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2022 SOMERSault Jungle Jam -
2022 SOMERSault Jungle Jam
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2022-04-092022-04-10 Somersault Jungle Gymnastics261
Meet Scores
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Sealey, PaigeSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Ch9.650 19.700 29.550 19.250 1238.150 1
2Damiata, ViennaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Ch9.500 2T9.500 6T9.300 10T9.700 138.000 2
3Matos, GuilianaBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Jr A9.300 3T9.650 29.400 19.350 337.700 1
4Fusco, RileySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Ch9.250 7T9.500 29.350 2T9.450 337.550 1T
4Vincenti, HaileySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Ch9.300 5T9.300 4T9.450 19.500 237.550 2T
6Bonhomme, MargaretBristol FCGymnastics 5 XS Ch9.100 15T9.550 4T9.350 7T9.400 5T37.400 3
7Schneider, EmilySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 4 XB Jr D9.250 3T9.600 4T9.500 19.000 35T37.350 1
8Howland, MadalynBristol FCGymnastics 5 XS Jr D9.300 6T9.750 19.100 20T9.150 14T37.300 4
8Pretorius, IsabellaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Jr A9.300 4T9.750 19.100 8*9.150 12T37.300 2T
8Christian, AbigailFlips 4 XS Sr A9.300 28.900 37T9.450 2T9.650 137.300 2
8Barcellos, JuliaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Ch9.400 39.600 19.200 8T9.100 17T37.300 3
8Marquis, AudreySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 1 XG Jr A9.300 6T9.500 6T9.300 49.200 9T37.300 1
8Bridge, LilySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Jr A9.450 19.450 79.100 9*9.300 4T37.300 3T
14Bean, MaeveNorthwest Gymnastics 4 XS Sr A9.000 15T9.450 10T9.450 3T9.350 6T37.250 3
15Relunia, JordynFlips 1 XG Ch9.100 22T9.550 4T9.400 29.100 14T37.150 2
16Williams, HopeBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Sr B8.850 34T9.600 5T9.400 4T9.250 13T37.100 4T
16Kennedy, VioletNorthwest Gymnastics 4 XB Sr A9.150 6T9.450 11T9.350 69.150 22T37.100 5T
18Belsito, AnnaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 5 XS Jr B9.500 3T9.100 27T9.450 39.000 27T37.050 5T
18Sokol, IsabelleNorthwest Gymnastics 5 XS Jr B9.100 16T9.500 7T9.100 21T9.350 7T37.050 6T
18Bizier, DestyniBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Sr C8.900 24T9.400 13T9.300 7T9.450 337.050 6
21Crane, EmmaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr B9.000 14T9.550 39.350 29.100 14T37.000 4T
21Prestage, PaytonGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Jr D8.950 22T9.300 20T9.400 5T9.350 7T37.000 7
21Adamo, EmilyBristol FCGymnastics 5 XS Jr D9.200 9T9.350 15T9.250 13T9.200 1337.000 7
21Delaney, EmmaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Jr A9.250 7T9.300 9T9.200 4T9.250 7T37.000 5T
25Hamm, JozieBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Jr A9.400 2T9.650 1T8.650 27T9.250 7T36.950 3T
25Mathews, OliviaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr B9.250 8T9.500 4T9.050 11T9.150 13T36.950 6
25Rios, IsabellaFlips 5 XS Jr C9.050 18T9.400 9T9.200 15T9.300 9T36.950 8
25Mangiagli, AllisonFlips 1 XG Sr B9.200 12T9.200 16T9.200 5T9.350 2T36.950 4T
29Kopie, RileeSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Ch9.700 18.700 23T9.200 9T9.300 8T36.900 4
29Devino, SarahNorthwest Gymnastics 5 XS Jr A9.050 19T9.550 5T9.000 28T9.300 10T36.900 9
29Boorky, AnnabelleGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Sr C9.050 12T9.450 12T9.200 12T9.200 19T36.900 8
29Craig, AllisonBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Jr B9.000 30T9.450 8T9.350 39.100 15T36.900 5
33Mercado, JomarisMeriden 4 XS Sr B8.800 38T9.400 14T9.050 25T9.600 236.850 9T
33Finke, MiaBristol FCGymnastics 5 XS Ch9.350 59.200 21T9.000 29T9.300 11T36.850 10
33King, SanaiGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Sr B9.100 9T9.350 18T9.300 8T9.100 27T36.850 10T
33Lam, KatieBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Jr B9.150 18T9.350 10T9.050 11T9.300 4T36.850 6
37Bancroft, TaylorBristol FCGymnastics 4 XS Sr A9.050 13T9.600 6T9.000 27T9.150 23T36.800 11T
37Connell, EmorySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr D8.800 39T9.400 10T9.500 29.100 18T36.800 11
37Tejada, MikaylaBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Sr B9.200 59.500 98.800 39T9.300 10T36.800 12T
37Tomalonis, AddelynnSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Ch9.100 15T9.100 10T9.250 6T9.350 5T36.800 5
41Fowler, AbigailNorthwest Gymnastics 4 XB Sr B8.800 39T9.650 2T9.000 28T9.300 11T36.750 13T
41Lam, KaylaBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Sr B9.150 19T9.050 22T9.500 19.050 21T36.750 7T
41Kelley, AlexisNorthwest Gymnastics 4 XB Sr C9.000 16T9.050 31T9.300 9T9.400 4T36.750 14T
41Vann, JusticeBristol FCGymnastics 5 XS Jr C8.800 40T9.400 11T9.200 16T9.350 8T36.750 12
41Downes, DelaneyBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Ch9.100 23T9.250 14T9.200 6T9.200 10T36.750 8T
46Murrone, MakennaBristol FCGymnastics 4 XS Sr A8.800 40T9.700 19.000 29T9.200 20T36.700 15T
46Smith, KeishaBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Jr A9.400 29.500 5T8.500 35T9.300 5T36.700 7
46Beardsley, JessicaMeriden 5 XS Jr C8.800 41T9.150 24T9.300 11T9.450 436.700 14T
46Duffy, OliviaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 5 XS Ch9.300 7T8.900 35T9.400 4*9.100 19T36.700 16T
46Munson, GiannaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr A9.150 13T8.750 41T9.400 5*9.400 6T36.700 15T
46Niek, KalliBristol FCGymnastics 4 XS Sr A8.900 25T9.300 21T9.200 14*9.300 12T36.700 16T
46Hrubala, EmmaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Sr A9.150 7T9.200 23T9.200 13*9.150 24T36.700 17T
53Moore, IzzySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 1 XG Ch9.200 13T9.500 7T8.850 209.100 16T36.650 9
53Bridge, HayleySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 4 XB Sr A8.900 27*9.400 16*9.200 15T9.150 25T36.650 19T
53Viksnes, CarleighGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Sr B8.900 26*9.400 15*9.300 10T9.050 30T36.650 18T
56Bloom, OliviaFlips 5 XS Jr C8.750 45T9.400 12T9.350 8T9.100 20T36.600 17
56McCaffrey, IsabellaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XD Sr9.000 23T9.000 15T9.200 10T9.400 436.600 6
56Eddy, RyleeNorthwest Gymnastics 4 XB Sr A9.250 4T8.850 39T9.150 219.350 8T36.600 20T
56Paine, EmilyNorthwest Gymnastics 4 XB Sr C9.000 17T9.200 24T9.200 16T9.200 21T36.600 21T
60Mckenna, LeahBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Sr A8.900 28T9.400 17T9.200 18*9.050 32*36.550 22T
60Page, MackenzieNorthwest Gymnastics 5 XS Jr B8.950 28T9.400 13T9.200 17T9.000 28T36.550 18
60Huguley, LaylaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Sr B8.850 35T9.350 19T9.300 11T9.050 31*36.550 23T
60Delage, ElyseSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Ch B9.000 15T9.250 11T9.050 12T9.250 8T36.550 8
60Vacca, ChloeGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Jr D9.000 18T9.100 28T9.200 17*9.250 14T36.550 24T
65Dunahoo, SarahGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 5 XS Jr D8.700 47T9.250 18*9.400 6T9.150 16T36.500 19T
65Lipscomb, AllisonBristol FCGymnastics 5 XS Jr C8.900 31T9.250 19*9.250 14T9.100 21T36.500 20T
65Devino, AngelaNorthwest Gymnastics 5 XS Jr B9.200 10T9.200 22T9.100 22T9.000 29T36.500 21T
68Mckenna, AllysenBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Jr A9.100 24T9.600 38.500 33T9.250 8T36.450 10T
68VanAlstyne, AmberFlips 1 XG Sr B9.250 9T9.200 17T8.700 25T9.300 5T36.450 11T
70Drouin, SavannahSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Sr9.250 8T9.450 38.700 21T9.000 23T36.400 7T
70Sheridan, AutumnSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Ch9.400 49.050 30T8.800 38T9.150 17T36.400 22
70Lestorti, AriannaBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Sr B8.900 29T9.100 29T9.050 26T9.350 9T36.400 25
70Suarez, JewelzSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XD Jr9.000 24T9.050 13T9.000 15T9.350 6T36.400 8T
70Eyre, LyndaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 2 XD Sr8.750 34T9.100 11T9.250 7T9.300 9T36.400 9T
75Christian, RileyFlips 5 XS Ch8.800 42T9.150 25T8.850 379.550 236.350 23T
75Shelley, ReaganTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 5 XS Jr C9.050 20T9.400 14T9.300 12T8.600 5236.350 24T
75Warenda, MaeveSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 1 XG Ch9.400 3T9.250 15T8.600 29T9.100 17T36.350 12
75Doyle, KylieFrog Bridge Gymnastics 2 XP Jr8.800 32T9.300 5T9.100 12T9.150 15*36.350 10T
75Guenther, OliviaBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Jr C9.000 16T9.250 12T8.850 20T9.250 9T36.350 9
75Lefkowski, AddilynNorthwest Gymnastics 2 XP Ch9.100 16T9.100 12T9.000 16T9.150 16*36.350 11T
81Guenther, HannahBristol FCGymnastics 2 XD Jr9.600 29.250 89.200 11T8.250 4336.300 12
81Mathon, NaomiGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Sr B8.800 41T9.600 7T9.000 30T8.900 41T36.300 26
81Monroe, FinleySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 1 XG Jr B8.850 388.900 29T9.200 7T9.350 3T36.300 13
84Thomann, NicoleSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Jr9.100 17T8.050 379.300 4T9.800 136.250 13
84Clark, PhynixBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Sr B9.100 10T9.550 88.200 539.400 5T36.250 27T
84Benkert, AddysonFlips 5 XS Jr D9.100 17T9.200 23T8.900 369.050 22T36.250 25
84Leon, NelaNorthwest Gymnastics 4 XS Sr B8.850 36T9.200 25T9.200 19T9.000 36T36.250 28T
88Bogle, EvelynMeriden 3 XB Jr B9.000 17T9.500 6T8.400 37T9.300 6T36.200 10T
88Sorel, MayaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Jr A9.300 5T9.100 16T9.150 78.650 32T36.200 11T
90Bianco, BrooklynGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr C8.300 459.200 13T9.000 14T9.650 136.150 12
90Lanouette, NatalieSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Ch9.350 49.050 14T8.400 28T9.350 7T36.150 14
90Myers, ItaliaBristol FCGymnastics 4 XS Sr B9.000 19T9.300 22T8.700 45T9.150 26T36.150 29
90Kessler, LyndseyNorthwest Gymnastics 1 XG Sr A9.250 10T9.050 23T8.650 28T9.200 11T36.150 14T
90Mathias, ColleenSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 1 XG Sr B9.100 25T8.800 40T9.100 9T9.150 12T36.150 15T
90Kubran, SkyNorthwest Gymnastics 5 XS Jr A9.000 21T9.100 28T9.000 31T9.050 23T36.150 26
96Bouteiller, SavannahGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 1 XG Jr A9.200 14T9.150 19T8.700 26T9.050 22T36.100 16
96Dovi, GracieFlips 4 XS Sr A9.000 20T9.000 34T9.000 31T9.100 28T36.100 30
98Hill, GeorgiaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr B8.400 429.050 19T9.200 5T9.400 236.050 13T
98Harrington, MadelineGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr C9.000 18T9.350 88.850 21T8.850 23T36.050 14T
98Rodriguez, CailynnAcademy 1 XG Sr A8.700 44T9.350 11T9.000 13*9.000 25T36.050 17T
98Wei, RubyFrog Bridge Gymnastics 1 XG Ch9.100 26T8.900 30T9.000 14*9.050 23T36.050 18T
102Drake, LilaAcademy 5 XS Jr A8.600 529.000 33T9.350 9T9.050 24T36.000 27
102Emons, SarahSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Ch B9.150 10T8.800 26T9.250 38.800 25T36.000 15
102Palamar, CaitlynnFlips 1 XG Ch9.150 20T8.850 36T9.050 12T8.950 30T36.000 19
105Nadeau, MiaBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Jr B8.900 34T9.550 5T8.100 45T9.400 135.950 20T
105May, LizzieNorthwest Gymnastics 1 XG Jr B9.200 15*9.450 9T8.400 36T8.900 32T35.950 21T
105Coughlin, MackennaNorthwest Gymnastics 1 XG Sr A9.300 7T9.350 12T8.200 43T9.100 18T35.950 22T
105Duda, EmmaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 1 XG Ch9.200 16*8.750 439.000 15T9.000 26T35.950 23T
109Brumaghim, ChloeBristol FCGymnastics 4 XS Sr A8.700 46T9.650 3T8.700 46T8.850 44T35.900 31T
109Elwell, BellaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr A9.200 11T8.700 45T8.500 51T9.500 335.900 28
109Moss, NeveGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XP Jr9.500 18.150 549.000 32T9.250 15T35.900 32T
109Feeney, LindsayGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 2 XD Sr9.000 25T8.300 369.350 3T9.250 1135.900 15
109Castro, NoraBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Ch B9.050 12T8.800 27T9.000 15T9.050 1735.900 16
109Obopilwe, OliviaFlips 1 XG Jr A9.000 31T8.900 31T9.000 16T9.000 27T35.900 24
115Griffin, FionaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 2 XP Sr9.150 12*8.400 33T9.300 5T9.000 24T35.850 16T
115Dean, PiperGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 1 XG Sr A8.750 41T9.200 18T9.200 8T8.700 43T35.850 25T
115Bell, LaurenFlips 4 XB Jr D9.150 8T8.700 44T9.000 33T9.000 37T35.850 33
115Hamm, JuliaBristol FCGymnastics 2 XP Sr9.150 13*8.850 18T9.100 13T8.750 34T35.850 17T
115Mott, AlaysiaFlips 1 XG Ch9.100 27T8.900 32T8.800 21T9.050 24T35.850 26T
120Ellis, AvaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 5 XS Jr A9.300 8T9.050 31T9.000 32T8.450 56T35.800 29
121Sembersky, WillowSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Ch B9.050 13T8.900 258.800 22T9.000 18T35.750 17
122D%27Angelo, EllaNorthwest Gymnastics 5 XS Jr D8.700 48T9.000 34T9.200 18T8.800 37T35.700 30
122Young, LaylaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Sr A8.950 23T9.050 32T8.700 47T9.000 38T35.700 34
124Bonnell, JessicaNorthwest Gymnastics 1 XG Jr B9.300 8T8.850 38*8.550 328.950 31T35.650 27T
124Brower, EllaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr B8.650 36T9.300 10T8.700 28T9.000 19T35.650 18
124Goncalves, MarionNorthwest Gymnastics 1 XG Ch9.200 17T8.850 37*8.800 22T8.800 39T35.650 28T
124Erha, MaddisenNorthwest Gymnastics 5 XS Jr C8.900 32T9.150 26T8.800 39T8.800 38T35.650 31
124Munn, TessaBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Sr B9.050 14T8.700 45T9.000 34T8.900 42T35.650 35
129Sanchez, JasleneBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Sr B9.050 299.650 2T7.800 529.100 19T35.600 29T
129Fulton, KiaraNorthwest Gymnastics 1 XG Jr A9.400 4T8.900 33T8.300 39T9.000 28T35.600 30T
129Marossie, AvaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 2 XP Sr9.300 6T8.500 328.500 25T9.300 10T35.600 18T
129(Amelia) Charbonneau, SammyAcademy 2 XP Sr8.700 38T8.700 24T9.000 17T9.200 12T35.600 19T
129Pedemonti, MiaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr A9.200 12T8.300 51T9.100 24*9.000 30T35.600 32T
129Rodgers, FionaBristol FCGymnastics 5 XS Jr B9.000 23*8.700 46T9.100 23*8.800 39T35.600 33T
129Cramer, PaigeFrog Bridge Gymnastics 5 XS Ch9.000 22*8.850 37T8.700 42T9.050 25T35.600 34T
136Harkey, SamanthaFlips 4 XB Sr C8.900 30T8.850 40T9.200 20T8.600 50T35.550 36
136O%27Loughlin, TessaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 1 XG Jr A9.100 28T8.800 41T8.900 198.750 41T35.550 31
138Holley, JordynAcademy 1 XG Jr A9.450 18.300 528.600 30T9.100 20T35.450 32T
138Ortyl, TatumSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 1 XG Ch9.150 21T8.700 448.300 40T9.300 6T35.450 33T
138Hamilton, McKaylaMeriden 4 XB Sr C9.000 21T8.400 50T8.800 40*9.250 16T35.450 37T
138Frisbie, GabrielleSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr B9.150 14T8.200 54T9.100 25T9.000 31T35.450 35
138Wildman, LeahFlips 4 XS Sr B8.750 42T9.050 33T8.800 42*8.850 45T35.450 38T
138Musshorn, JuliaFlips 4 XB Sr C8.900 31T8.800 42T8.800 41*8.950 4035.450 39T
144Ernstrom, ElleryTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 5 XS Jr B8.650 519.250 20T9.000 34*8.500 5535.400 36T
144Bruno, JackieNorthwest Gymnastics 2 XP Sr9.200 10T8.900 178.100 35T9.200 13T35.400 20
144Devanney, MaddisonAcademy 1 XG Sr A8.500 51T8.900 34T9.100 10T8.900 33T35.400 34
144Sirko, SevenFlips 4 XB Sr A8.850 37T8.900 38T9.100 22T8.550 5235.400 40
144Zetterstrom, ZoeyFrog Bridge Gymnastics 5 XS Jr B8.850 37T8.750 42T9.000 33*8.800 40T35.400 37T
149Bilodeau, NatalieBristol FCGymnastics 2 XP Jr9.250 9T8.850 19T8.800 18T8.450 4135.350 21T
149Bulluss, AlexisNorthwest Gymnastics 4 XS Sr B9.100 11T9.100 30T8.100 54T9.050 33T35.350 41
149Kimball, EmmaBristol FCGymnastics 2 XD Jr9.000 26T8.600 27T9.100 14T8.650 3735.350 22T
149Sypher, HannahFrog Bridge Gymnastics 5 XS Jr C8.750 46T8.750 43T9.100 26T8.750 43T35.350 38
153Codispoti, ClaraGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr C8.200 46T8.700 299.200 6T9.200 10T35.300 19T
153Pozezanac, CopperTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 3 XB Jr A9.150 11T9.150 159.000 16T8.000 4935.300 20T
153McDonald, MaddieGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr C8.800 25*8.600 308.800 24*9.100 15T35.300 21T
153Rossi, AlexaBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Jr D8.900 32T8.400 51T9.100 23T8.900 43T35.300 42
153Ott, AmeliaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr B8.800 24*9.050 20T8.800 23*8.650 33T35.300 22T
158Dunay, AdalynnSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Jr A9.200 98.400 37T8.900 18T8.750 28T35.250 23
158Phelan, KathrynGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 5 XS Jr D8.900 33T9.100 29T8.600 47T8.650 49T35.250 39
160Gohil, IshaAcademy 5 XS Jr A8.150 609.500 8T8.700 43T8.850 35T35.200 40
160Robbins, RebeccaFlips 4 XB Sr C8.700 47T8.500 48T8.900 36*9.100 29T35.200 43T
160Lowy, SamaraGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XS Sr B8.600 51T8.850 41T8.700 48T9.050 34T35.200 44T
160Blanchard, JulietteBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Jr D8.650 508.650 478.900 37*9.000 39T35.200 45T
160Jacobs, IsabelleFrog Bridge Gymnastics 1 XG Jr A8.700 45T8.800 42T8.800 23T8.900 34T35.200 35
165Hughes, LeahTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 2 XP Jr8.950 28T9.300 7*8.300 31*8.600 3835.150 23T
165Williams, ReneeBristol FCGymnastics 2 XP Jr8.500 419.300 6*8.500 26T8.850 29T35.150 24T
165Ek, MiriaeGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XS Sr B8.100 559.000 35T8.800 43T9.250 17T35.150 46T
165Brodeur, LyllianBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Sr C8.700 48T9.150 278.600 49T8.700 4835.150 47T
165Tracy, MorganAcademy 2 XP Ch9.150 14T8.600 28T8.300 30*9.100 18T35.150 25T
165Day, LiliannaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 1 XG Ch8.500 52T9.050 24T8.800 24T8.800 40T35.150 36
165Ross, LaurenSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Ch9.050 19T8.800 21T8.400 29T8.900 27T35.150 26T
172Mazzarella, KateFlips 3 XB Jr C9.300 6T9.050 21T8.000 46T8.750 29T35.100 24
172Beaulieu, KaylaBristol FCGymnastics 2 XP Ch9.200 11T9.200 98.000 38T8.700 3635.100 27
172MacDonald, StellaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 1 XG Sr A8.800 39T9.150 20T8.300 41*8.850 36T35.100 37T
172Lucia, GraceTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 1 XG Jr A8.750 42T9.050 25T8.300 42*9.000 29T35.100 38T
176Magrey, HaydenTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 5 XS Jr B8.900 34T9.350 16T8.600 48T8.200 6035.050 41T
176Devino, CaitlinNorthwest Gymnastics 1 XG Jr A9.000 32T8.400 50T8.500 34T9.150 13T35.050 39
176Duran, SofiaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 2 XD Sr9.050 20T8.600 29T8.300 32T9.100 19T35.050 28
176Joseph, KataleyaBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Jr C8.800 26T8.450 35T8.800 25T9.000 20T35.050 25
176Pedemonti, EllaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr D9.000 24T8.150 569.000 35T8.900 33T35.050 42T
176Connell, ParkerSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 4 XB Jr D8.900 33T8.700 46T8.800 44T8.650 4935.050 48
182Hodzic, EldinaAcademy 1 XG Jr A9.400 5T8.600 45T8.500 35T8.500 5035.000 40
182Barnes-Mittelstaedt, ElenaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 3 XB Jr B8.350 43T9.100 17*8.650 338.900 21T35.000 27T
182Marra, ScarlettTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 3 XB Jr C9.000 19T9.100 18*8.700 29T8.200 45T35.000 26T
185Khan, LailaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 5 XS Jr C8.950 29T9.300 178.050 578.650 50T34.950 43T
185Mottengad, SamaraAcademy 5 XS Jr C8.450 548.850 38T9.100 27T8.550 53T34.950 44T
185Woronick, AvaNorthwest Gymnastics 1 XG Sr A9.000 33T9.100 218.000 48T8.850 37T34.950 41T
185Pages, JaylaBristol FCGymnastics 2 XP Jr9.050 21T8.700 25T8.200 33T9.000 25T34.950 29
185Jakiel, AllyFlips 1 XG Jr B8.900 35T9.000 288.400 37T8.650 45T34.950 42T
185Snook, TaylorSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Ch A8.600 38T9.000 22T8.800 26T8.550 3634.950 28
185Smith, AnnieAcademy 5 XS Jr D8.800 43T8.750 44T8.700 44T8.700 45T34.950 45T
192Leonardo, MadisonSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Jr B9.000 20T8.000 43T8.700 30T9.200 11T34.900 29T
192Caron, AriannaBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Sr A8.900 36T9.050 26T8.100 46T8.850 38T34.900 43
192Lynch, LeightonNorthwest Gymnastics 4 XS Sr A8.600 52T8.500 49T9.000 35T8.800 4734.900 49
192Soto, LillyTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 3 XB Jr C8.800 27T9.000 23T8.900 19T8.200 46T34.900 30T
192Winston, CassidyFrog Bridge Gymnastics 5 XS Ch8.900 35T8.700 47T8.600 49T8.700 46T34.900 46T
192Clark, KemayaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Ch8.850 38T8.600 498.700 45T8.750 44T34.900 47T
198Bolduc, ElizabethBristol FCGymnastics 5 XS Jr D8.700 49T7.900 609.200 19T9.050 26T34.850 48
199Harris, KatiaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 1 XG Jr B8.900 37T9.300 138.000 49T8.600 47T34.800 44
199Mcgrane, RyleeBristol FCGymnastics 4 XB Sr A8.750 43T7.700 559.100 24T9.250 18T34.800 50T
199Kosswig, ClaireGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Jr D8.500 539.200 26T8.600 50T8.500 53T34.800 51T
199Kobles, MiaBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Jr A8.700 34T8.500 33*8.500 36T9.100 16T34.800 31T
199Lauer, LucyTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 3 XB Jr A8.900 22T8.400 38T9.050 13T8.450 38T34.800 32T
199Parker, PaisleyBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Ch A8.750 31T8.500 32*8.700 31T8.850 24T34.800 33T
205Doyle, MollyAcademy 1 XG Ch9.250 11T8.600 46T8.000 50T8.900 35T34.750 45
205Lisette Burns, EvaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 3 XB Jr B8.600 39T9.000 24T9.100 10T8.050 4834.750 34
205Frisbie, MirandaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr B8.900 36T8.400 508.800 40T8.650 51T34.750 49
205Gaspar, CatherineTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 2 XD Jr8.800 33T8.700 26T8.750 208.500 4034.750 30
209Rhodes, SavannahSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Ch9.100 18T8.400 34T8.000 39T9.200 14T34.700 31T
209Korzinski, IsabellaAcademy 2 XP Jr9.050 22T8.000 38T8.600 23T9.050 20T34.700 32T
209Espinoza, SelenaBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Sr A8.800 40T8.500 499.000 17T8.400 5134.700 46
212Sembersky, CoraSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Jr C8.950 218.200 40T8.800 27T8.700 3134.650 35
213Martinez, MadisonTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 2 XD Sr8.700 39T9.000 16T7.850 419.050 21T34.600 33
213May, SaraNorthwest Gymnastics 5 XS Jr A9.000 25T8.800 39T7.900 598.900 34T34.600 50
213Smith, SadieFlips 3 XB Jr B8.600 40T8.200 41T9.000 17T8.800 26T34.600 36
216Lukasik, AdriTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 5 XS Jr D9.000 26T8.300 52T8.400 53T8.850 36T34.550 51
217Nazario, McKenzieAcademy 5 XS Jr B8.250 56T9.050 32T8.400 54T8.800 41T34.500 52T
217Langevin, TeaganFrog Bridge Gymnastics 5 XS Jr B9.000 27T8.700 48T8.500 52T8.300 58T34.500 53T
217Byrum, TaylorAcademy 5 XS Jr B8.500 538.300 53T8.750 418.950 3234.500 54T
217Wilson, MadisonTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 1 XG Jr B8.600 47T8.600 47T8.600 31T8.700 44T34.500 47
221Hersh, HannahGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XB Sr A8.750 44T9.000 36T8.500 518.200 5534.450 52
222El Chebib, CelineGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 4 XS Sr A8.150 548.800 43T8.900 38T8.500 54T34.350 53
222Wei, NinaFrog Bridge Gymnastics 2 XP Jr8.750 35T8.600 30T8.200 34T8.800 32T34.350 34
222Scibell, NatalieBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Ch A8.750 32T8.550 318.300 39T8.750 30T34.350 37
225Robbins-Sander, AliviaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 3 XB Ch A8.750 33T9.200 14T8.100 44T8.250 43T34.300 38
225Boyajian, AlyssaNorthwest Gymnastics 2 XD Jr8.000 438.800 22T8.500 27T9.000 26T34.300 35
225Engelke, EmmaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr A8.800 44T8.800 40T8.000 588.700 47T34.300 55
228Kaminski, MadelynBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Sr A8.500 53T8.600 48T8.400 38T8.750 42T34.250 48
229Collins, VioletAcademy 1 XG Jr B8.600 48T8.900 35T8.100 47T8.600 48T34.200 49
230Kessler, MeriNorthwest Gymnastics 2 XP Sr8.900 30T8.850 20T8.100 36T8.300 4234.150 36
231Haddad, NatalieFrog Bridge Gymnastics 5 XS Ch8.200 58T8.900 36T8.300 568.700 48T34.100 56
232Jones, NalaBristol FCGymnastics 2 XP Jr8.750 36T8.600 31T7.800 42T8.900 28T34.050 37
232Maciejko, AmandaMeriden 4 XB Sr C8.750 45T8.400 52T8.300 528.600 51T34.050 54
234Jusem-LaPorte, AlexTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 2 XP Sr8.450 428.400 35T8.100 37T9.050 22T34.000 38
234Ash, TheaBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Ch B8.800 28T8.000 44T8.400 38T8.800 27T34.000 39
236Monroe, HarperSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 4 XB Jr D8.700 49T8.300 538.100 55T8.850 46T33.950 55
236Maynard, EveFlips 3 XB Jr C8.700 35T8.200 42T8.600 348.450 39T33.950 40
238Dubord, BrielleSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr A8.700 50T8.000 58T8.400 55T8.800 42T33.900 57
238DuPont, MadelynTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 3 XB Ch A8.800 29T8.800 28T8.200 438.100 4733.900 41
240Ek, GrettaGymnastic Training Center of Simsbury 2 XP Sr8.950 29T7.400 408.600 24T8.850 30T33.800 39
241Laplante, EmilySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr C8.300 558.200 55T8.700 46T8.550 54T33.750 58
242Hopkins, MaciBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Ch B8.650 37T7.800 478.300 40T8.900 22T33.650 43T
242Mcghee, MallorySomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Jr A8.900 23T7.400 508.700 32T8.650 34T33.650 42T
244 Christian, HaleyFlips 2 XP Sr9.000 27T8.000 39T7.800 43T8.800 33T33.600 40
245Anischik, MilaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Ch B8.350 44T8.450 36T8.300 41T8.400 4033.500 44
246Russell, KievaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr C8.250 57T8.050 578.600 50T8.450 57T33.350 59
247Paul, AliviaTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 1 XG Sr B8.600 49T9.050 27T7.000 53T8.650 46T33.300 50
247Erismann, NoraFrog Bridge Gymnastics 2 XP Sr8.650 407.100 418.800 19T8.750 35T33.300 41
247Lisiecki, PresleighSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Ch B8.200 47T8.500 34T8.100 45T8.500 3733.300 45
250Phelps, TaylorBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Ch A8.500 418.300 398.000 47T8.350 4133.150 46
251Wysocki, EmmaSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Ch B8.800 30T7.600 488.000 48T8.600 3533.000 47
252Rossitto, GabriellaAcademy 1 XG Jr B8.700 46T8.400 51T9.000 18T6.700 5332.800 51
253McGhee, CoraSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 3 XB Ch A8.200 48T8.000 45T8.300 42T8.250 44T32.750 48
254Trindade, JuliaFrog Bridge Gymnastics 2 XP Sr8.750 37T6.500 428.700 22T8.550 3932.500 42
255Colon, KylieBristol FCGymnastics 1 XG Sr B8.200 548.000 538.000 51T8.200 5232.400 52
256Greene, KolSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 5 XS Jr C8.200 59T8.000 59T7.800 608.300 59T32.300 60
257Fitting, AbigailTri-Town Gymnastics Centre Inc. 3 XB Ch A8.000 508.000 46T8.000 49T7.800 5031.800 49
258Simard, ScarlettBristol FCGymnastics 3 XB Ch A8.100 497.500 497.800 508.300 4231.700 50
259Bashaw, RileyFlips 1 XG Sr A8.750 43T6.000 548.200 44T8.600 49T31.550 53
260Richards, KaleahFlips 1 XG Sr B8.600 50T8.850 39T7.000 54T4.000 5428.450 54
261Connell, SadieSomersault Jungle Gymnastics 2 XP Jr8.900 31T0.000 438.000 40T8.850 31T25.750 43