250 94T9.425 60T37.300 22
23Pumphrey, BrianaThrive Annapolis 1 XP Jr C8.875 150T9.475 28T9.425 43T9.500 24T37.275 23T
23Hobelmann, ScarletRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 6 Ch C9.425 18T9.350 50T9.050 141T9.450 46T37.275 23T
25Miller, CallieFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Sr B8.775 180T9.625 89.400 49T9.450 46*37.250 25T
25Ferguson, ClementineACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Jr C9.075 86T9.150 91T9.575 15T9.450 46*37.250 25T
27Vaughan, AshlynFlips 1 6 Jr B9.200 55T9.225 73T9.350 61T9.450 46T37.225 27
28Boyle, DanielleAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 6 Sr B9.325 31T9.150 91T9.450 37T9.275 117T37.200 28
29Quizon, KaelynHill's Gymnastics 1 6 Jr A8.850 153T9.725 39.300 79T9.300 104T37.175 29T
29Salbeck, FinleyDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch A8.725 188T9.425 36T9.625 11T9.400 66T37.175 29T
29Su, LinaMarVaTeens Gymnastics, INC 1 6 Sr A9.400 22T8.875 138T9.475 34T9.425 60T37.175 29T
32Barr, GabriellaACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Jr C9.400 22T8.700 180T9.350 61T9.700 3T37.150 32
33Allen, LaurenHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Sr A9.325 31T8.825 145T9.425 43T9.550 17T37.125 33T
33Alleyne, AlaniFairland Gymnastics 1 XD Sr B9.000 115T9.450 33T9.275 91T9.400 66T37.125 33T
35Arshavskiy Arshavskiy, LeiaRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 6 Ch A9.400 22T9.575 14T9.000 151T9.125 181T37.100 35T
35Marucut, LylaCoppermine 1 XP Jr A9.175 60T9.225 73T9.500 30T9.200 143T37.100 35T
37Fitzgerald, MadelineACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Jr C9.475 13T9.275 63T9.225 100T9.100 193T37.075 37
38Weinberg, AshlynnGemNastics Academy 1 6 Jr C9.100 78T9.250 66T9.125 126T9.550 17T37.025 38
39Grissen, BrookeFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Sr A9.300 35T9.250 66T9.000 151T9.450 46T37.000 39
40Magro, AvaHill's Gymnastics 1 XP Jr A9.000 115T9.125 97T9.325 71T9.500 24T36.950 40T
40Peterson, ClaraACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Jr B9.250 40T9.350 50T9.050 141T9.300 104T36.950 40T
42Mahns, SophiaHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Ch C9.075 86T9.075 110T9.550 19T9.225 133*36.925 42T
42Manly-Elliott, AmayaHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Jr A9.225 47T9.400 43T9.075 136T9.225 133*36.925 42T
42Hennigan, SophiaACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Ch C9.275 38T9.350 50T8.950 160T9.350 89T36.925 42T
45Schumacher, MailaFairland Gymnastics 1 6 Ch B8.900 141T9.400 43*9.550 19T9.050 204T36.900 45T
45Cullum, GabrielleHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Sr B9.300 35T9.050 114T9.100 130T9.450 46T36.900 45T
45Hotchkiss, EmmaFour Star Athletic Complex 1 6 Jr C8.950 133T9.125 97T9.450 37T9.375 81T36.900 45T
45Akpebu, SydneyAyrlawn YMCA 1 XP Sr B9.075 86*9.425 36T9.400 49T9.000 221T36.900 45T
45Cox, CaleyACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Jr B9.075 86*9.400 43*9.175 114T9.250 126T36.900 45T
50Jeffers, BrookeHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Sr A9.450 15T8.825 145T9.400 49T9.200 143T36.875 50
51Gibson, SarahACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Sr A8.925 138T9.125 97T9.625 11T9.175 157T36.850 51
52Waller, ElenaColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Sr B8.800 168T9.250 66T9.425 43T9.350 89T36.825 52T
52Folkemer, CamyDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XP Jr A9.100 78T9.300 629.150 121T9.275 117T36.825 52T
54Forish, AubrieHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Jr C9.000 115T9.100 105T9.575 15T9.125 181T36.800 54T
54Blake, MaleahTwisters Gymnastics 1 XP Jr A9.100 78T9.450 33T9.150 121T9.100 193T36.800 54T
56Bittle, AinsleyFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XP Jr B9.075 86T9.600 9T8.700 202T9.400 66*36.775 56T
56Sober, SydneyRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 XD Jr B8.675 206T9.225 73T9.475 34T9.400 66*36.775 56T
58Kremer, RileyAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 6 Ch B9.175 60T8.975 132T9.525 24T9.075 200T36.750 58T
58Zankowitz, JosephineACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Ch C8.600 222T9.500 23T9.375 56*9.275 117T36.750 58T
58Kinlaw, AinsleyThrive Annapolis 1 XD Sr A8.700 196T9.200 81T9.375 56*9.475 38T36.750 58T
58Windschitl, ReganColumbia Gymnastics 1 6 Jr C9.025 108T9.375 48T9.350 61T9.000 221T36.750 58T
62Muyderman, MichaellaFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XP Sr A9.000 115*9.600 9T8.750 195T9.350 89T36.700 62T
62Benitez, DanielaFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 6 Jr A9.000 115*9.325 55T9.350 61T9.025 216T36.700 62T
64Wu-Chen, ElizabethMarVaTeens Gymnastics, INC 1 6 Sr B9.575 4T8.450 212T9.250 94T9.400 66T36.675 64T
64Brunelle, MinaCoppermine 1 XP Sr A8.725 188T9.275 63T9.225 100T9.450 46T36.675 64T
66Johnson, ZoeUnited Gymnastix 1 6 Ch B9.525 89.600 9T8.475 245T9.050 204T36.650 66T
66Brahmbhatt, KrishaFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Jr B9.050 98T9.500 23T8.575 226T9.525 22T36.650 66T
68Biegler, AlyssaSplits Gymnastics 1 6 Sr B9.050 98T9.050 114T9.525 24T9.000 221T36.625 68T
68Boroskin, CalderoneFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Sr B8.650 208T9.175 85*9.300 79*9.500 24T36.625 68T
68Carrington, JadaWin-Win Gymnastics 1 6 Sr A8.900 141T9.175 85*9.300 79*9.250 126T36.625 68T
71Gasker, AliseRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 XD Sr A9.075 86T8.775 161T9.100 130T9.650 7T36.600 71T
71Ayala, MarianaWin-Win Gymnastics 1 6 Jr C9.425 18T9.325 55T8.425 252T9.425 60T36.600 71T
71Nwobi, ChisomFairland Gymnastics 1 6 Jr B8.850 153T9.200 81T9.350 61T9.200 143T36.600 71T
74Schepp, JordynAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 6 Ch C9.050 98T8.650 186T9.675 8T9.200 143T36.575 74T
74Ward, MadeleineRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 XD Jr B9.150 67T8.825 145T9.300 79T9.300 104T36.575 74T
76Dinh, EmilyAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XP Sr B8.850 153T9.025 120T9.500 30T9.175 157T36.550 76T
76Kamara, NatalieAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 6 Jr A9.450 15T8.575 2009.050 141T9.475 38T36.550 76T
76Brown, RyleighHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Jr C9.000 115T9.125 97T9.150 121T9.275 117T36.550 76T
79Vernick, EllieColumbia Gymnastics 1 XP Sr A8.950 133T8.800 151T9.325 71T9.450 46T36.525 79T
79Todd, EliseBaltimore County Gymnastics 1 6 Sr A9.275 38T9.200 81T9.250 94T8.800 264T36.525 79T
81Crill, CorinaThrive Annapolis 1 XD Jr B8.900 141T9.075 110T8.850 184T9.675 5T36.500 81T
81James, AnnabellaSynergy Sports 1 XD Sr B8.825 162T9.675 4T8.450 248T9.550 17T36.500 81T
81Low, BellaWin-Win Gymnastics 1 6 Ch B9.000 115T8.750 164T9.550 19T9.200 143T36.500 81T
81Justis, AdelynHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Ch A9.300 35T8.525 208T9.525 24T9.150 168T36.500 81T
81Campion, RachelDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XP Jr B9.075 86T9.425 36T9.050 141T8.950 233T36.500 81T
86Hughes, EmmaThrive Annapolis 1 XD Jr A8.600 222T9.175 85T9.075 136*9.625 936.475 86T
86Brayton, RachelHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Sr A9.600 38.325 234T9.175 114T9.375 81T36.475 86T
86Isett, SarahTwisters Gymnastics 1 6 Jr A8.725 188T9.475 28T9.075 136*9.200 143T36.475 86T
89Wible, JennaFour Star Athletic Complex 1 XP Sr A9.050 98T8.825 145T9.425 43T9.125 181*36.425 89T
89Rooths, GabbyColumbia Gymnastics 1 6 Jr A9.000 115T9.000 123T9.050 141T9.375 81T36.425 89T
89Koonce, CarolineHill's Gymnastics 1 6 Jr B8.700 196T9.325 55T9.275 91T9.125 181*36.425 89T
92Daxon, LeanneACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Sr A8.525 241T9.075 110T9.675 8T9.125 181T36.400 92
93Miller, PhoebeCoppermine 1 XP Sr A8.800 168T8.625 1939.475 34T9.475 38T36.375 93T
93White, JourneyUnique Sports Academy 1 6 Ch C8.825 162T9.025 120T9.450 37T9.075 200T36.375 93T
93Napier, SophieAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XP Jr B8.650 208T9.425 36T8.950 160T9.350 89T36.375 93T
93Hart, MoriahFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 6 Jr A9.150 67T8.825 145T9.150 121T9.250 126T36.375 93T
97Hohlbein, MorganBaltimore County Gymnastics 1 6 Jr C9.250 40T8.300 240T9.100 130T9.700 3T36.350 97T
97Kelleher, MadisonFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 6 Ch B8.950 133T9.050 114T9.450 37T8.900 245T36.350 97T
97McNeil, ElleeHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Sr A9.425 18T8.375 224T9.350 61T9.200 143T36.350 97T
100Bandholz, TeaganFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XP Jr C9.025 108T8.950 1358.750 195T9.600 10T36.325 100T
100Parks, MackenzieFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XP Sr B8.525 241*9.550 17T9.200 105T9.050 204T36.325 100T
100Kreuzburg, EllaFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XP Jr C8.525 241*9.175 85T9.400 49T9.225 133T36.325 100T
103Bierly, AddysonSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 XP Jr A9.375 26T9.650 6T7.750 292T9.500 24T36.275 103T
103Clinesmith, HayleighFlips 1 XD Jr A8.925 138T8.550 201T9.425 43T9.375 81T36.275 103T
103Taylor, MadelineThrive Annapolis 1 XP Sr A8.850 153T9.425 36T8.725 197T9.275 117T36.275 103T
103Penick, MaKenzieHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Sr B9.225 47T8.650 186T9.250 94T9.150 168T36.275 103T
107Stottlemyer, EmilyFlips 1 6 Sr B9.500 9T9.350 50T8.350 259T9.050 204T36.250 107T
107Marzullo, AutumnWin-Win Gymnastics 1 XP Sr A9.225 47T8.750 164*8.825 187T9.450 46T36.250 107T
107Berned, AmberThrive Annapolis 1 XP Jr A8.800 168T8.750 164*9.350 61T9.350 89T36.250 107T
107Boller, CadenceFlips 1 6 Jr A8.950 133T9.000 123T9.300 79T9.000 221T36.250 107T
107Baker, KiraDynamite Gymnastics 1 6 Sr B9.175 60T9.225 73T9.000 151T8.850 257T36.250 107T
112Lake, StellaThrive Annapolis 1 6 Ch A8.625 218T8.700 180T9.525 24T9.375 81T36.225 112T
112Platt, KylieThrive Annapolis 1 6 Ch A8.425 265T9.225 73T9.300 79T9.275 117T36.225 112T
114Millett, BridgettCoppermine 1 XP Sr A8.875 150T8.425 217T9.500 30T9.400 66T36.200 114T
114Palchak, BellaSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 XP Jr C8.575 228T9.225 73T9.250 94T9.150 168T36.200 114T
114Sauerwald, EllaHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Ch B9.075 86T9.125 97T8.950 160T9.050 204T36.200 114T
117Eller, SaraACPR Gymnastics 1 XD Jr B8.500 246T8.800 151T9.325 71T9.550 17T36.175 117T
117Fowler, ElloryFour Star Athletic Complex 1 6 Ch A8.800 168T9.150 91T8.950 160T9.275 117T36.175 117T
117Lessard, ZoeHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Ch A9.100 78T8.650 186T9.175 114T9.250 126T36.175 117T
120Turpen, MaiaSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Sr B8.450 257T9.125 97T9.175 114T9.400 66T36.150 120
121White, AvaClinton Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Sr A9.125 72T9.250 66T8.150 274T9.600 10T36.125 121T
121Wade, OliviaFairland Gymnastics 1 XP Sr B9.025 108T8.600 194T9.200 105T9.300 104T36.125 121T
123McCotter, AveriHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Sr B9.000 115*8.650 186T9.550 19T8.900 245T36.100 123T
123Mason-Rodriquez, MarcelaSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Jr C8.625 218T9.200 81T8.825 187T9.450 46T36.100 123T
123Avery, KathrynColumbia Gymnastics 1 XP Sr A8.725 188T9.325 55T8.650 214T9.400 66T36.100 123T
123DeSarbo, AlyssaDynamite Gymnastics 1 XP Sr B9.050 98T8.725 173T9.000 151T9.325 98T36.100 123T
123Walsh, AveryAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 6 Jr A9.200 55T9.275 63T8.700 202T8.925 241T36.100 123T
123Simmen, MadisonCarroll Gymnastics Center 1 6 Ch C9.000 115*8.800 151T9.200 105T9.100 193T36.100 123T
129Quackenbush, GraceDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch B8.425 265T9.400 43T9.300 79*8.950 233T36.075 129T
129Villa, EmmeColumbia Gymnastics 1 6 Ch C8.575 228T9.250 66T9.350 61T8.900 245T36.075 129T
129Dubnansky, JosephineFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 6 Ch C8.750 184T8.775 161T9.300 79*9.250 126T36.075 129T
132Norris, MallorieFour Star Athletic Complex 1 6 Jr B8.425 265T9.075 110T9.325 71T9.225 133T36.050 132T
132Lane, SolaFairland Gymnastics 1 6 Jr A9.000 115T8.750 164T9.000 151T9.300 104T36.050 132T
132Murdock, MollyFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 6 Jr A8.825 162T9.225 73T8.875 179T9.125 181T36.050 132T
135Barritt-Flatt, GuinevereSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Jr A8.575 228T9.475 28T8.475 245T9.500 24T36.025 135
136Edwards, CourtlynnThrive Annapolis 1 XD Jr B8.650 208T8.725 173T9.125 126T9.500 24T36.000 136T
136Holmes, GabryelFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Sr A9.175 60T8.375 224T9.175 114T9.275 117T36.000 136T
138Rome, LaurenAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 6 Jr B9.450 15T8.750 164T8.375 2589.400 66T35.975 138T
138Zuniga, RileyLegacy GC 1 6 Ch B8.650 208T9.100 105T8.800 191T9.425 60T35.975 138T
140Swan, AnnaColumbia Gymnastics 1 6 Jr B9.100 78T9.000 123T8.950 160T8.900 245T35.950 140
141Abramson, KalliopeSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Jr B9.000 115T8.725 173T8.900 171T9.300 104T35.925 141
142Dong, JoyColumbia Gymnastics 1 6 Sr A9.225 47T9.100 105T8.450 248T9.125 181T35.900 142T
142Procida, MollyDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XP Sr A9.025 108T8.800 151T8.925 168T9.150 168T35.900 142T
142Harbus, RachelColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Sr B8.850 153T9.050 114T8.900 171T9.100 193T35.900 142T
145Linger, NataliaSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 6 Ch C8.350 275T8.850 140T9.225 100T9.450 46T35.875 145T
145Myers, ZaniahDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch A8.800 168*8.300 240T9.450 37T9.325 98T35.875 145T
145Norman, CarolineCoppermine 1 XP Jr A9.000 115T8.650 186T9.100 130T9.125 181T35.875 145T
145O%27Lavin, EmilyThrive Annapolis 1 XD Jr A8.800 168*9.050 114T9.000 151T9.025 216T35.875 145T
149Kelly, AddisonACPR Gymnastics 1 6 Jr B9.325 31T8.650 186T8.875 179T9.000 221T35.850 149T
149Sandel, LilaThrive Annapolis 1 XP Sr A8.950 133T9.250 66T9.000 151T8.650 282T35.850 149T
149Mays, NicoleBeach Bounders 1 6 Sr B8.675 206T8.750 164T9.200 105T9.225 133T35.850 149T
152Caudill, JadaThrive Annapolis 1 XD Jr A8.700 196T9.000 123T8.625 221T9.500 24T35.825 152
153Del Tufo, MaciAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XD Jr B8.550 234T8.550 201T9.200 105T9.475 38T35.775 153T
153Lane, EileenMarVaTeens Gymnastics, INC 1 6 Sr B9.425 18T8.800 151T8.850 184T8.700 276T35.775 153T
153Manzo, KariSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XD Jr A8.700 196T9.400 43T8.550 228T9.125 181T35.775 153T
153Ring, AliyannaSynergy Sports 1 6 Ch B9.325 31T8.225 250T9.375 56T8.850 257T35.775 153T
153Zatkowski, CharlotteAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XP Jr C8.450 257T9.325 55T8.700 202T9.300 104T35.775 153T
153Resh, KatyCarroll Gymnastics Center 1 6 Sr B9.050 98T8.725 173T8.800 191T9.200 143T35.775 153T
153Breit, HarperSynergy Sports 1 6 Ch B9.000 115T9.000 123T8.625 221T9.150 168T35.775 153T
160Kettoman, KaydenFour Star Athletic Complex 1 6 Sr B9.250 40T7.900 272T9.075 136T9.500 24T35.725 160T
160Leon, GiulianaDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XP Jr C9.075 86T9.175 85T8.150 274T9.325 98T35.725 160T
160Henia, MonicaAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 6 Sr B9.025 108T8.425 217T9.100 130T9.175 157T35.725 160T
163Hannon, TaylorThrive Annapolis 1 XP Sr A8.800 168T8.925 1369.050 141T8.925 241T35.700 163
164Clark, KaileeFour Star Athletic Complex 1 XP Jr B8.800 168*8.150 2579.575 15T9.150 168T35.675 164T
164Momenzadeh, ElyseRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 6 Jr A9.500 9T8.375 224T8.875 179T8.925 241T35.675 164T
164Mundorf, KateColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Jr B8.800 168*8.850 140T8.675 210T9.350 89T35.675 164T
167 Ogden, EmmaFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Jr B8.300 282T9.525 20T8.625 221T9.200 143T35.650 167T
167Myers, AvaFour Star Athletic Complex 1 XP Sr B9.025 108T7.800 276T9.375 56T9.450 46T35.650 167T
167Fleming, LilianaDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch B8.500 246T9.325 55T9.275 91T8.550 294T35.650 167T
167Perez, AllisonSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 6 Jr B9.050 98T8.600 194T8.700 202T9.300 104T35.650 167T
167Brockington, NakeiraRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 6 Jr C9.150 67T8.100 258T9.225 100T9.175 157T35.650 167T
172Maday, IsabellaSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 XP Jr C8.500 246T9.050 114T8.400 254T9.675 5T35.625 172T
172Vaden, VivianColumbia Gymnastics 1 XP Jr B9.125 72T8.850 140T8.250 266T9.400 66T35.625 172T
172Hesch, SamanthaThrive Annapolis 1 XP Jr B9.200 55T7.950 266T9.300 79T9.175 157T35.625 172T
172Roberts, AudreyFour Star Athletic Complex 1 6 Jr A8.725 188T8.800 151T9.100 130T9.000 221T35.625 172T
172Somers, CaitlinThrive Annapolis 1 XP Sr A9.000 115T9.000 123T8.775 1948.850 257T35.625 172T
177Aryeequaye, DeborahFairland Gymnastics 1 XP Jr A9.550 78.400 219T8.075 2819.575 14T35.600 177
178Mack, SophiaACPR Gymnastics 1 XP Jr B8.550 234T8.200 252T9.400 49T9.425 60T35.575 178T
178Wagner, LexiSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 XP Sr B8.825 162T8.400 219T9.050 141T9.300 104T35.575 178T
178Bonsu, AlexisThrive Annapolis 1 6 Jr A8.350 275T9.250 66T8.725 197T9.250 126T35.575 178T
178Golden, LeahCarroll Gymnastics Center 1 6 Jr B9.250 40T8.700 180T8.825 187T8.800 264T35.575 178T
178Wiseman, AllieDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XP Jr A8.750 184T8.750 164T8.950 160T9.125 181T35.575 178T
183Robbins, CamrynThrive Annapolis 1 XP Sr A8.650 208T7.950 266T9.600 13T9.350 89T35.550 183T
183Christ, ArianaDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch A8.425 265T8.725 173T9.400 49T9.000 221T35.550 183T
183Hoffman, IsabellaFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Jr A8.725 188T8.675 1859.125 126T9.025 216T35.550 183T
186Mitnik, VictoriaAyrlawn YMCA 1 XP Sr B8.700 196T9.150 91T8.500 236T9.150 168T35.500 186
187Rossignol, AshleyHill's Gymnastics 1 6 Ch C8.325 280T9.150 91T9.325 71T8.675 280T35.475 187T
187Lynch, JiannaTwisters Gymnastics 1 6 Ch B8.875 150T8.850 140T8.550 228T9.200 143T35.475 187T
189Kaye, RaynaSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XD Jr A9.125 72T9.000 123T8.400 254T8.900 245T35.425 189
190Rowland, KailynACPR Gymnastics 1 XD Sr B8.900 141T8.350 230T9.200 105T8.950 233T35.400 190T
190Harman, NikitaColumbia Gymnastics 1 6 Ch C8.550 234T9.175 85T8.925 168T8.750 273T35.400 190T
192Bouvier, ArinaDynamite Gymnastics 1 XP Sr A8.125 2949.125 97T9.225 100T8.900 245T35.375 192T
192Gerald, AnmarieAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XD Jr A8.450 257T9.100 105T8.650 214*9.175 157T35.375 192T
192Hunter, AmberDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XP Jr C8.825 162T8.825 145T8.650 214*9.075 200T35.375 192T
195DeBardlabon, HaleySynergy Sports 1 6 Sr A9.225 47T8.450 212T8.650 214T9.025 216T35.350 195
196Junior, SarahThrive Annapolis 1 XD Sr A9.000 115T8.600 194T8.275 264T9.400 66T35.275 196T
196Dunca, EmmaACPR Gymnastics 1 XD Jr A8.250 288T8.525 208T9.200 105T9.300 104T35.275 196T
198George, AmeliaColumbia Gymnastics 1 XP Jr B8.800 168T8.350 230T8.700 202T9.400 66T35.250 198T
198Dobry, HeidiHarford Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 6 Sr B9.375 26T7.200 297T9.325 71T9.350 89T35.250 198T
198DeBorde, JuliaRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 6 Jr C9.075 86T8.000 263T9.000 151T9.175 157T35.250 198T
201Jamieson, ArianaSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 6 Ch A8.275 286T8.725 173T8.900 171T9.325 98T35.225 201
202Quick, MadisonACPR Gymnastics 1 XD Sr B8.900 141T8.600 194T8.250 266T9.450 46T35.200 202
203Gardner, TarynSynergy Sports 1 6 Ch A9.200 55T8.550 201T8.675 210T8.750 273T35.175 203T
203Gordy, KenzleyGalaxy Gymnastics 1 6 Ch B8.900 141T8.200 252T9.025 149T9.050 204T35.175 203T
205Etter, MelanieFlips 1 XP Jr C9.150 67T8.525 208T8.150 274T9.325 98T35.150 205T
205Mattison, GabriellaIsland Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Sr A8.900 141T7.950 266T9.300 79T9.000 221T35.150 205T
207Acoba, SamanthaSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Jr A8.800 168T8.800 151T8.350 259T9.175 157T35.125 207T
207Takacs, ArdenTwisters Gymnastics 1 6 Jr B8.600 222T9.000 123T8.825 187T8.700 276T35.125 207T
209Perkins, MicahClinton Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Sr B9.350 29T8.325 234T8.300 262T9.125 181T35.100 209
210Boyd, KatieACPR Gymnastics 1 XD Sr B8.850 153T8.450 212T8.725 197T9.050 204T35.075 210
211Deppe, NatalieAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XD Jr B8.825 162T7.775 279T9.250 94T9.200 143T35.050 211T
211Muntz, MadalynSynergy Sports 1 6 Ch C8.850 153T8.450 212T8.850 184T8.900 245T35.050 211T
213Heppen-Ibanez, NinaSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Jr A8.400 270T8.900 1378.250 266T9.475 38T35.025 213T
213Fleming, EvelynDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch B8.050 295T8.975 132T9.350 61T8.650 282T35.025 213T
213Falk, AshleyDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XD Sr A8.650 208T8.650 186T8.500 236T9.225 133T35.025 213T
216Yeagle, CarolineCoppermine 1 6 Sr A9.175 60T7.925 270T9.200 105T8.700 276T35.000 216T
216Gibson, AnnalynnWin-Win Gymnastics 1 XP Jr B8.400 270T8.550 201T8.950 160T9.100 193T35.000 216T
218Copanas, MorganRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 XD Sr B9.000 115T7.775 279T8.550 228T9.600 10T34.925 218T
218Miron, GabriellaTidewater Gymnastics Center 1 6 Jr C8.500 246T8.775 161T9.000 151T8.650 282T34.925 218T
220Anane, SamanthaTNT Gymnastics 1 6 Ch C9.175 60T8.200 252T8.650 214T8.875 254T34.900 220
221Garner, NaomiAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XP Jr C8.725 188T9.450 33T8.100 279T8.600 290T34.875 221T
221Neufeld, AnyaFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XP Sr A8.775 180T8.350 230T8.600 224T9.150 168T34.875 221T
223Joseph, EllaFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Jr A8.550 234T8.800 151T8.275 264T9.200 143T34.825 223T
223King, KatherineColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Jr A8.700 196T8.100 258T8.875 179T9.150 168T34.825 223T
225Fisher, ReaganAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XD Jr A8.450 257T8.800 151T8.500 236T9.050 204T34.800 225
226Martin, RoryFour Star Athletic Complex 1 XP Jr B9.050 98T8.875 138T7.450 299T9.400 66T34.775 226T
226Chute, DelcieTwisters Gymnastics 1 6 Jr A8.700 196T8.600 194T9.300 79T8.175 30034.775 226T
228Davis, RileyBaltimore County Gymnastics 1 6 Jr A8.475 2568.200 252T8.700 202T9.350 89T34.725 228
229Carver, EmilyACPR Gymnastics 1 XD Sr A8.300 282T8.400 219T8.400 254T9.575 14T34.675 229T
229Langloss, ZoeSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 XP Sr B9.050 98T7.000 3029.175 114T9.450 46T34.675 229T
229Easter, LilyCarroll Gymnastics Center 1 6 Sr B8.350 275T8.975 132T8.550 228T8.800 264T34.675 229T
232Ford, SophiaSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 XP Jr A8.925 138T8.250 245T8.100 279T9.375 81T34.650 232
233Crosby, BlairDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch C7.900 298T9.225 73T8.900 171T8.600 290T34.625 233T
233Crosby, BellaDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch A7.450 3019.025 120T9.200 105T8.950 233T34.625 233T
235Agrawal, SofieColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Jr A8.350 275T8.350 230T8.725 197T9.175 157T34.600 235
236Widor, EllieSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Jr A8.850 153T8.300 240T8.500 236T8.925 241T34.575 236
237Abatan, MoseThrive Annapolis 1 XP Jr C9.075 86T7.600 285T8.725 197T9.150 168T34.550 237T
237Edwards, BrynnSynergy Sports 1 6 Ch B8.775 180T8.800 151T8.425 252T8.550 294T34.550 237T
239Berman, KatelynSt. Mary's County Rec And Parks Gymnastics 1 6 Sr B8.500 246T8.000 263T8.525 234*9.500 24*34.525 239T
239Undayag, EvaColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Jr B8.300 282*8.375 224*8.350 259T9.500 24*34.525 239T
239Conrad, HannahACPR Gymnastics 1 XD Jr B8.300 282*8.400 219*8.525 234*9.300 104T34.525 239T
239Williamson, JosieChesapeake Gymnastics Club 1 6 Sr A9.125 72T8.400 219*8.050 2828.950 233T34.525 239T
239Taylor, AlexaAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XP Sr B8.750 184T8.375 224*8.500 236T8.900 245T34.525 239T
239Adlin, RebeccaSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Sr B8.400 270T8.700 180T8.650 214T8.775 271T34.525 239T
245Johnson, AnnabelThrive Annapolis 1 XP Jr A8.625 218T8.075 260T8.225 2729.550 17T34.475 245T
245McCubbin, AbbyThrive Annapolis 1 XP Sr B8.500 246T7.675 2839.150 121T9.150 168T34.475 245T
245de Guzman, MikaylaUnited Gymnastix 1 6 Sr B8.900 141T8.750 164T8.200 2738.625 288T34.475 245T
245Orris-Pope, AlexandraColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Sr A8.525 241T8.525 208T8.700 202T8.725 27534.475 245T
249McKee, CherishRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 XP Jr C8.650 208T8.550 201T8.150 274T9.100 193*34.450 249T
249Shapleigh, SophieThrive Annapolis 1 XD Sr B8.450 257T9.100 105T7.800 2919.100 193*34.450 249T
251Greenlee, LillyAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XP Sr B8.600 222*7.600 285T9.425 43T8.800 264T34.425 251T
251Sheeler, LilyTNT Gymnastics 1 6 Ch A8.500 246T7.625 2849.175 114T9.125 181T34.425 251T
251Klein, SamanthaColumbia Gymnastics 1 6 Jr B8.600 222*8.325 234T8.550 228T8.950 233T34.425 251T
254Nussbaum, ShainaFairland Gymnastics 1 XP Jr C9.075 86T7.600 285T9.025 149T8.650 282T34.350 254
255Phelps, LeahCoppermine 1 XP Sr B8.550 234T7.950 266T8.950 160T8.875 254*34.325 255T
255Everly, LaylaUnique Sports Academy 1 6 Jr A8.400 270T8.750 164T8.300 262T8.875 254*34.325 255T
257Patkus, EmmieColumbia Gymnastics 1 XP Jr C9.025 108T7.800 276T8.675 210T8.800 264T34.300 257T
257Pettay, CarolineFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XP Jr A8.450 257T7.925 270T8.925 168T9.000 221T34.300 257T
257Keckler, MandolinTNT Gymnastics 1 6 Jr A8.400 270T8.325 234T8.900 171T8.675 280T34.300 257T
260Haislip, LeightonAll Pro Gymnastics Inc 1 XP Jr A8.550 234T8.600 194T8.500 236T8.625 288T34.275 260
261Price, TaylorThrive Annapolis 1 XD Jr A7.900 298T8.850 140T8.450 248T9.050 204T34.250 261
262Evers, IsabellaColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Sr B8.700 196T7.800 276T8.250 266T9.475 38T34.225 262
263Prakash, RakshithaColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Jr B8.550 234T8.325 234T7.875 288T9.375 81T34.125 263T
263Wach, NoraBaltimore County Gymnastics 1 XP Sr A8.625 218T8.050 2628.500 236T8.950 233T34.125 263T
263Latham, KeiraACPR Gymnastics 1 XP Jr C8.450 257T8.725 173T8.250 266T8.700 276T34.125 263T
266East, ScarlettGalaxy Gymnastics 1 6 Ch B8.200 290T7.575 289T9.050 141T9.275 117T34.100 266
267Adenle, AdebolaRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 XD Jr B8.600 222T7.900 272T8.150 274T9.325 98T33.975 267
268Plotnick, AlanaColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Sr A8.500 246T8.450 212T8.900 171T8.050 301T33.900 268
269Wilson-Brown, MadelineFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XP Sr B8.850 153T8.175 2568.000 283T8.825 262T33.850 269
270Rosen, JuliaRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 XP Jr B8.775 180T8.300 240T7.700 295T9.050 204T33.825 270
271Guinter, EmersonDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XD Jr B8.500 246T8.250 245T7.525 2979.475 38T33.750 271
272Sidebottom, RyleeTidewater Gymnastics Center 1 6 Sr B8.900 141T8.075 260T7.450 299T9.300 104T33.725 272
273Meigel, AudreyDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch A8.000 2978.225 250T8.800 191T8.600 290T33.625 273
274Towson, AnyaFlips 1 XP Jr B8.650 208T7.750 2818.000 283T9.175 157T33.575 274
275Wright, EvelynThrive Annapolis 1 6 Ch A8.725 188T8.250 245T7.750 292T8.775 271T33.500 275
276LaTesta, RyleeRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 XD Sr B8.350 275T7.350 2958.475 245T9.300 104T33.475 276T
276Procida, ClaireDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XD Sr A8.525 241T7.400 292T8.400 254T9.150 168T33.475 276T
278Roth, EllaDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Ch A7.200 3028.300 240T9.125 126T8.825 262T33.450 278
279Sullivan, SophiaUnique Sports Academy 1 XP Jr A8.250 288T7.300 2968.575 226T9.225 133T33.350 279
280Dionne, SydneyFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XP Jr A8.200 290T7.375 2948.675 210T9.075 200T33.325 280
281Schachter, KyraSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Jr B8.150 292T7.700 2828.600 224T8.850 257T33.300 281
282Watson, KambriahFour Star Athletic Complex 1 XP Sr A9.150 67T5.950 3039.075 136T9.050 204T33.225 282T
282McCambridge, HannahRebounders Gymnastics, Inc. 1 XP Sr B8.575 228T7.050 3018.700 202T8.900 245T33.225 282T
284Poltrack, TaylorDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 6 Jr A7.000 3038.700 180T8.900 171T8.450 29733.050 284T
284Cameron, MichelleAyrlawn YMCA 1 XD Sr B8.050 295T8.250 245T8.500 236T8.250 29833.050 284T
286Cheng, ShaynaThrive Annapolis 1 XD Jr B8.500 246T7.200 297T8.250 266T9.050 204T33.000 286
287Pratt, MakaylaCoppermine 1 6 Sr A9.125 72T8.000 263T7.850 2908.000 30332.975 287
288Homontowski, HopeFour Star Athletic Complex 1 XP Jr C8.450 257T8.375 224T7.925 2878.200 29932.950 288
289Laney, BrynnFlips 1 XD Sr A8.650 208T7.400 292T7.875 288T9.000 221T32.925 289
290Flowers-Jackson, TheresaSynergy Sports 1 6 Ch B8.700 196T7.100 3008.450 248T8.650 282T32.900 290
291Thakker, ShreenaACPR Gymnastics 1 XD Sr A8.275 286T7.900 272T7.400 3019.225 133T32.800 291
292Tregoning, MadelynnFrederick Gymnastics Club 1 XD Jr A8.425 265T8.325 234T7.500 2988.525 29632.775 292
293Balakirsky, EsterColumbia Gymnastics 1 XP Jr B9.100 78T7.600 285T7.200 3038.800 264T32.700 293
294Saccenti, LinseyACPR Gymnastics 1 XD Sr B8.150 292T8.550 201T6.800 3069.175 157T32.675 294
295MacCrehan, CorrinACPR Gymnastics 1 XP Sr A7.750 3008.250 245T7.700 295T8.650 282T32.350 295
296Asiedu, KorieCoppermine 1 6 Sr A8.700 196T7.500 2917.250 3028.050 301T31.500 296
297Barnes, BaileyBaltimore County Gymnastics 1 XP Jr B8.575 228T7.200 297T6.825 3058.800 264T31.400 297
298Raines, TiffanyFlips 1 XP Jr B8.325 280T5.800 3047.950 2868.575 29330.650 298
299Shue, CoraBeach Bounders 1 XP Sr B9.050 98T9.575 14T8.875 179T0.000 305T27.500 299
300Brown, EmmaDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XP Jr A8.750 184T0.000 305T8.500 236T9.400 66T26.650 300
301Vengroski, JulianneColumbia Gymnastics 1 XP Sr B8.800 168T0.000 305T8.000 283T9.000 221T25.800 301
302Towson, EvaFlips 1 XP Jr B0.000 304T7.900 272T8.650 214T8.950 233T25.500 302
303Antlitz, AllisonThrive Annapolis 1 XP Jr C8.575 228T0.000 305T7.750 292T9.150 168T25.475 303
304Flaherty, EvaSilver Stars Gymnastics 1 XP Sr B0.000 304T8.550 201T9.325 71T0.000 305T17.875 304
305Elorde, AmadeaDocksiders Gymnastics Inc. 1 XD Jr A0.000 304T9.125 97T8.550 228T0.000 305T17.675 305
306Etter, RachelFlips 1 XD Sr A8.650 208T0.000 305T0.000 307T7.800 30416.450 306
307Mazerski, ZoeColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Sr A0.000 304T7.575 289T7.050 3040.000 305T14.625 307
308Bos, OliviaColumbia Gymnastics 1 XD Sr A0.000 304T9.000 123T0.000 307T0.000 305T9.000 308
309OBrien, FionaSportsplex Gymnastics 1 6 Ch B0.000 304T0.000 305T0.000 307T8.850 257T8.850 309