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Kinetic Classic 2019 -
Kinetic Classic 2019
Start End Host Meet Website Gymnasts
2019-02-232019-02-24 Gym Kinetics Gymnastics581
Meet Scores
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Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

Galbert, PaigeGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.725 29.350 82T9.750 19.575 8T38.400 1T
Schulte, SkylaPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Older9.475 6T9.600 12T9.600 9T9.725 238.400 2T
Walker, WhitneyAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle9.175 78T9.800 19.550 17T9.325 73T37.850 3
Insley, AlyssaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XP Younger9.375 18T9.500 30T9.425 49T9.475 28T37.775 4
Sarkissian, ArbellaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Younger9.275 43T9.675 5T9.300 96T9.500 21T37.750 5T
McDonald, CarlyAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Older9.425 12T9.350 83T9.575 13T9.400 49T37.750 6T
Boryczka, MayaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.325 28T9.275 129T9.575 14T9.550 12T37.725 7
Hollock, HaileyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger9.450 8T9.100 220T9.500 28T9.650 537.700 8
Ferrick, AlyssaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Younger9.300 34T9.400 62T9.575 15T9.400 50T37.675 9
O%27Reilly, BrooklynGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.000 161T9.650 7T9.650 6T9.300 80T37.600 10
Bazan, ClaireFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Younger8.975 188T9.500 31T9.700 2T9.400 51T37.575 11T
Sorensen, PaytenGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.500 59.450 44T9.400 57T9.225 125T37.575 12T
Wagner, AvaPalatine Gym Club 1 3 Middle9.400 15T9.500 32T9.225 147T9.400 52T37.525 13
Glover-Caraballo, SierraOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XP Older9.275 44T9.500 33T9.375 64T9.350 65T37.500 14
Laird, AbigailFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.950 192T9.750 39.275 113T9.475 29T37.450 15T
Cadena, QuintynnChicago Park Dist 1 XS Younger9.150 91T9.300 109*9.500 29T9.500 22T37.450 16T
Woulfe, LeightonNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XS Younger9.475 7T9.300 108*9.375 65T9.300 81T37.450 17T
DiMambro, KarinaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.175 79T9.300 110T9.550 18T9.400 53T37.425 18
Zivat, LindaPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Older9.700 39.000 272T9.150 188T9.550 13*37.400 19T
Dean, LesleyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Older8.950 193T9.350 84T9.525 23T9.575 9T37.400 20T
Simmons, AlexandriaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.300 35T9.150 195T9.400 58T9.550 14*37.400 21T
Tyson, HaleyPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Older9.825 18.875 333T9.225 148T9.450 34T37.375 22T
Enzenbacher, KaceyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XP Younger9.100 106T9.100 221T9.500 30T9.675 437.375 23T
Mark, KaraAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle9.025 150T9.575 18T9.525 24T9.250 109T37.375 24T
Kamper, GiannaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Middle9.150 92T9.450 45T9.350 74T9.425 43T37.375 25T
Bonnema, KendallFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Younger9.050 137T9.175 188T9.650 7T9.425 44T37.300 26
Kocolowski, EmmaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.250 46T9.025 262T9.500 31T9.500 23T37.275 27T
Hampson, AbigailDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XG Younger9.350 21T9.450 46T9.275 114T9.200 143T37.275 28T
Murlick, MadisonPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Middle9.175 80T9.325 100T9.325 87T9.450 35T37.275 29T
Lange, BrynnPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.375 19T9.500 34T9.000 265T9.375 61T37.250 31T
Mata, ValerieThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Younger9.050 138T9.275 130T9.425 50T9.500 24T37.250 30T
Ibrahim, LayanGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Middle9.350 22T9.200 172T9.250 128T9.450 36T37.250 32T
Weber, KelseyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.175 81T9.100 222T9.500 32T9.450 37T37.225 33T
Power, GraceAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Older9.350 23T9.050 247T9.350 75T9.475 30T37.225 34T
Farmer, TamrynGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.100 107T9.450 47T9.150 189T9.500 25T37.200 35
Dunlap, BrennaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XP Younger9.000 162T9.250 140T9.300 97T9.625 6T37.175 36T
Orillo, EmmaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Older8.800 277T9.600 13T9.575 16T9.200 145*37.175 37T
Pagliero, MiaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Younger9.225 59T9.300 111T9.450 41T9.200 144*37.175 38T
Cabrales, GiannaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.225 60T9.225 156T9.300 98T9.400 54T37.150 39
Evans, PaigeGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Younger9.100 108T9.350 85T9.425 51T9.225 126T37.100 40
Lekki, EmmalynGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 5 Younger8.800 278T9.225 157T9.650 8T9.400 55T37.075 41T
Webb, SadieAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger9.075 127T9.625 9T9.175 173T9.200 146T37.075 42T
Conry, MaddisonGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XP Younger9.400 16T8.700 390T9.500 33T9.475 31T37.075 43T
Mullins, AniyaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.875 235T9.525 26T9.375 66T9.275 100T37.050 44T
Malysz, ZuzannaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Older9.250 47T9.150 196T9.450 42T9.200 147T37.050 45T
Love, HaileyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Younger9.125 102T8.900 313T9.550 19T9.450 38T37.025 46T
Wessel, JessicaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Younger9.250 48T9.375 76T9.275 115T9.125 192T37.025 47T
Riebe, JillianFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.900 222T9.625 10T9.250 129T9.225 127T37.000 48T
Williams, AlishaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Younger9.250 49T9.250 141T9.300 99T9.200 148T37.000 49T
Largen, GabiFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Younger9.175 82T9.375 77T8.850 338T9.575 10T36.975 50T
Corder, NinaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.300 36T8.925 307T9.250 130T9.500 26T36.975 51T
Sutter, AlainaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.425 13T9.250 142T9.450 43T8.850 319T36.975 52T
Ivanov, LeiaPalatine Gym Club 1 3 Younger9.075 128T9.425 53T9.350 76T9.125 193T36.975 53T
Bumba, GavynPhenom Gymnastics 1 8 Younger9.325 29T9.400 63T9.050 240T9.200 149T36.975 54T
Hrkel, NatalieGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Older8.875 236T9.275 131T9.475 38T9.325 74T36.950 55
Creegan, GigiGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.000 163T9.000 273T9.150 190*9.775 136.925 56T
Evans, AlyssaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.900 223T9.050 248T9.675 4T9.300 82*36.925 57T
Panozzo, AllieGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.350 24T8.875 334T9.175 174T9.525 18T36.925 58T
Oh, LeahDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 3 Middle9.175 83T9.475 41T8.975 286T9.300 83*36.925 59T
Norder, MadyAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Older9.275 45T9.150 197T9.150 191*9.350 66T36.925 60T
Slowik, VioletFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Middle9.000 164T9.150 198*9.275 116T9.475 32T36.900 61T
Conforti, EllaPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Younger9.250 50T9.400 64T9.200 156T9.050 231T36.900 62T
Gibson, ReillyPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.400 17T9.250 143T9.150 192T9.100 205T36.900 63T
Sims, AvaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XG Younger9.200 67T9.150 199*9.350 77T9.200 150T36.900 64T
Patel, RiyaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.700 334T9.575 19T9.525 25T9.075 220T36.875 65T
Wilder, KaileyChicago Park Dist 1 XG Younger9.100 109T9.150 200T9.425 52T9.200 151T36.875 66T
Austin, KayliePhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Younger9.075 129T9.600 14T8.950 293T9.225 128T36.850 67
Chammas, JasChicago Park Dist 1 XS Older8.850 246T9.200 173T9.200 157T9.575 11T36.825 69T
Russo, LilahPhenom Gymnastics 1 8 Younger9.100 110T9.575 20T9.300 100*8.850 320T36.825 68T
McKeever, EvyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Middle9.000 165T8.950 287T9.450 44T9.425 45*36.825 70T
Groberski, ErinFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Older9.050 139T9.100 223T9.250 131T9.425 46*36.825 71T
Mottet, CeceliaPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.950 194T9.350 86T9.300 101*9.225 129T36.825 72T
Friscia, SophiaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Younger9.200 68T9.175 189T9.300 102*9.150 172T36.825 73T
Warren, RyleiPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Younger9.050 140*8.900 314T9.550 20T9.300 84T36.800 74T
Gorajski, PJGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Younger9.050 141*9.225 158T9.450 45T9.075 221T36.800 75T
Morris, GraceGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.000 166T9.450 48T9.200 158T9.150 173T36.800 76T
Jachna, JJFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 8 Older8.750 310T9.325 101T9.325 88T9.400 56T36.800 77T
Kavalauskas, NataliaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.100 111T9.125 216T9.400 59T9.175 166T36.800 78T
Jehl, EvelynPalatine Gym Club 1 4 Younger8.550 422T9.675 6T9.050 241T9.500 27T36.775 79T
Evans, MayaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Older9.100 112T8.850 340T9.600 10T9.225 130T36.775 80T
Beban, IzabellaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Younger9.425 14T9.300 112T9.000 266T9.050 232T36.775 81T
Birkenstein, JuliaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XG Older9.100 113T8.650 405T9.450 46T9.550 15T36.750 82
Johnson, ChloePhenom Gymnastics 1 8 Younger8.775 297T9.550 23T9.200 159*9.200 152*36.725 83T
Purpura, IsabelleFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Older8.625 376T9.300 113T9.425 53T9.375 62T36.725 84T
Evans, CaylaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Older9.000 167*9.275 132T9.375 67T9.075 222T36.725 85T
Bianchini, GiannaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.850 247T9.325 102T9.350 78T9.200 153*36.725 86T
Hannigan, AimeeFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger9.000 168*9.250 144T9.200 160*9.275 101T36.725 87T
Bullington, AvalyannGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 6 Younger9.000 169T8.500 445T9.500 34T9.700 336.700 88T
Austin, MilliePhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.625 377T9.500 35T9.325 89T9.250 110T36.700 89T
Shive, SamellaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 9 Younger9.200 69T9.475 42T9.050 242T8.975 282T36.700 90T
Ciszek, SamanthaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle9.025 151T9.700 49.225 149T8.725 397T36.675 91T
Mauk, McKenaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Younger9.200 70T9.050 249T9.425 54T9.000 262T36.675 92T
Jirik, EmmaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.875 237T9.425 55*9.325 90T9.025 248*36.650 93T
Kaul, AdaraGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Older9.025 152T9.425 54*9.175 175T9.025 247*36.650 94T
Corcoran, ElysaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.050 142T8.900 315T9.400 60T9.300 85T36.650 95T
Gritsonis, EleniDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Younger9.175 84T9.000 274T9.075 228T9.400 57T36.650 96T
Doty, MadisonFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Younger8.800 279T9.050 250T9.225 150T9.550 16T36.625 97T
Garrett, RubyDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XB All9.150 93T9.450 49T8.775 370T9.250 111T36.625 98T
Walsh, KaitlinThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Older9.250 51T9.075 233T8.850 339T9.450 39T36.625 99T
Kmieciak, LiaPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Older9.025 153T9.300 114T9.175 176T9.125 194T36.625 100T
Torri, MarissaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Younger8.325 510T9.400 65T9.675 5T9.200 155*36.600 101T
Foster, LylaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Younger9.225 61T9.250 145T8.500 469T9.625 7T36.600 102T
Stromidlo, JustynaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Younger9.325 30T8.900 316T9.325 91T9.050 233T36.600 103T
Schuster, SydneyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.050 143T9.300 115T9.050 243T9.200 154*36.600 104T
Kozlowski, IgaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.900 224T9.375 78T9.075 229T9.225 131T36.575 105T
Anderson, BridgetNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XG Older9.350 25T9.050 251T9.175 177T9.000 263T36.575 106T
Knieriem, SydneyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.200 71T9.250 146T9.050 244T9.075 223T36.575 107T
Hoy, MiaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.900 225T9.625 11T9.325 92T8.700 406T36.550 108T
Calimag, TorriFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.475 459T9.525 28*9.275 117T9.275 102T36.550 110T
Rizdy, GiannaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.625 378T9.525 27*9.375 68T9.025 249T36.550 109T
Tinucci, IsabelChicago Park Dist 1 XG Older9.175 85T9.325 104*9.450 47T8.600 451T36.550 111T
Tyus, KaylaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Older9.025 154*9.375 79T8.900 310T9.250 112*36.550 112T
Burke, AllysonGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.950 195T9.350 87T9.100 218T9.150 174T36.550 114T
Meyers, EmmaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Older9.025 155*9.325 103*9.350 79T8.850 321T36.550 113T
Harper, LondonFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older9.100 114T9.025 263T9.125 212T9.300 86T36.550 115T
Maza, ReeseFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Middle9.225 62T9.125 217T8.950 294T9.250 113*36.550 116T
Santerelli, SadieFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Older9.450 9T9.375 80T8.625 431T9.075 224T36.525 117T
Lee, AnnaChicago Park Dist 1 XP Older8.750 312*9.150 202*9.200 161T9.425 47T36.525 118T
Davidson, NicoleDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Younger9.075 130T9.350 88T9.250 132T8.850 322T36.525 119T
Hill, MakaylaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.325 31T9.200 175*9.175 178T8.825 349T36.525 120T
Pawlak, OliviaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Younger8.750 311*9.200 174*9.275 118T9.300 87T36.525 121T
Vega, JuliaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Older9.025 156T9.150 201*9.150 193T9.200 156T36.525 122T
Rossi, IsabellaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.900 226T9.500 36T9.250 133T8.850 323T36.500 123T
Dakoff, JulietDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XB All8.950 196T9.450 50T9.150 194T8.950 288T36.500 125T
Vanderhere, MadelynMidwest Training and Ice Center 1 8 Younger9.300 37T9.150 203T8.600 437T9.450 40T36.500 124T
Ackerson, LexiFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.650 360T9.400 66T9.300 103T9.150 175T36.500 126T
Dunican, LaurenGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 5 Older8.925 211T9.075 234T9.400 61T9.100 206T36.500 127T
Franke, CarlyNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XS Older9.100 115T9.250 147T9.350 80T8.800 360T36.500 128T
Yanos, IsabellaPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Younger9.075 131T9.475 43T8.925 301T9.000 264T36.475 129T
Castelino, SophiaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Older8.900 227T9.050 252T9.300 104T9.225 132T36.475 130T
Brancato, AngelicaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 6 Younger8.925 212T9.025 264T9.275 119T9.250 114T36.475 131T
Garcia, EmilyGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Younger8.775 298T9.425 56T9.175 179T9.075 225T36.450 132T
Ratzki, JulieThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Younger8.500 446T9.400 67T9.225 151T9.325 75T36.450 133T
Clark, SkylarFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Middle9.100 116T8.750 378T9.350 81T9.225 133T36.425 135T
Garbaciak, AmandaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 8 Younger9.250 52T8.550 432T9.275 120T9.350 67T36.425 134T
Burke, CatherineGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.950 197T9.150 204T9.300 105T9.025 250T36.425 137T
Lyzun, EllaPhenom Gymnastics 1 9 Younger8.925 213T9.050 253T9.150 195T9.300 88T36.425 136T
Zito, LylaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.525 436T9.425 57T9.300 106*9.150 176T36.400 138T
Suco, KimberlyChicago Park Dist 1 XP Older8.925 214T8.850 341T9.300 107*9.325 76T36.400 139T
Castaldo, CassiePhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.725 324T9.550 24T8.700 393T9.400 58T36.375 140T
McGarry, MadelinePhenom Gymnastics 1 8 Younger8.225 528T9.500 37T9.375 69T9.275 103T36.375 141T
Fisher, ZoeyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.850 248T9.350 89T9.225 152T8.950 289T36.375 142T
Wakefield, ShaynaPalatine Gym Club 1 4 Younger8.700 335T9.075 235T9.275 121T9.325 77T36.375 143T
Rybak, VictoriaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.550 423T9.600 15T9.275 122T8.925 300T36.350 144T
MacDonald, KadenceGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.100 117T9.150 205T9.075 230T9.025 251T36.350 146T
Smith, AudraFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger9.150 94T9.000 275T9.150 196T9.050 234T36.350 145T
Albrecht, MelinaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Older8.400 484T9.775 29.000 267T9.150 177T36.325 147T
Petasnick, IsabellaPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.675 353T8.875 335*9.475 39T9.300 89T36.325 148T
Ryan, JuliaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 5 Older9.350 26T8.875 336*9.150 197T8.950 290T36.325 149T
Zangrilli, MeadowChicago Park Dist 1 XS Older9.125 103T9.300 116T8.900 311T9.000 265T36.325 150T
Rios, VictoriaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 5 Older9.000 170T9.025 265T9.250 134T9.050 235T36.325 151T
Kaminskas, CarolineGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.200 72T9.225 159T9.050 245T8.850 324T36.325 152T
McNeff, AliviaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.875 238T9.225 160T9.200 162T9.000 266T36.300 153
Lehman, LucyPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Younger9.650 48.450 455T9.300 108T8.875 314T36.275 154
Beltran, ErickaPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Older8.850 249T9.600 16T8.700 394T9.100 207T36.250 155T
LeVasseur, RylieLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Older8.600 394T9.500 38T9.100 219T9.050 236T36.250 156T
McHale, KaitlinPhenom Gymnastics 1 9 Younger9.300 38*9.425 58T8.625 432T8.900 303T36.250 157T
Middleton, SaraFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Younger8.975 189T8.600 421T9.425 55T9.250 115T36.250 158T
Maslon, MichelleGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 7 Older9.300 39*9.200 176T9.150 198T8.600 452T36.250 159T
Barnes, MadelynAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Middle9.250 53T8.900 317T8.950 295T9.150 178T36.250 160T
Simmons, MakaylaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.925 215T9.125 218T8.975 287T9.225 134T36.250 161T
Baruch, ShiraDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 4 Middle8.775 299T9.500 39T8.750 377T9.200 157T36.225 162T
Petties, KindleGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.925 216T9.150 206T9.200 163T8.950 291T36.225 163T
Judd, PaytonFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Younger8.850 251*8.400 468T9.500 35T9.450 41T36.200 164T
Chalmers, AustynDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Older8.800 280T9.150 207T9.350 82T8.900 304T36.200 165T
Villalobos, AngelaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.850 250*9.250 148T9.325 93T8.775 373T36.200 166T
Beltran, MaliaPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.850 252T9.100 224T8.950 296T9.275 104T36.175 167
Bacon, AvaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.525 437T9.550 25T9.325 94T8.750 384T36.150 168T
Payne, MaisieGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 5 Younger8.625 379T9.275 133T9.550 21T8.700 407T36.150 169T
Farrell, McKenziePhenom Gymnastics 1 8 Older8.750 313T8.700 391T9.425 56T9.275 106*36.150 170T
Townsend, MakaylaMidwest Training and Ice Center 1 8 Younger9.325 32T9.400 68T8.400 496T9.025 252T36.150 171T
Belikova, DenaPalatine Gym Club 1 3 Middle8.575 414T9.300 117T9.150 199T9.125 195T36.150 172T
Miglorini, McKenaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 8 Younger9.000 171T9.000 276T8.875 323T9.275 105*36.150 173T
Blocker, HayleyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Younger8.550 424T9.225 161T8.900 312T9.450 42T36.125 174T
Goumas, MeganThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Older8.925 217T9.075 236T8.825 349T9.300 90*36.125 175T
Judge, AvaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Older8.825 267T8.950 288T9.050 246T9.300 91*36.125 176T
Hall, SydneyDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Younger8.775 300T9.100 225T9.150 200T9.100 208T36.125 177T
Hampson, HannahDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Younger9.000 172T9.000 277T9.000 268T9.125 196T36.125 178T
Bazan, EmmaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Younger8.425 475T8.750 380*9.600 11T9.325 78T36.100 179T
Krupko, HaileyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Older8.850 254*9.400 69T9.500 37*8.350 511T36.100 180T
Schmidt, KennedyPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Middle8.850 253*8.750 379*9.500 36*9.000 267T36.100 181T
Song, AgnesLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.500 447T9.000 278T9.400 62T9.200 158T36.100 182T
Wasikowski, ArianaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Older8.550 425T9.100 226T9.175 180T9.275 107T36.100 183T
Kwilosz, NorahDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 4 Younger8.625 380T9.650 8T8.750 379*9.050 237T36.075 184T
Gallichio, NinaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 9 Older9.000 173*9.575 21T8.300 510T9.200 159*36.075 185T
Gordiano, MiaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 9 Younger9.125 104T9.400 70T8.400 497T9.150 179*36.075 186T
Nass, HaileyPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.250 54T8.625 416T9.350 83T8.850 325T36.075 187T
Zabloudil, KateAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.475 460T9.300 118T9.150 201T9.150 180*36.075 188T
Ensign, LaylaPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.800 281T9.250 149*8.750 378*9.275 108T36.075 189T
Gabey, FrancesGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.775 301T9.250 150*9.250 135T8.800 361T36.075 190T
Osacky, StephanieDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XB All9.000 174*9.250 151*9.175 181T8.650 434T36.075 191T
Bax, ElizabethGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.225 63T8.600 422T9.050 247T9.200 160*36.075 192T
Waters, MeganDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Older8.750 314T9.200 177T9.125 213T9.000 268T36.075 193T
Metzger, HarperLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Middle8.100 544T9.525 29T9.100 220T9.325 79T36.050 194T
Sweeney, EleniPalatine Gym Club 1 4 Middle8.350 500T9.350 90T9.050 248T9.300 92T36.050 195T
Schlee, KlarissaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.725 325T9.225 162T9.200 164T8.900 305T36.050 196T
Curran, AliyaPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.100 118T9.075 237T8.750 380T9.125 197T36.050 197T
Ball, SophiaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 6 Younger9.100 119T8.400 469T9.000 269*9.525 19T36.025 198T
Riebe, MadisonFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.600 395T9.400 71T8.875 324T9.150 181T36.025 199T
Woulfe, JadenNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XG Younger8.650 361*8.900 318*9.075 231T9.400 59T36.025 200T
Long, KassidyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Younger9.225 64T8.800 357T8.650 420T9.350 68T36.025 201T
Harbeck, SydneyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Middle8.650 362*8.900 319*9.300 109T9.175 167T36.025 202T
Kethcart, LiaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.025 157T9.150 208T9.250 136T8.600 453T36.025 203T
Kittler, JadaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger9.250 55T8.900 320*9.000 270*8.875 315T36.025 204T
Mitchell, Ma%27LeahGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.875 239T9.225 163T9.200 165T8.725 398T36.025 205T
Stewart, ZariaMidwest Training and Ice Center 1 7 Older8.550 426T9.075 238T8.900 313*9.475 33T36.000 206T
Marusarz, MykenzieGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.400 485T9.425 59T9.450 48T8.725 399T36.000 207T
McCarty, ReaganFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older9.000 175T9.400 72T8.375 503T9.225 135T36.000 208T
Pfeffer, NataliaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Younger8.600 396T9.300 119T9.350 84T8.750 385T36.000 209T
Manijak, JessicaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.300 40T8.800 358T8.900 314*9.000 269T36.000 210T
Gavros, MiaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 6 Younger8.625 381T8.525 443T9.525 26T9.300 93T35.975 211T
Allen, AveryGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Younger8.475 461T9.350 91T9.050 249T9.100 209T35.975 212T
Johnson, JanayeaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 3 Middle9.250 56T8.850 342*9.025 258T8.850 326T35.975 214T
Petrushansky, NicoleDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XG Younger8.850 255T8.825 353T9.250 137T9.050 238T35.975 213T
Clarke, ErinDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XG Younger8.950 198T8.850 343*8.975 288T9.200 161T35.975 215T
Studenroth, ClaireGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Older8.800 282T9.050 254T9.475 40T8.625 445T35.950 216T
Flanagan, GraceAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.950 200*9.450 51T8.600 438T8.950 292T35.950 217T
Rubalcava, JadeOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 6 Older8.825 268T9.350 92T8.550 454T9.225 136T35.950 218T
Bogacz, KamilaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Older8.900 228T9.325 105T8.675 415T9.050 239*35.950 219T
Ernst, KelseyThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Older8.725 326T9.250 152T8.850 340T9.125 198T35.950 220T
O%27Hern, RilynAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Younger8.700 336T8.950 289T9.250 138T9.050 240*35.950 221T
Facio, SydneyAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Older9.000 176T8.650 406T9.100 221T9.200 162T35.950 222T
Stonitsch, LeahPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.950 199*8.775 374T9.050 250T9.175 168T35.950 223T
Baker, KarringtonOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 6 Younger8.800 283T9.200 178T8.500 470T9.425 48T35.925 224T
Gemmel, JessicaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 6 Older8.650 363T8.975 285T8.950 297T9.350 69T35.925 225T
Gonzalez-Vela, SabinaChicago Park Dist 1 XP Younger9.075 132T8.850 344T8.700 396*9.300 94T35.925 226T
Saviski, KathleenDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Middle8.500 448T9.225 165*9.100 222T9.100 211*35.925 227T
Trajaiel, NicolePalatine Gym Club 1 3 Middle8.575 415T9.225 164*9.025 259T9.100 210*35.925 228T
Pajor, AureliaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Middle9.100 120T8.800 359T9.200 166T8.825 350T35.925 229T
Aguayo, JaidaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 7 Younger9.050 144T9.175 190T8.700 395*9.000 270T35.925 230T
Lorang, GraceGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 6 Younger8.450 465T8.850 345T9.375 70T9.225 137T35.900 231T
Farkic, TijanaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.700 337T9.225 166T8.875 325T9.100 212T35.900 232T
VanTilburg, McKennaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.750 315T8.875 337T9.150 202T9.125 199T35.900 233T
Podkul, HaleyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.825 269T9.350 93T8.700 397T9.000 271T35.875 234T
Glowacki, AlexandraDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Younger8.550 427T9.100 227T8.925 302T9.300 95T35.875 235T
Seymour, LillianFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger8.950 201T8.800 360T9.275 124*8.850 327T35.875 238T
Tenebehn, StellaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XS Younger8.625 382T8.900 321T9.275 123*9.075 226T35.875 236T
Truesdell, AddisonGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Younger8.850 256T9.275 134T9.000 271T8.750 386T35.875 237T
Fernandez, AllysonOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.225 65T8.550 433T9.075 232T9.025 253T35.875 239T
Simelton, JordynGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XP Younger9.100 121T9.125 219T8.500 471T9.150 182T35.875 240T
Lapera, IsabellaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 9 Older8.850 257T9.300 120T8.525 464T9.175 169T35.850 241T
Scimonelli, GiuliaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 6 Older9.000 177T8.800 361T8.800 357T9.250 116T35.850 242T
Frawley, BrookeGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XP Older8.775 302T8.900 323*9.300 110T8.850 328T35.825 243T
Kwak, AngelicaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.900 229T8.900 322*8.875 326T9.150 183T35.825 244T
DeLaRoca, MaxyneChicago Park Dist 1 XG Younger8.450 466T9.200 179T8.800 358T9.350 70T35.800 245T
Mullarkey, OliviaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Younger9.250 57T8.900 324T9.075 233T8.575 467T35.800 246T
Chowaniec, OliviaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.750 316T9.050 255T9.150 203T8.850 330*35.800 247T
Berry, AllyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger9.075 133T9.075 239T8.525 465T9.125 200T35.800 248T
Long, SamanthaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Middle8.800 284T9.100 228T9.050 251T8.850 329*35.800 249T
Waters, KatieDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Younger8.975 190T8.850 346T8.925 303T9.050 241T35.800 250T
Hugh, AlyssaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Older8.575 416T8.625 417T9.375 71T9.175 170T35.750 251T
Lazovski, AnnaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XG Younger9.200 73T9.250 153T8.200 526T9.100 213T35.750 252T
Pena, BriChicago Park Dist 1 XS Younger8.800 285T9.000 279T9.250 140*8.700 409*35.750 254T
Strzecki, SarahDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Older9.100 122T8.700 392T9.250 139*8.700 408*35.750 253T
Hoy, MeganGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Younger8.700 338T8.725 388T9.550 22T8.750 388*35.725 255T
Dino, SamanthaPalatine Gym Club 1 5 Younger8.650 364T9.025 266T9.300 111T8.750 387*35.725 257T
Ebel, CarmellaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.200 532T9.300 121T9.275 125T8.950 293T35.725 256T
Seymour, MadisonFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Older9.175 86T8.550 434T8.900 315T9.100 214T35.725 259T
Wojcik, WiktoriaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Older8.600 397T8.800 362T9.175 182T9.150 184T35.725 258T
Singh, AbigailPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Older9.200 74T8.475 449T9.050 252T8.975 283T35.700 260T
DiVincenzo, VanessaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Middle8.850 258T8.550 435T9.150 204T9.150 185T35.700 261T
Osacky, AlyssaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Younger8.825 270T9.075 240T8.850 341T8.950 294T35.700 262T
Miechowicki, AmieNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 6 Younger8.125 542T9.200 180T8.825 350T9.525 20T35.675 263T
Doud, KaitlynGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Middle9.350 27T8.875 338T8.700 398T8.750 389T35.675 265T
Timberlake, CeciliaChicago Park Dist 1 XG Younger8.800 286T9.350 94T9.175 183T8.350 512T35.675 264T
Hunnius, LeahGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.625 383*9.225 167T9.300 112T8.525 483T35.675 266T
Fazio, SydneyAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Younger8.625 384*9.075 241T9.250 141T8.725 400T35.675 267T
Szymala, JuliaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older8.800 287T9.300 122T9.100 223T8.450 496T35.650 268T
Shouse, KristaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Older8.875 240T8.325 487T9.225 153T9.225 138T35.650 269T
Cohen, EvaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XG Older8.750 317T8.950 290T9.150 206*8.800 362T35.650 271T
Singh, GigiPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Older9.150 95T8.650 407T9.150 205*8.700 410T35.650 270T
Sing, PaytonFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.275 518T9.225 168T9.200 167T8.925 301T35.625 272T
Ciucci, AvaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XG Younger9.000 178T8.825 354*8.600 439T9.200 163T35.625 273T
Radzik, VictoriaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Middle8.500 449T8.950 291T9.075 234T9.100 215T35.625 274T
Cole, AngelinaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.850 259T8.825 355*8.950 298T9.000 272T35.625 275T
Roquet, RileyGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Middle9.300 41T8.675 402T8.625 433T9.000 273*35.600 276T
Cheng, SophiaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Younger8.750 318T8.650 408T9.200 168T9.000 274*35.600 277T
Berson, BirdieAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger9.075 134T8.950 292T8.875 328*8.700 411T35.600 278T
Kundu, AnanyaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Younger8.800 288T8.975 286T9.000 272T8.825 352*35.600 279T
Schaffrath, MadelynOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.900 230T9.000 280T8.875 327*8.825 351*35.600 280T
Taha, YasmeenDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Older9.000 179T9.425 60T8.450 480T8.700 412T35.575 281T
Langlois, EmilyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Older8.950 202T8.550 436T8.700 399T9.375 63T35.575 282T
Robbins, RaelynDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Older8.450 467T9.300 123T8.800 359T9.025 254T35.575 283T
Sponsel, EvelynLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger9.050 145T9.300 124T8.450 481T8.750 390T35.550 284T
Gonzalez, MarianaPhenom Gymnastics 1 8 Older8.275 519T8.800 363T9.225 154T9.250 117T35.550 285T
Joudeh, ZeenaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Younger9.200 75T8.950 293T8.725 385T8.675 425T35.550 287T
McNeff, MeganGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.850 260T9.050 256T9.200 169T8.450 497T35.550 286T
Urso, GiannaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 4 Younger9.025 158T8.825 356T8.600 440T9.100 216T35.550 288T
Huber, WillaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.700 339T9.450 52T8.975 289T8.400 504T35.525 289T
Hartmann, HopeAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older8.475 462T8.500 446T9.350 85T9.200 164T35.525 290T
O%27Reilly, NatalieGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.525 438T9.200 182*9.250 142T8.550 471T35.525 291T
Joseph, BraewynDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Younger8.900 231T9.200 181*8.600 441T8.825 353T35.525 292T
McDonald, OliviaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 5 Older9.150 96T8.700 393T8.825 351T8.850 331T35.525 293T
Wilson, RosemaryGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Older8.650 365T9.025 267T9.075 235T8.775 374T35.525 294T
Bush, TaylorGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.450 10T9.275 135T9.175 184T7.600 57335.500 295T
Laschober, JordynGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.725 327T9.225 169T8.700 400T8.850 332T35.500 296T
Hanson, AbigailGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Middle8.700 340T9.150 209T8.500 472T9.150 186T35.500 297T
Noto, JulianaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.950 203T8.450 456T9.100 224T9.000 275T35.500 298T
Llazari, EvaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XS Younger8.500 450T9.075 242T8.900 316T9.025 255T35.500 299T
Wessling, SophiaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Older8.475 463T9.350 95T8.900 317T8.750 391T35.475 300T
Rybak, VivianGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.675 354T8.925 308T9.325 95T8.550 472T35.475 301T
Adams, LailaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger9.150 97T9.300 125T7.875 557T9.150 187T35.475 302T
Gubala, AnnetteOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.650 366T9.050 257T9.100 225T8.675 426T35.475 303T
Espino, LanaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Older9.050 146T9.350 96T8.550 455T8.500 487T35.450 304T
Bybee, CaeleighFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Older8.500 451T8.800 364T8.850 342T9.300 96T35.450 305T
Harbeck, JocelynGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 9 Older9.000 180T9.100 229T9.250 143T8.100 551T35.450 306T
Gemmell, LilianaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.725 328T9.000 281T8.925 304T8.800 363T35.450 307T
Homerding, NatalieFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 9 Older9.325 33T8.775 375T8.900 318T8.425 500T35.425 309T
Schultz, CynthiaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.375 494T9.325 106T9.075 236T8.650 435T35.425 308T
Lesniewski, MikaylaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.575 417T9.100 230T8.725 386T9.025 256T35.425 310T
Rubalcava, ZaydaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 6 Younger8.700 341T8.800 365T9.025 260T8.900 306T35.425 311T
Rivero, AlyssaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Older9.000 181T9.000 282T8.650 421T8.775 375T35.425 312T
Park, KarisDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 4 Younger8.775 303T9.375 81T8.550 456T8.700 413T35.400 313T
Harkabuz, KamilaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 6 Older8.650 367T8.800 366T8.850 343T9.100 217T35.400 314T
Scimonelli, SilviaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 6 Younger8.925 218T8.375 4788.725 387T9.350 71T35.375 315T
Pedziwater, SophiaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.775 304T9.175 191T9.275 126T8.150 539T35.375 316T
Gronski, VictoriaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.100 123T9.150 210T8.525 466T8.600 454T35.375 317T
Lopez, AiylianaPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Older8.800 289T9.100 231T8.450 482T9.025 257T35.375 318T
Gad, SamanthaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.675 355T8.700 394T9.000 273T9.000 276T35.375 319T
Burciaga, SophiaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older8.425 476T9.175 192T9.100 226T8.650 436T35.350 320T
Chin, VictoriaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XG Older8.800 290T8.950 294T8.650 422T8.950 295T35.350 321T
Ram, DeekshaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Older8.725 329T8.925 309T8.850 344T8.850 333T35.350 322T
Gray, AdysonAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.600 399*9.150 211T8.925 305T8.650 437T35.325 323T
Hintz, SamanthaPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.600 398*8.950 295*8.900 319T8.875 316T35.325 324T
Maiers, EmmaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older8.875 241T8.950 296*8.650 423T8.850 334T35.325 325T
Neal, MakaylaMidwest Training and Ice Center 1 9 Older9.150 98T7.775 554T9.600 12T8.775 376T35.300 326T
Garzonetti, SophiePhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.250 524T9.400 73T9.050 253T8.600 455*35.300 327T
Pulak, TaylorFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 8 Older9.200 76T8.150 511T8.825 352T9.125 201T35.300 328T
Kukulak, IzabelaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.425 477T9.075 243T9.000 274T8.800 364T35.300 329T
Tracy, MorganNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 4 Younger8.950 204T8.950 297T8.800 360T8.600 456*35.300 330T
Chlebek, JoannaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.450 11T8.450 457T8.425 489T8.950 296T35.275 331T
Knoop, JaidenGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 9 Younger8.925 219T8.025 5329.175 185T9.150 188T35.275 332T
Dotson, HayleyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.550 428T9.025 268T9.150 207T8.550 473T35.275 333T
Short, LilyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Younger8.800 291T8.950 298T8.625 434T8.900 307T35.275 334T
Hansen, EllieAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older8.375 495T9.325 107T8.975 290T8.575 468T35.250 335T
Zaborowski, JuliaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Older8.600 400T9.200 183T8.425 490T9.025 258T35.250 336T
Strout, PeytonGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 7 Younger9.175 87T9.075 244T8.100 543T8.900 308T35.250 337T
Albert, JayceeNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XG Younger8.950 205T9.150 212*8.650 424T8.500 488T35.250 339T
Czarnecki, MalloryFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger9.000 182T8.050 530T9.150 208T9.050 242T35.250 338T
Su, LilaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Middle8.425 478T9.150 213*8.825 353T8.850 335T35.250 340T
Tompkins, ClaraGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Younger8.825 271T8.875 339T9.000 275T8.550 474T35.250 341T
Flowers, JordanGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Middle8.600 401T9.225 170T8.100 544T9.300 97T35.225 342T
Cepeda, LinaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.550 429T9.275 136T8.700 401T8.700 414T35.225 343T
Grobmeier, MadeleineGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 10 Older9.050 147T8.900 325T8.025 5539.250 118T35.225 344T
Petkovic, KristinaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Older8.625 385T8.150 512T9.225 155T9.225 139T35.225 345T
Brandenburg, PeytonAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger9.175 88T8.425 463T8.775 371T8.850 336T35.225 346T
Prado, IlianaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 6 Older8.650 368T8.725 389T8.750 381T9.100 218T35.225 347T
Czaplicki, AliviaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 9 Younger9.375 20T8.700 395T7.750 563T9.375 64T35.200 348
Stanage, MalloryMidwest Training and Ice Center 1 8 Younger9.125 105T8.050 531T8.650 425T9.350 72T35.175 349T
Balitewicz, KatyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.450 468T8.850 347T9.200 170T8.675 427T35.175 350T
Zvejnieks, MiaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.150 99T8.950 299T8.250 522T8.825 354T35.175 351T
Hawk, RileyLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Older8.550 430T9.050 258T8.875 329T8.700 415T35.175 352T
Adams, IvyPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.950 206T8.775 376T8.550 457T8.900 309T35.175 353T
Suchecki, VeronikaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.450 469T9.275 137T8.775 372T8.650 438T35.150 354T
Simandirakis, JennaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XG Younger8.875 242T9.175 193T8.250 523T8.850 337T35.150 355T
Poehling, IsabelDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XB All8.525 439T9.425 61T8.875 330*8.300 523T35.125 356T
O%27Neill, MaryGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 9 Younger7.950 551T9.350 97T9.050 254T8.775 377T35.125 357T
Patel, AnikaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 7 Middle9.175 89T7.900 539T9.175 186T8.875 317T35.125 358T
Dixon, AlinaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.500 452T9.075 245T8.750 382T8.800 365T35.125 359T
Laird, GraceAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Older8.700 342T8.800 367T8.875 331*8.750 392T35.125 360T
Meade, VivianneAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger9.250 58T9.025 269T8.275 516T8.550 475T35.100 361T
Janulis, SophiaPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Middle8.800 292T9.150 214T8.375 504T8.775 378T35.100 362T
VanDyke, AshlynGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Older8.550 431T8.650 409T9.075 237T8.825 355T35.100 363T
McClelland, MyaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.675 356T8.750 381T8.825 354T8.850 338T35.100 364T
Allen, ReeseNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 3 Younger9.150 100T9.250 154T8.325 507T8.350 513T35.075 365T
Klejka, NataliaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.950 207T8.750 382T9.125 214T8.250 527T35.075 366T
Staffa, CarolineThe Gymnastics Shop 1 7 Middle8.650 369T9.200 184T8.350 5068.850 339T35.050 367T
Spilios, SydneyDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Younger8.600 402T8.550 437T9.150 209T8.750 393T35.050 368T
Morgan, EmmaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.650 370T9.200 186*8.825 355T8.350 514T35.025 369T
Sienkiewicz, NicoleLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Middle8.375 496*9.200 185*8.800 361T8.650 439T35.025 370T
Leveston, ZoeLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Middle8.700 343T8.350 479T8.900 320T9.075 227T35.025 371T
Hadjuk, KaylinGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Older8.375 497*8.850 348T8.950 299T8.850 340T35.025 372T
Baynes, NylaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 8 Younger8.350 501T9.300 126T8.800 362T8.550 476T35.000 373T
Regan, BrideyOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 9 Older8.850 261T8.200 503T8.925 306T9.025 259T35.000 374T
Hettinger, RileyPhenom Gymnastics 1 9 Older8.700 344T8.400 470T9.000 276T8.900 310*35.000 375T
Madden, NylahDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XB All8.800 293T8.900 326T8.400 498T8.900 311*35.000 376T
Pawlak, ChloeGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.825 272T9.050 259T8.575 449T8.525 484T34.975 377T
Marcucci, AmandaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 6 Older8.950 208T8.750 383T8.400 499T8.875 318T34.975 378T
Ray, BriannaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Middle8.850 262T8.700 396T8.525 467T8.900 312T34.975 379T
Jewell, CassieDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XB All8.750 319*9.275 138T9.075 239*7.850 56634.950 380T
Klein, ClaireFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Middle8.250 525T8.500 447T9.075 238*9.125 202T34.950 381T
Morataya, LilianaChicago Park Dist 1 XG Younger8.750 320*8.350 480T8.850 345T9.000 277T34.950 382T
White, DajaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Older9.150 101T8.400 471T8.550 458T8.825 356T34.925 383T
Lombardo, GiaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.200 533T8.550 438T9.125 215T9.050 243T34.925 384T
Nalepa, ChloePalatine Gym Club 1 3 Younger8.450 470T8.900 327T8.500 473T9.075 228T34.925 385T
Vaghela, ChelsiGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Older8.675 357T8.800 368T8.450 483T9.000 278T34.925 387T
Woods, KennediGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XS Younger8.775 305T9.000 283T8.800 363T8.350 515T34.925 386T
Rudolph, EmmaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.575 418T8.800 369T8.725 388T8.800 366T34.900 388
Avrukh, SofiaPalatine Gym Club 1 5 Younger7.900 555T8.925 310T9.375 72T8.675 428*34.875 389T
North, EmilyDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 3 Middle8.450 471T8.950 300T8.800 364T8.675 429*34.875 390T
Tinajero, BellaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 4 Younger8.650 371*8.650 410T8.250 524T9.300 98T34.850 391T
Rutten, MakennaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.650 372*8.300 490T9.125 216T8.775 379T34.850 392T
Cantu, GiannaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.000 183T8.600 423T8.550 459T8.700 416T34.850 393T
Kehayova, KristianaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Older9.000 184T9.225 171T8.200 527T8.400 505T34.825 394T
Piechocinski, AlainaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger8.600 403T8.000 533T9.025 261T9.200 165T34.825 395T
Mottet, EstellePhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.550 432T8.550 439T8.925 307T8.800 367T34.825 396T
Perez, SophiaPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Older8.600 404T9.050 260T8.150 537T9.000 279T34.800 397T
Tokunaga, KaceyGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 8 Older8.425 479T8.750 384T8.700 402T8.925 302T34.800 398T
Luna, AleahLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.850 263T8.675 403T8.650 426T8.625 446T34.800 399T
Bruggeman, LanaPalatine Gym Club 1 5 Younger8.350 502T8.325 488T9.400 63T8.700 417T34.775 401T
Falcon, KaylenDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 4 Younger8.200 534T9.400 74T8.125 539T9.050 244T34.775 400T
McGee, OliviaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Older8.750 321T9.100 232T8.475 477T8.450 498T34.775 402T
Sendra, LauraOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.050 148T8.250 495T8.725 389T8.750 394T34.775 403T
Davis, NiaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.600 405T9.025 270T8.650 427T8.500 489T34.775 404T
Kornmuller, GretaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Middle8.825 273T8.900 328T8.175 532T8.850 341T34.750 405
Haake, BrookeLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Older8.350 503T9.350 98T8.300 511T8.725 401*34.725 406T
Skoczylas, MakennaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 9 Younger9.000 185T8.900 329T8.100 545T8.725 402*34.725 407T
Kaplan, ArielDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Older8.700 345T8.625 418T8.925 308T8.475 493T34.725 408T
Mider, PaulinaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Middle8.275 520T8.325 489T9.150 210T8.950 297T34.700 409T
Silverman, AriellaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 4 Middle8.175 538T8.950 301T8.600 442T8.975 284T34.700 410T
Winkels, LiliannaPhenom Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.600 406T8.800 370T8.525 468T8.775 380T34.700 411T
Adams, AbbyThe Gymnastics Shop 1 7 Older8.325 511T9.200 187T8.150 538T9.000 280T34.675 412
Kozy, Bella-RoseChicago Park Dist 1 XG Older8.850 264T9.050 261T8.700 404*8.050 554T34.650 413T
Tambe, NishkaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Younger8.350 504T8.900 330T8.700 403*8.700 418T34.650 414T
Petragallo, JanelleThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Older9.300 42T8.100 523T8.700 405T8.525 485T34.625 415T
Whitworth, LaneyGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 3 Younger8.825 274T8.950 302T8.300 512T8.550 477T34.625 416T
McNamara, IsabelleAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Younger8.600 407T8.850 349T8.575 450T8.600 457T34.625 418T
Watkins, PeytonAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger8.850 265T8.550 440T8.775 373T8.450 499T34.625 417T
Deming, GracieGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XP Older8.400 486T7.750 556T8.900 321T9.550 17T34.600 419T
Norwood, JessicaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 7 Older9.175 90T8.600 424T7.750 564T9.075 229T34.600 420T
Hunt, MeganNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 10 Younger9.025 159*7.875 5459.000 277T8.700 419T34.600 421T
Tinucci, OliveChicago Park Dist 1 XP Younger9.025 160*8.150 513T8.450 484T8.975 285T34.600 422T
Wagner, AveryThe Gymnastics Shop 1 6 Older8.500 453T8.850 350T8.700 406*8.550 478T34.600 423T
Kozak, KylieAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger8.825 275T8.475 450T8.700 407*8.600 458T34.600 424T
Davis, SkylarFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 8 Older8.700 346T9.275 139T8.175 533T8.425 501T34.575 425T
Pressman, TillyDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 3 Middle8.550 433T9.075 246T8.100 546T8.850 342T34.575 426T
Ithal, RebeccaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.400 487T9.000 284T8.925 309T8.250 528*34.575 427T
Grosche, KarleneFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older8.225 529T8.950 303T8.625 435T8.775 381T34.575 428T
Khan, SophieDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Older8.950 209T8.625 419T8.750 383T8.250 529*34.575 429T
Ursu, GabrielaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 8 Younger7.900 556T9.300 127T8.100 547T9.250 119T34.550 430T
Greenfield, ElizaPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Younger8.775 306T8.650 411T8.175 534T8.950 298T34.550 431T
Florsheim, SaigePalatine Gym Club 1 5 Younger8.200 535T8.700 397T9.175 187T8.425 502T34.500 432T
Crossgrove, ClaraDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 7 Younger8.600 408T8.400 472T8.875 332T8.625 447T34.500 433T
Ganpule, RheaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XG Younger8.300 513T9.250 155T8.750 384T8.150 540T34.450 434T
Greever, AinsleyPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Younger8.775 307T7.400 567T9.125 217T9.150 189T34.450 435T
Berner, IsabellaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.050 547T8.950 304*9.050 255T8.400 506T34.450 436T
Giroux, KateAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Younger8.800 294T8.400 473T9.000 278T8.250 530T34.450 437T
Koski, MadyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger8.850 266T8.950 305*7.750 565T8.900 313T34.450 438T
Izguerra, MiaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.700 347T8.475 451T8.775 374T8.475 494T34.425 439T
Ramos, AlyssaPalatine Gym Club 1 3 Younger8.500 454T8.575 428T8.725 390T8.625 448T34.425 440T
Savoy, KimoraGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 6 Older9.100 124T7.850 546T8.200 528T9.250 120T34.400 441T
Weil, TaylorNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 3 Older8.950 210T8.950 306T8.550 460T7.950 561T34.400 442T
Denning, LaurenPhenom Gymnastics 1 9 Older8.725 330T8.100 524T8.850 346T8.725 403T34.400 443T
Schmidt, KayleeGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Middle8.625 386T8.625 420T8.575 451T8.575 469T34.400 444T
Cameron, MollyOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Older8.450 472T8.925 311T8.300 513T8.700 420T34.375 445
Binkley, IsabellaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger9.000 186T8.175 509T8.450 485T8.725 404T34.350 446T
Mills, SamanthaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 7 Middle8.600 409T8.675 404T8.075 5519.000 281T34.350 447T
Palm, GabriellaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 6 Older8.500 455T8.900 331T8.100 548T8.850 343T34.350 448T
Kelly, KateAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older8.250 526T8.425 464T8.875 333T8.800 368T34.350 449T
Ginsberg, ReeseThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Younger8.575 419T8.650 412T8.800 365T8.325 521T34.350 450T
Carter, KarmaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 8 Older9.050 149T8.075 527T8.875 335*8.325 522T34.325 451T
Ryan, MargaretAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Middle8.900 232T8.450 458T8.425 491T8.550 479T34.325 452T
Gordon, MilaPalatine Gym Club 1 5 Middle8.350 505T8.250 496T8.875 334*8.850 344T34.325 453T
Auw, ClaireGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XG Younger7.800 560T8.200 504T9.350 86T8.950 299T34.300 454T
Velilla-Gonzalez, CristinaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XS Younger8.825 276T9.175 194T7.700 5688.600 459T34.300 455T
Darski, SophiaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Older8.800 295T7.950 5388.700 408T8.850 345T34.300 456T
Dancy, KamrynOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XP Older8.500 456T8.400 474T8.600 443T8.800 369T34.300 457T
Flutman, MackenzieFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 9 Older7.925 5548.450 459*9.200 171T8.700 421T34.275 458T
Grevengoed, LexieAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.225 530T8.450 460*9.000 279T8.600 460T34.275 459T
Salin, MishaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle7.850 5598.800 371T8.950 300T8.675 431*34.275 460T
Adolfs, MaddiePhenom Gymnastics 1 9 Older8.300 514T8.750 385T8.550 461T8.675 430*34.275 461T
Presta, SofiaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 9 Younger8.550 434T8.200 505T8.275 518*9.225 140T34.250 462T
Cassata, SofiaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Older8.625 387T8.350 481T8.125 540T9.150 190T34.250 463T
Ziemianin, JessicaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Middle8.650 373T8.800 372T8.275 517*8.525 486T34.250 464T
Beach, ChloeDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Middle8.525 440T8.575 429T8.600 444T8.550 480T34.250 465T
Rose Milarczyk, ClaireAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.175 539T9.300 128T8.400 500T8.350 516T34.225 466T
Swartz, GracieAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.450 473T7.800 550T8.850 347T9.125 203T34.225 467T
Cerasani, SamGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Middle8.425 480T8.850 351T8.800 366T8.125 546T34.200 468
Ho, AbigailLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Older8.400 488T8.150 514T9.150 211T8.475 495T34.175 469T
Botka, GraciFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 8 Older8.625 388T8.400 475T8.175 535T8.975 286T34.175 470T
Brown, KieraFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Older8.375 498T8.700 398T8.700 409T8.400 507T34.175 471T
Pande, RiaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 XG Older8.450 474T8.600 425T9.000 280T8.100 552T34.150 472T
Morris, AbigailChicago Park Dist 1 XP Older8.600 410T8.000 534T8.700 410T8.850 346T34.150 473T
Parikh, RiyaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Older8.350 506T8.550 441T8.425 492T8.825 357T34.150 474T
Piel, AddisonGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.900 233T8.150 515T8.300 514T8.775 382T34.125 475T
Carrasco, StellaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.725 331T8.575 430T8.475 478T8.350 517T34.125 476T
Goranson, KlarkeFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger8.300 515T9.500 40T9.000 281T7.300 575T34.100 477T
Whalen, CloverThe Gymnastics Shop 1 7 Older8.750 322T6.750 5749.200 172T9.400 60T34.100 478T
McAdams, TaylorChicago Park Dist 1 XP Older8.575 420T7.850 547T8.550 462T9.125 204T34.100 479T
Lullo, OliviaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XP Older8.600 411T7.800 551T9.050 256T8.650 440T34.100 480T
Leofanti, GianaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 4 Younger8.250 527T8.350 482T8.875 336T8.625 449T34.100 481T
Stathopoulos, MarissaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XB All8.200 536T9.025 271T8.600 445T8.250 531T34.075 482T
Reyna, Donna-RoseGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 9 Older8.475 464T8.650 413T8.275 519T8.675 432T34.075 483T
Prieto, AddisonFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older7.750 563T8.400 476T8.850 348T9.050 245T34.050 484T
Walter, ClaudiaPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Older8.875 243T8.150 516T8.900 322T8.125 547T34.050 485T
Turek, LenaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Younger8.775 308T8.225 500T8.700 411T8.350 518T34.050 486T
Drnec, NatalieGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 8 Older8.400 489T7.150 570T9.250 144T9.225 141T34.025 487T
Kennedy, KheringtonPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.775 309T7.050 5729.050 257T9.150 191T34.025 488T
Aylward, MaryChicago Park Dist 1 XG Younger8.350 507T8.700 399T8.400 501T8.550 481T34.000 489
Sohl, AveryPalatine Gym Club 1 4 Younger7.900 557T8.200 506T9.025 262T8.850 347T33.975 490T
Kitchel, AddisonNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 4 Younger8.275 521T8.100 525T9.000 282T8.600 461T33.975 491T
Indiamaowei, BubarayeGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 6 Younger9.200 77T8.150 517T7.850 559T8.750 395T33.950 492
Davis, KylahOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 6 Older8.425 481T8.775 377T7.600 569T9.100 219T33.900 493T
Wasikowski, AlanaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 4 Middle7.800 561T8.500 448T8.800 367T8.800 370T33.900 494T
Larbi, SeannaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 3 Middle8.925 220T8.350 484*8.600 447*8.000 559T33.875 495T
Jimenez, CristinaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 XP Older8.875 244T8.350 483*8.000 5548.650 441T33.875 496T
Contreras, KarinaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Older8.700 348T8.275 492T8.600 446*8.300 524T33.875 497T
Almeida, MiaPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Younger9.000 187T7.150 571T8.675 416T9.025 260T33.850 498T
Cassan, ChloeAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Middle8.425 482T8.300 491T8.875 337T8.250 532T33.850 499T
Benson, SashaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.550 435T8.425 465T8.725 391T8.150 541T33.850 500T
Petragallo, NicoleThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Older8.875 245T8.200 507T8.200 529T8.550 482T33.825 501T
Wagner, KylieOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Middle7.950 552T8.850 352T8.400 502T8.625 450T33.825 502T
Lubbers, JaylaFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle8.600 412T7.900 540T8.500 474T8.800 371T33.800 503T
Copeland, Daa%27IyahLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Middle8.400 490T8.225 501T8.675 417T8.500 490T33.800 504T
Li, EileenGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.525 441T8.400 477T9.100 227T7.750 56733.775 505T
Dean, CharlotteAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 5 Middle8.675 358T8.150 518T8.800 368T8.150 542T33.775 506T
Joshi, TrishaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Older8.700 349T8.525 444T8.425 493T8.125 548T33.775 507T
Terrell, SofiaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.300 516T8.250 497T8.650 428T8.575 470T33.775 508T
Manrique, AliyahFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older7.950 553T8.900 332T8.200 530T8.675 433T33.725 509
Hume, BrynleeLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Middle8.425 483T7.900 541T8.975 291T8.400 508T33.700 510T
Drogos, SophiaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Younger7.500 570T8.600 426T8.800 369T8.800 372T33.700 511T
Bland, LakeOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 4 Younger8.525 442T8.650 414T7.900 5568.600 462T33.675 512
Bronder, McKenzieThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Middle8.400 491T8.275 493T8.675 418T8.300 525T33.650 513
Puscheck, LaurenPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Older8.675 359T8.750 386T7.850 560T8.350 519T33.625 514
Sorial, SophiaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 8 Older7.500 571T9.400 75T8.100 549T8.600 463T33.600 515T
Brown, KeaganFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older8.650 374T8.475 452T7.825 561T8.650 442T33.600 516T
Sperling, TaylorPhenom Gymnastics 1 8 Younger8.700 350T6.600 5759.025 263T9.250 121T33.575 517
Karlovitz, VanessaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.100 545T8.550 442T8.775 375T8.125 549T33.550 518T
Wozniak, RachelLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.600 413T8.150 519T8.700 412T8.100 553T33.550 519T
Wozniak, HannahLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Younger8.625 389T8.600 427T8.325 508T8.000 560T33.550 520T
Jaworski, EmilyGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 XP Older8.350 508T7.800 552T8.125 541T9.250 122T33.525 521T
Gritsonis, AnastasiaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 XP Younger8.275 522T7.650 559T9.000 283T8.600 464T33.525 522T
Weil, MadiNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 3 Younger9.075 135T7.900 542T8.125 542T8.400 509T33.500 523
Delporte, SienaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Older8.900 234T8.225 502T8.050 5528.300 526T33.475 524
Bara, BraeLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Middle8.700 351T8.425 466T7.550 571T8.775 383T33.450 525T
Bozarth, AnnaDreams Gymnastics Club Inc. 1 5 Middle8.300 517T7.750 557T8.700 413T8.700 422T33.450 526T
Balinski, KesiaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLC 1 3 Middle8.200 537T8.000 535T8.975 292T8.200 537T33.375 527T
Hughes, KaitOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.500 457T7.675 5588.500 475T8.700 423T33.375 528T
Ptak, EvissaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 7 Ch 7-119.100 125T7.900 543T7.600 570T8.750 396T33.350 529T
Rizzi, LucyGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 7 Middle8.150 540T7.850 548T8.650 429T8.700 424T33.350 530T
Torres, SophiaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Younger8.925 221T8.150 520T8.200 531T8.050 555T33.325 531T
Judge, ReaganFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Younger7.800 562T7.850 549T8.825 356T8.850 348T33.325 532T
Benson, AllisonOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.625 391*8.125 522*8.425 494T8.150 543T33.325 534T
Douglas, EmilyThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Older8.625 390*8.125 521*8.450 486T8.125 550T33.325 533T
Bertsch, IsabelChicago Park Dist 1 XG Younger8.700 352T7.550 564T8.600 448T8.400 510T33.250 535
Cabrera, SophiaPhenom Gymnastics 1 8 Older8.275 523T6.850 5739.000 284T9.075 230T33.200 536T
Faulstich, RileyNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 3 Middle8.800 296T8.425 467T8.275 520T7.700 569T33.200 537T
Vite, EllieNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 3 Middle8.625 392T8.575 431T8.100 550T7.900 56433.200 538T
Miskovich, OliviaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.750 323T8.700 400T7.750 566T7.950 562T33.150 539
Nutow, NatalieOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.400 492T8.350 485T8.175 536T8.200 538T33.125 540
Peshek, LuciaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 4 Younger8.975 191T8.450 461T6.550 575T9.050 246T33.025 541T
Thacker, TeaganNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 3 Middle8.575 421T8.250 498T8.500 476T7.700 570T33.025 542T
Hock, AnnikaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 4 Younger7.750 564T8.475 453T8.300 515T8.500 491T33.025 543T
McNeil, JadynOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Older8.400 493T8.175 510T8.275 521T8.150 544T33.000 544
Saele, GiaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 3 Middle9.075 136T7.650 560T8.575 452T7.650 57232.950 545T
Dabrowski, SophiaGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Younger8.525 443T8.250 499T7.825 562T8.350 520T32.950 546T
Arethas, RegannOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.100 546T8.700 401T7.875 558T8.250 533T32.925 547
Cole, HaileyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle7.750 565T7.775 555T8.625 436T8.650 443T32.800 548
Kaddatz, MiaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Older8.350 509T8.650 415T8.475 479T7.250 57732.725 549T
Dolney, AnnikaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Middle8.375 499T7.625 562T8.575 453T8.150 545T32.725 550T
Pederson, MayaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Middle7.875 5588.350 486T7.950 5558.500 492T32.675 551
Todd, AmandaMidwest Training and Ice Center 1 8 Older8.025 5507.400 568T8.375 505T8.825 358T32.625 552T
Belsha, EmiliaAspire Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older8.050 548T8.075 528T8.450 487T8.050 556T32.625 553T
Turek, LauraOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Younger7.400 572T8.275 494T8.325 509T8.600 465T32.600 554
Cibula, MollyFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Older7.400 573T7.900 544T9.000 285T8.250 534T32.550 555
Tangonan, CaitlinOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Middle7.700 5678.475 454T7.750 567T8.600 466T32.525 556
Sheldon, PiperOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Younger8.225 531T8.000 536T8.225 5258.050 557T32.500 557
Pettit, TaylorNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 10 Younger8.650 375T8.075 529T7.550 572T7.875 56532.150 558
Anderson, MiriamThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Middle7.625 5697.625 563T8.700 414T8.050 558T32.000 559
Wooten, CarmenThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Older8.325 512T8.200 508T7.350 5747.950 563T31.825 560
Kiolbasa, JamieGymkhana Gymnastics Club and Dance Studio 1 4 Middle7.400 574T7.975 5378.675 419T7.450 57431.500 561
Kaur, SahibThe Gymnastics Shop 1 5 Older7.750 566T7.650 561T8.650 430T7.300 576T31.350 562
Hauser, MadisonOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Younger8.150 541T7.550 565T7.550 573T7.700 571T30.950 563
Vogwill, VictoriaOak Lawn Pirouette's Gymnastics 1 5 Older7.650 5688.100 526T6.550 576T8.250 535T30.550 564
Day, KatherineGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 8 Older0.000 576T9.600 17T9.700 3T8.825 359T28.125 565
Denton, AlexaPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Younger8.525 444T2.000 5768.550 463T8.725 405T27.800 566
Waight, JuliaPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Older9.225 66T0.000 577T9.525 27T9.025 261T27.775 567
Adam, AminaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.575 22T9.275 127T8.650 444T27.500 568
Bush, GabriellaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 8 Younger0.000 578T9.350 99T9.025 264T8.975 287T27.350 569
Chavez, GabbyPhenom Gymnastics 1 8 Younger0.000 579T8.450 462T9.375 73T9.250 123T27.075 570T
Chorley, AllisonFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 7 Middle9.100 126T8.750 387T0.000 577T9.225 142T27.075 571T
Lekki, AlainaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.525 445T0.000 578T9.250 145T9.175 171T26.950 572
Wolcott, EmersonFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 6 Older8.725 332T8.800 373T0.000 578T9.250 124T26.775 573
Szwarc, KlaudiaGym Kinetics Gymnastics 1 7 Middle8.625 393T0.000 579T8.725 392T9.300 99T26.650 574
Pastorello, GiannaPalatine Gym Club 1 4 Older8.125 543T8.925 312T8.425 495T0.000 578T25.475 575
Nepras, SamanthaNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 8 Older8.500 458T7.800 553T0.000 579T8.425 503T24.725 576
Cohn, CaitlynFlipstar Gymnastics Academy 1 4 Middle7.050 5750.000 580T8.775 376T8.250 536T24.075 577
Fisher, MarisaPhenom Gymnastics 1 10 Younger0.000 580T9.150 215T8.450 488T0.000 579T17.600 578
Lepkowski, GraysenPhenom Gymnastics 1 7 Middle0.000 581T7.450 5669.250 146T0.000 580T16.700 579
Mladjenovic, TeaThe Gymnastics Shop 1 9 Older8.725 333T7.250 5690.000 580T0.000 581T15.975 580
Gallagher, KaitlinNaperville Gymnastics Club 1 9 Younger8.050 549T0.000 581T0.000 581T7.725 56815.775 581