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Infinity Ice Invitational
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2023-01-202023-01-23 Infinity GymnasticsClick here375
Meet Scores
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#Name Team Session Level DivisionVaultBarsBeamFloorAA

1Gonzalez, NathaliaRockland Gymnastics 1 XS Older9.600 19.800 19.500 11T9.650 4T38.550 1
2Prasanna, AleykaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Middle9.150 24T9.750 2T9.500 11T9.750 138.150 2
3Kiragu, NeemaRockland Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.450 49.500 18T9.475 17T9.700 2T38.125 3
4Almeyda, IllianaRockland Gymnastics 1 2 Older9.000 57T9.750 2T9.575 89.650 4T37.975 4
5Thomas, SereneRockland Gymnastics 1 XS Older9.400 59.750 2T9.350 26T9.375 23T37.875 5
6O%27Reilly, MaureenRockland Gymnastics 1 XP Older9.100 39T9.575 9T9.650 59.400 16T37.725 6
7Bodensiek, EmmaRockland Gymnastics 1 2 Older9.150 24T9.500 18T9.550 9T9.300 32T37.500 7
8LaPolla, SofiaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.450 246T9.750 2T9.475 17T9.700 2T37.375 8
9Perry, EllianaGym Stars 1 XS Younger8.450 246T9.650 7T9.800 1T9.400 16T37.300 9
10Emory, ZoeInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Middle9.250 12T9.075 98T9.675 49.275 4037.275 10
11Frey, ScarlettDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older9.100 39T9.650 7T9.400 23T9.050 99T37.200 11
12Nelson, PennyExcel Gymnastics 1 2 Middle9.100 39T9.550 12T8.900 131T9.600 737.150 12
13Yow, RaquelleRockland Gymnastics 1 XS Older9.225 15T9.500 18T9.250 37T9.150 68T37.125 13
14Copertino, PeytonPike Gymnastics 1 6 Younger9.500 39.300 46T9.000 102T9.300 32T37.100 14
15Roden, HannahRockland Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.150 24T9.425 26T9.250 37T9.250 41T37.075 15
16Lofaro, EmilyGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Middle9.125 34T9.550 12T9.200 47T9.150 68T37.025 16
17Kirsch, Samantha1Dutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older9.100 39T9.050 102T9.800 1T9.000 112T36.950 17
18Fahey, EliaDynamic Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.800 116T9.300 46T9.425 229.350 25T36.875 18T
18Angora, TaylorAll Around Gym 1 XS Younger8.750 137T9.400 29T9.350 26T9.375 23T36.875 18T
20Foltz, LillianGold Star Gymnastics 1 XG Middle8.700 153T9.375 38T9.500 11T9.250 41T36.825 20
21 Damato, TeresaY.W.C.A Tumblettes-Tumblers 1 7 Younger8.800 116T8.750 173T9.700 39.500 9T36.750 21T
21Cristina Binet, ElisGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Younger9.000 57T9.350 42T9.550 9T8.850 169T36.750 21T
23Reginato, SofiaGym Stars 1 XS Younger8.800 116T9.525 16T9.500 11T8.900 150T36.725 23
24Aubert, LeighAll Around Gym 1 XS Older8.850 99T9.500 18T9.100 78T9.250 41T36.700 24
25Ackerman, LilaGold Star Gymnastics 1 7 Middle8.800 116T9.150 70T9.250 37T9.475 1136.675 25
26Cronin, MalenaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.800 116T9.025 111T9.400 23T9.425 13T36.650 26
27Belfiore, EmilyDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 7 Younger9.375 69.075 98T8.875 140T9.300 32T36.625 27
28O%27Connor, NikkieGold Star Gymnastics 1 2 Older9.225 15T9.000 115T8.925 128T9.450 1236.600 28T
28Reilly, BeccaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Middle9.200 19T9.100 87T9.250 37T9.050 99T36.600 28T
30Holdredge, HarperPike Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.475 244T9.700 69.200 47T9.150 68T36.525 30T
30Bersig, VivienneAll Around Gym 1 7 Middle9.150 24T8.525 212T9.600 6T9.250 41T36.525 30T
32Ocanto, TabathaGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.850 99T9.175 63T9.300 30T9.150 68T36.475 32
33Weber, JacquelineGym Kids Gymnastics 1 6 Middle9.300 10T9.150 70T8.750 171T9.200 51T36.400 33
34Ravetti, GiulianaInfinity Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.000 57T9.150 70T8.725 183T9.500 9T36.375 34T
34Colon, MakaylaPike Gymnastics 1 6 Older9.225 15T8.550 207T9.200 47T9.400 16T36.375 34T
36Burwell, TinaY.W.C.A Tumblettes-Tumblers 1 7 Middle9.250 12T8.375 2409.475 17T9.250 41T36.350 36T
36Mackerley, EmilyPike Gymnastics 1 XP Younger9.100 39T9.025 111T9.125 73T9.100 82T36.350 36T
38Hilton, MeganDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older9.050 49T9.275 548.950 123T9.000 112T36.275 38
39Bowden, RoselynInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.800 116*9.050 102T9.600 6T8.800 185T36.250 39T
39Rivera, OliviaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.800 116*9.300 46T8.850 143T9.300 32T36.250 39T
39Patrick, AylaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XS Older9.000 57T9.100 87T8.950 123T9.200 51T36.250 39T
42Martin, AudreyPike Gymnastics 1 XD Middle8.925 83T8.700 181T9.175 62T9.425 13T36.225 42
43Schwartz, AdelaRockland Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.825 111T9.525 16T9.125 73T8.675 248T36.150 43
44Lazar, RemyJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 XS Middle9.000 57*9.250 55T8.700 186T9.175 64T36.125 44T
44Murray, ClaireInfinity Gymnastics 1 XS Middle9.000 57*8.950 132T9.100 78T9.075 96T36.125 44T
46Kelly, SaoirseInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.300 286T9.550 12T8.900 131T9.350 25T36.100 46T
46Sherif, MimiInfinity Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.600 192T9.450 24T8.650 201T9.400 16*36.100 46T
46Call, MeganInfinity Gymnastics 1 XP Younger8.900 85T8.550 207T9.250 37T9.400 16*36.100 46T
46Kalb, BrooklynExcel Gymnastics 1 XG Younger9.000 57T8.600 196T9.300 30T9.200 51T36.100 46T
46Guarno, SamanthaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XD Older8.850 99T9.150 70T9.000 102T9.100 82T36.100 46T
51Brito, TazialynnPike Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.000 332T9.375 38T9.500 11*9.200 51T36.075 51T
51McCourt, AubreyDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XB Middle8.450 246T9.175 63T9.500 11*8.950 134T36.075 51T
53McCarthy, AmeliaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older8.400 259T9.550 12T9.100 78*9.000 112*36.050 53T
53Farber, DylanGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.550 211T9.400 29T9.100 78*9.000 112*36.050 53T
53Badendyck, BaileyAll Around Gym 1 XP Older9.150 24T8.600 196T9.200 47T9.100 82T36.050 53T
53Daw, MadisonPike Gymnastics 1 XP Middle9.000 57T9.100 87T8.900 131T9.050 99T36.050 53T
57Diaz, PaisleyPike Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.350 277T9.400 29T9.125 73T9.150 68T36.025 57
58Kulynych, HeatherPike Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.600 192T9.300 46T9.000 102T9.100 82T36.000 58T
58DeFazio, AlaynaPike Gymnastics 1 6 Younger9.000 57T8.575 2069.250 37T9.175 64T36.000 58T
60Orofino, AddisonInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.850 99T8.850 154T9.175 62T9.100 82T35.975 60T
60Fendt, LoreleiGym Kids Gymnastics 1 6 Middle9.025 55T8.950 132T8.950 123T9.050 99T35.975 60T
62Bates, AliyaPike Gymnastics 1 XP Younger8.800 116*9.150 70T9.250 37T8.750 207T35.950 62T
62Bedetti, KristaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Middle8.800 116*9.250 55T8.850 143T9.050 99T35.950 62T
64Schultze, FionaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 6 Middle9.000 57T8.450 225T9.050 91T9.425 13T35.925 64T
64Heitman-Jordan, RileyInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.850 99T8.950 132T9.325 298.800 185T35.925 64T
64Mohl, CharlotteAll Around Gym 1 4 Younger9.050 49T8.675 188T9.000 102T9.200 51T35.925 64T
67Shea Cannon, AvellaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 6 Older9.000 57T8.925 141T8.600 208T9.350 25T35.875 67
68Rilander, SydneyJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 XS Middle8.600 192T9.500 18T9.050 91*8.700 233T35.850 68T
68Damato, CristinaY.W.C.A Tumblettes-Tumblers 1 7 Middle8.500 228*8.825 1649.300 30*9.225 47T35.850 68T
68Fredericks, AlyssaGold Star Gymnastics 1 6 Older8.900 85*9.000 115*9.300 30*8.650 254T35.850 68T
68Bonnie, ZaraGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.500 228*9.000 115*9.200 47T9.150 68T35.850 68T
68Kline, TabithaGold Star Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.900 85*9.100 87T9.050 91*8.800 185T35.850 68T
68Hastie, HaydenGold Star Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.850 99T9.000 115*9.000 102T9.000 112T35.850 68T
74Colucci, ChloeInfinity Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.600 192T9.000 115T8.925 128T9.300 32T35.825 74
75Dobbs, AlexaPike Gymnastics 1 6 Middle9.050 49T8.750 173T9.300 30T8.700 233T35.800 75T
75Diaz, ParisPike Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.650 176T9.250 55T9.000 102*8.900 150T35.800 75T
75Keeshan, VivianInfinity Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.750 137T9.025 111T9.000 102*9.025 110T35.800 75T
78Berger, RosieGym Stars 1 XS Middle8.550 211T9.425 26T9.050 91T8.750 207T35.775 78T
78Volpe, AdalenaPike Gymnastics 1 4 Older9.325 98.100 266T9.300 30T9.050 99T35.775 78T
78Diesing, EvelynExcel Gymnastics 1 2 Middle9.100 39T8.275 2509.200 47T9.200 51T35.775 78T
81Mossey, EveInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.300 286T9.400 29T9.200 47*8.850 169T35.750 81T
81Connors, ZoeyGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Middle9.000 57*8.875 152T9.200 47*8.675 248T35.750 81T
81Piehler, MonikaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.000 57*9.150 70T8.500 245T9.100 82T35.750 81T
81Trager, EllaJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 XG Older9.125 34T9.000 115T8.750 171T8.875 165T35.750 81T
85Passineau, ArianaAll Around Gym 1 XS Younger8.700 153T9.450 24T8.600 208T8.950 134T35.700 85T
85Maruggi, VictoriaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older8.850 99T9.300 46T9.100 78T8.450 306T35.700 85T
87Kustas, OliviaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.850 99T9.175 63T8.725 183T8.925 146T35.675 87T
87Daramy, MadinaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XB Older8.875 989.100 87T8.800 160T8.900 150T35.675 87T
89Baker, LenoxAll Around Gym 1 XG Younger9.150 24T9.300 46T8.600 208T8.600 268T35.650 89T
89Hartwig, MiaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.300 10T8.850 154T8.700 186T8.800 185T35.650 89T
89Dusaj, AdalinaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.550 211T9.150 70T9.050 91T8.900 150T35.650 89T
89Tarr, LolaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Younger8.750 137T9.050 102T9.150 67T8.700 233T35.650 89T
93Careathers, RayneGymCats Gymnastics 1 XS Middle8.500 228T9.575 9T8.900 131T8.650 254T35.625 93T
93Angot, MackenzieGold Star Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.750 137T9.050 102T9.125 73T8.700 233T35.625 93T
95Javier, VictoriaGold Star Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.100 39T8.100 266T9.000 102*9.400 16T35.600 95T
95Condon, ClaraGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.650 176T9.100 87T9.200 47T8.650 254T35.600 95T
95Anastasio, KaylaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XS Middle8.800 116T8.950 132T9.000 102*8.850 169T35.600 95T
98Buono, IsabellaExcel Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.825 111T8.675 188T8.850 143*9.225 47*35.575 98T
98Sherwood, EmmaGold Star Gymnastics 1 8 Younger8.450 246T8.800 165T9.100 78T9.225 47*35.575 98T
98Morris, VivianAll Around Gym 1 XG Younger8.750 137T9.175 63T8.850 143*8.800 185T35.575 98T
98Arroyo, KairiPike Gymnastics 1 XP Younger8.650 176T9.125 83T9.075 89T8.725 226T35.575 98T
98Dini, AubreyGold Star Gymnastics 1 XS Middle8.700 153T9.000 115T9.000 102T8.875 165T35.575 98T
103Taylor, KatelynGymCats Gymnastics 1 XG Middle8.200 312T9.500 18T9.000 102T8.850 169T35.550 103
104Curley, CarraDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older8.750 137T9.150 70T8.700 186T8.925 146T35.525 104
105Quirk, MckenaExcel Gymnastics 1 XS Older9.000 57T8.500 217T8.900 131T9.100 82T35.500 105
106Sylvester, HaileyAll Around Gym 1 7 Middle8.650 176T9.100 87T8.775 169T8.950 134T35.475 106
107Bordes, CharlotteDynamic Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.700 153*8.250 251T9.450 20*9.050 99*35.450 107T
107Newman, IzzyGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.300 286T8.650 192*9.450 20*9.050 99*35.450 107T
107Mohanna, NadiaAll Around Gym 1 XS Middle8.700 153*9.350 42T8.600 208T8.800 185T35.450 107T
107Hibbs, OliviaGold Star Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.000 57T8.650 192*8.950 123T8.850 169T35.450 107T
111Keilly, SavannahDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XD Older8.700 153T8.400 235T8.800 160T9.525 835.425 111T
111Mann, PaytenPike Gymnastics 1 XD Younger8.650 176*8.600 196*8.875 140T9.300 32T35.425 111T
111Sbarra, AvaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XS Middle8.650 176*9.250 55T8.750 171T8.775 204T35.425 111T
111Marshall, CassieInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.750 137T8.600 196*9.175 62T8.900 150*35.425 111T
111Brzenia, VeronicaPike Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.525 2279.150 70T8.850 143T8.900 150*35.425 111T
111Fischer, JemmaGold Star Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.125 34T8.600 196*8.700 186T9.000 112T35.425 111T
111Scism, LilyGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.825 111T9.000 115T9.000 102T8.600 268T35.425 111T
118Nagy, LilyPike Gymnastics 1 XG Middle8.500 228T9.200 60T9.100 78T8.600 268T35.400 118
119Lopez, AdaleePike Gymnastics 1 XB Middle9.150 24T9.375 38T8.200 303T8.650 254T35.375 119T
119Campisi, JulianaGym Stars 1 XB Middle9.200 19T9.125 83T8.700 186T8.350 321T35.375 119T
119Kelmanovich, SashaGold Star Gymnastics 1 8 Younger8.675 1758.900 146T8.600 208T9.200 51T35.375 119T
122Ciraco, SaraInfinity Gymnastics 1 XS Younger8.150 321T9.150 70T9.100 78*8.950 134T35.350 122T
122O%27Sullivan, CassidyInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.800 116T8.850 154T9.100 78*8.600 268T35.350 122T
122Simeus, KennedyGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Older8.725 151T8.875 152T8.650 201T9.100 82T35.350 122T
125Mintz, SarahY.W.C.A Tumblettes-Tumblers 1 8 Older9.350 7T8.200 257T8.575 228T9.200 51T35.325 125T
125Schlichtman, WillowPike Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.100 326T9.150 70T9.300 30T8.775 204T35.325 125T
125Downs, AuroraGold Star Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.100 39T8.550 207T8.525 242T9.150 68T35.325 125T
128Giblin, EmilyPike Gymnastics 1 6 Younger9.100 39T7.950 2879.150 67T9.100 82T35.300 128T
128Cugno, GiovannaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.900 85T8.425 233T8.900 131T9.075 96T35.300 128T
130Toffel, PaisleePike Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.375 274T9.400 29T8.750 171T8.750 207T35.275 130T
130Casandra, LiaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Older9.000 57T9.375 38T8.550 230T8.350 321T35.275 130T
130Arias Acosta, SophiaGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.200 312T9.100 87T9.175 62T8.800 185T35.275 130T
130Travis, AbbyGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Middle9.100 39T9.025 111T8.450 254T8.700 233T35.275 130T
130Cimorelli, SophieExcel Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.300 286T9.000 115T9.025 99T8.950 134T35.275 130T
135McGowan, EllieGymCats Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.900 85T8.250 251T9.150 67T8.950 134T35.250 135T
135Battaglini-Doyle, EmmaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XS Middle8.550 211T8.850 154T9.000 102T8.850 169T35.250 135T
137Spence, AvaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XB Middle8.600 192T9.575 9T8.350 281T8.700 233T35.225 137T
137Philogene, LissetteGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.000 332T9.150 70T8.850 143T9.225 47T35.225 137T
137Richardson, SavannahGold Star Gymnastics 1 2 Older9.125 34T8.775 1728.425 265T8.900 150T35.225 137T
137Silverman, AlanaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.625 190T8.700 181T8.800 160T9.100 82T35.225 137T
141Fakhouri, AlanaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XG Middle8.825 111T8.525 212T9.250 37T8.600 268T35.200 141T
141Cotter, LucyGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.850 99T9.000 115T8.825 158T8.525 299T35.200 141T
141Schaeffler, MikaylaInfinity Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.900 85T8.675 188T8.625 205T9.000 112T35.200 141T
141Allison, MayaKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 3 Older8.600 192T8.800 165T8.850 143T8.950 134T35.200 141T
145Rubinstein, RayaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XS Middle8.200 312T9.200 60T8.750 171T9.000 112*35.150 145T
145Ferreira, JulianaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Younger8.700 153T9.100 87T8.300 289T9.050 99T35.150 145T
145Contreras, KayleenEclipse Gymnastics 1 2 Middle9.025 55T8.750 173T8.375 279T9.000 112*35.150 145T
148Christmann, SavannaPike Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.700 153*9.175 63T8.700 186T8.550 289T35.125 148T
148Lopez, AlyssaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XD Middle8.600 192T9.000 115T8.350 281T9.175 64*35.125 148T
148Repaci, KateY.W.C.A Tumblettes-Tumblers 1 7 Older9.150 24T8.400 235T8.400 270T9.175 64*35.125 148T
148Perry, LucyAll Around Gym 1 4 Younger8.700 153*8.900 146T9.125 73T8.400 313T35.125 148T
148Herlihy, EmmaInfinity Gymnastics 1 4 Younger8.550 211T9.050 102T8.425 265T9.100 82T35.125 148T
153Leonard, KaleighGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.550 211T8.950 132T9.150 67T8.450 306T35.100 153
154Carsley, GracieKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 5 Middle8.850 99*9.050 102T8.300 289T8.875 165T35.075 154T
154Duncan, LydiaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XS Older8.550 211T8.925 141T8.925 128T8.675 248T35.075 154T
154Chesser, KristinaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XD Middle8.850 99*8.850 154T8.825 158T8.550 289T35.075 154T
157Chuang, GraceGymCats Gymnastics 1 XS Younger8.125 3259.325 44T9.200 47T8.400 313T35.050 157T
157Dyson, MargotGold Star Gymnastics 1 3 Middle9.225 15T8.150 261T8.375 279T9.300 32T35.050 157T
159Gray, KaylaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.925 83T9.100 87T8.600 208T8.400 313T35.025 159
160Schwer, SabrinaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 3 Middle8.650 176T8.050 271T9.000 102T9.300 32T35.000 160T
160Timperio, AnnieInfinity Gymnastics 1 XD Older8.800 116*8.750 173T8.325 285T9.125 80T35.000 160T
160Duch, AbigailGold Star Gymnastics 1 5 Middle8.800 116*8.500 217T8.600 208T9.100 82T35.000 160T
160Deleonardis, GigiGymCats Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.800 116*9.000 115T8.550 230T8.650 254T35.000 160T
164Lyons, JaizaExcel Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.400 259T8.325 2439.200 47T9.050 99T34.975 164T
164Kelmanovich, AnyaGold Star Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.900 85T8.075 269T8.850 143T9.150 68T34.975 164T
164Meister, AlysonDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Middle8.350 277T9.075 98T8.600 208T8.950 134T34.975 164T
164Templeton, TeaganGym Stars 1 XB Younger8.425 256T9.050 102T8.700 186T8.800 185*34.975 164T
164Longo, MikaylaExcel Gymnastics 1 2 Younger8.600 192T8.950 132T8.625 205T8.800 185*34.975 164T
164Bruno, JarielysGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.650 176T8.600 196T8.875 140T8.850 169T34.975 164T
170Dinkin, SophiaGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.350 277T9.400 29T8.550 230T8.650 254T34.950 170T
170Caban, ThaliaPike Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.600 192T8.850 154T8.900 131T8.600 268T34.950 170T
172Burgoon, GwendolynDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XB Middle8.100 326T9.425 26T8.800 160T8.600 268T34.925 172
173Russini, KylieDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Middle8.375 274T8.850 154T8.850 143T8.825 183T34.900 173
174Roeder, EmmaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Middle8.750 137T8.525 212T8.600 208T9.000 112T34.875 174
175June, ChloeExcel Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.450 246T8.000 278T9.200 47T9.200 51T34.850 175T
175Espinoza, EmmaInfinity Gymnastics 1 5 Younger8.825 111T9.050 102T8.400 270T8.575 287T34.850 175T
175Broderick, MadelineGymCats Gymnastics 1 XS Older8.700 153T8.750 173T8.750 171T8.650 254T34.850 175T
178Agosta, AnabelleGold Star Gymnastics 1 6 Younger9.000 57T7.825 295T8.600 208*9.400 16T34.825 178T
178Gallo, KhloeGold Star Gymnastics 1 6 Middle8.600 192T7.850 292T9.050 91T9.325 30T34.825 178T
178Kedzia, NataliaGymCats Gymnastics 1 XS Older8.000 332T8.850 154T9.250 37T8.725 226T34.825 178T
178Farias, RoselynGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.250 303T8.950 132T9.100 78T8.525 299T34.825 178T
178Guerin, NatalieExcel Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.750 137T8.675 188T8.600 208*8.800 185T34.825 178T
183Landau, AlexisJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 XS Younger8.000 332T9.400 29T8.600 208T8.800 185T34.800 183
184Estes, AmeliaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XS Older8.300 286T9.050 102T8.800 160T8.625 266T34.775 184T
184Hicks, MaxineInfinity Gymnastics 1 XS Younger8.250 303T8.725 179T8.850 143T8.950 134T34.775 184T
186Carmody, DriesDynamic Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.750 137T8.900 146T8.350 281T8.750 207T34.750 186
187Doyle, TaylorGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.425 256T8.050 271T9.400 23T8.850 169T34.725 187T
187Pullman, MiaAll Around Gym 1 XS Middle8.350 277T9.075 98T8.650 201T8.650 254T34.725 187T
187Hamblin, JayahDynamic Gymnastics 1 6 Middle8.600 192T8.100 266T9.000 102T9.025 110T34.725 187T
190Leone, ReaganInfinity Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.050 330T8.450 225*8.550 230T9.650 4T34.700 190T
190Goodsight, CharliGym Stars 1 XS Middle8.200 312T9.200 60T8.600 208T8.700 233T34.700 190T
190Ceballos, AddisonInfinity Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.700 153T8.450 225*8.400 270T9.150 68T34.700 190T
193Brant, MadelynGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.600 192T9.000 115T8.775 169T8.300 329T34.675 193
194Walker, JenLiPike Gymnastics 1 XG Middle8.900 85T9.000 115T8.150 310T8.600 268T34.650 194T
194Kiernan, KendallGym Stars 1 XB Middle8.650 176T8.500 217T8.750 171T8.750 207T34.650 194T
196Meltzer, AlyssaRockland Gymnastics 1 XP Middle9.200 19T8.250 251T8.500 245T8.675 248T34.625 196T
196Barnett, KaiaGold Star Gymnastics 1 2 Younger8.550 211T8.850 154T8.225 301T9.000 112T34.625 196T
196Ryan, HannahPike Gymnastics 1 3 Older9.000 57T8.900 146T8.325 285T8.400 313T34.625 196T
199Peralta, HayvenPike Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.175 3209.325 44T8.550 230T8.550 289T34.600 199T
199Palmatier, AmeliaExcel Gymnastics 1 2 Younger8.500 228T8.050 271T9.050 91T9.000 112*34.600 199T
199Diaz, AvaDynamic Gymnastics 1 6 Older8.750 137T8.150 261T8.700 186*9.000 112*34.600 199T
199Ackerman, LaylaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.300 286T8.800 165*8.700 186*8.800 185T34.600 199T
199Morrissey, ElainaEclipse Gymnastics 1 2 Older8.650 176T8.800 165*8.450 254T8.700 233T34.600 199T
204Leventhal, EdenJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 XS Middle8.500 228T9.175 63T8.200 303T8.675 248T34.550 204T
204Giustino, ToriInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.400 259T8.850 154T8.550 230T8.750 207T34.550 204T
204Sabo, NoaGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.450 246T8.700 181T8.600 208T8.800 185T34.550 204T
207Calvello, LeahY.W.C.A Tumblettes-Tumblers 1 7 Older9.000 57T8.225 2568.300 289T9.000 112T34.525 207T
207Richy, NadiaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XG Older8.800 116T8.125 264T9.000 102T8.600 268T34.525 207T
209Wood, AdalinaAll Around Gym 1 XS Middle7.900 341T9.400 29T8.600 208T8.600 268T34.500 209T
209Randacciu, GiulianaAll Around Gym 1 XS Middle7.600 352T9.300 46T8.850 143T8.750 207T34.500 209T
209Morales, MadisonDynamic Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.950 81T8.125 264T9.025 99T8.400 313T34.500 209T
209Smith, LeeGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.650 176T8.600 196T8.525 242T8.725 226T34.500 209T
213Conklin, BrynnGold Star Gymnastics 1 2 Middle8.700 153T8.500 217T8.275 2979.000 112T34.475 213
214Skellett, MylaPike Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.900 85T7.500 313T8.800 160T9.250 41T34.450 214T
214Duval, CharlotteGold Star Gymnastics 1 2 Younger8.850 99T8.400 235T8.000 324T9.200 51T34.450 214T
214Gorodischer, ZevaJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 XP Older8.450 246T8.900 146T8.450 254T8.650 254T34.450 214T
217Checo, AbigailKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 4 Middle9.050 49T8.250 251T8.500 245T8.600 268T34.400 217T
217Auchmoody, AbbyExcel Gymnastics 1 2 Older8.350 277T8.450 225T8.700 186T8.900 150T34.400 217T
217Peters, GiannaGymCats Gymnastics 1 XS Older8.550 211T8.900 146T8.200 303T8.750 207T34.400 217T
220Schwartz, CarolineGymCats Gymnastics 1 XS Middle8.300 286T9.175 63T8.600 208T8.300 329T34.375 220T
220Jones, EllaGym Stars 1 XG Middle9.000 57T7.625 3058.700 186T9.050 99T34.375 220T
222Detweiler, ChloeDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 4 Older8.600 192T8.000 278T9.000 102T8.750 207T34.350 222
223Dwyer, EmmaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 8 Younger9.250 12T8.450 225T7.825 3348.800 185T34.325 223T
223Moyles, AndersonInfinity Gymnastics 1 XS Younger8.000 332T9.150 70T8.850 143*8.325 326T34.325 223T
223Ponce, TiffanyGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.400 259T8.525 212T8.850 143*8.550 289T34.325 223T
223Calmanovici, AddieGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.250 303T8.800 165T8.600 208T8.675 248T34.325 223T
223Maggio, GraysonInfinity Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.700 153T8.250 251T8.675 199T8.700 233T34.325 223T
228Cambareri, KaylaEclipse Gymnastics 1 8 Middle9.550 27.650 3048.150 310T8.950 134T34.300 228
229Rodrigues, MariaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Middle8.400 259T8.650 192T8.900 131T8.325 326T34.275 229
230Jubarat, OliviaGold Star Gymnastics 1 2 Younger9.125 34T8.500 217T8.625 205T8.000 35034.250 230T
230Plank, GraceGym Stars 1 XG Middle8.300 286T9.125 83T8.000 324T8.825 183T34.250 230T
232Berenson, LucyDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Middle8.425 256T8.650 192T8.400 270T8.725 226T34.200 232T
232Keesler, GrayciePike Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.500 228T8.550 207T8.550 230T8.600 268T34.200 232T
234Sherron, EstelleExcel Gymnastics 1 6 Middle8.150 321T8.075 269T8.600 208T9.350 25*34.175 234T
234St. Auburn, AlexisGold Star Gymnastics 1 7 Younger8.600 192T7.025 3389.200 47T9.350 25*34.175 234T
234Thompson, EmmaPike Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.350 277T8.950 132T8.150 310T8.725 226T34.175 234T
237Farina, KieraAll Around Gym 1 7 Middle8.700 153T8.000 278T8.450 254T9.000 112T34.150 237T
237Via, IsabelleGym Stars 1 XS Younger7.500 354T9.000 115T9.000 102T8.650 254T34.150 237T
239Pearce, AndieGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Middle8.950 81T9.100 87T8.475 251T7.600 35934.125 239T
239Or Lia Colclough, EllieExcel Gymnastics 1 XG Older7.800 345T8.725 179T8.600 208T9.000 112T34.125 239T
241Grossblatt, MayaRockland Gymnastics 1 XP Older8.450 246T8.300 244*9.200 47T8.150 341T34.100 241T
241Balaban, AtleeAll Around Gym 1 4 Middle8.400 259T8.000 278T9.000 102T8.700 233T34.100 241T
241Sukhai, MadisonAll Around Gym 1 XS Older8.600 192T8.300 244*8.550 230T8.650 254T34.100 241T
244Velichko, AnnaPike Gymnastics 1 4 Older9.175 236.600 3549.350 26T8.950 134T34.075 244T
244Beltran, MadisonDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older9.000 57T8.150 261T8.425 265T8.500 302T34.075 244T
244Mathew, SiennaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older8.000 332T8.925 141T8.400 270T8.750 207T34.075 244T
247Delio, LilianaDynamic Gymnastics 1 6 Older9.050 49T8.300 244T7.500 354T9.200 51*34.050 247T
247Tomlinson, SydneyKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 5 Younger9.150 24T8.000 278T7.700 345T9.200 51*34.050 247T
247Gohman, SullivanGymCats Gymnastics 1 XS Younger8.800 116T8.800 165T8.950 123T7.500 363T34.050 247T
247Brzenia, JuliaPike Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.300 286T8.700 181T8.300 289T8.750 207T34.050 247T
251Tyler, JillianExcel Gymnastics 1 XG Older9.350 7T8.350 241T7.550 351T8.775 204T34.025 251T
251Wynne, AveryInfinity Gymnastics 1 XS Younger8.300 286T9.000 115T8.300 289T8.425 31234.025 251T
253Colley, LolaAll Around Gym 1 XS Younger8.575 2109.300 46T7.250 3648.875 165T34.000 253T
253Levy, LiaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Younger8.250 303T8.550 207T9.050 91T8.150 341T34.000 253T
255Philippi, CarliDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XG Younger8.250 303T8.700 181T8.400 270T8.600 268T33.950 255
256Schwer, AngelaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 5 Older8.500 228T7.850 292T8.500 245T9.075 96T33.925 256
257Gallagher, CaitlinDynamic Gymnastics 1 6 Younger8.400 259T8.400 235T8.150 310T8.950 134T33.900 257T
257Desmarais, ElexzandreahGym Stars 1 XD Older8.750 137T8.500 217T8.550 230T8.100 344T33.900 257T
259Borchick, KaileyDynamic Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.500 228T7.400 319T9.175 62T8.800 185T33.875 259T
259Richards, BellaExcel Gymnastics 1 XP Younger8.350 277T7.875 290T8.900 131T8.750 207T33.875 259T
261Alkan, LanaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Middle8.900 85T8.950 132T7.750 341T8.250 338T33.850 261
262Castrataro, LexiEclipse Gymnastics 1 8 Middle8.625 190T8.000 278T8.300 289T8.900 150T33.825 262T
262Vlietstra, KayliePike Gymnastics 1 XG Older8.500 228T7.875 290T8.850 143T8.600 268T33.825 262T
264Citta, AvaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XD Younger8.550 211T9.000 115T8.550 230T7.700 356T33.800 264
265Prendergast, MaeveAll Around Gym 1 XG Older9.150 24T7.375 322T8.475 251T8.750 207T33.750 265T
265Rubino, LucyDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XG Younger8.900 85T7.000 339T8.750 171T9.100 82T33.750 265T
265Gulick, EllaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older8.050 330T8.450 225T8.450 254T8.800 185T33.750 265T
265Walek, MillaPike Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.700 153T8.600 196T7.750 341T8.700 233T33.750 265T
269Ljuljic, KaleyInfinity Gymnastics 1 XG Middle8.300 286T8.525 212T8.300 289T8.575 287T33.700 269
270Carr, BaylynDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 4 Younger8.400 259T7.675 3038.500 245T9.100 82T33.675 270T
270Callahan, KaitlynEclipse Gymnastics 1 2 Older9.000 57T8.050 271T8.325 285T8.300 329T33.675 270T
272Rabasco, StellaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Younger8.000 332T8.925 141T8.400 270T8.325 326T33.650 272T
272Laspina, GraceExcel Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.800 116T8.000 278T7.950 331T8.900 150T33.650 272T
274Seelig, LindseyDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XP Older8.725 151T7.600 306T8.175 3099.125 80T33.625 274
275Battista, EmmaEclipse Gymnastics 1 2 Older8.500 228T7.900 288T8.450 254T8.750 207T33.600 275
276Quirk, LornaExcel Gymnastics 1 XP Middle8.300 286T7.250 329T9.025 99T9.000 112T33.575 276
277Senate, MiaExcel Gymnastics 1 4 Younger8.550 211T7.000 339T9.000 102T9.000 112T33.550 277T
277Saffer, ChynnaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 4 Older8.100 326T8.000 278T8.750 171T8.700 233T33.550 277T
279Arshanuse, KayleeDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 5 Older8.700 153T8.025 276T7.775 3409.000 112T33.500 279
280Albano, IzabellaEclipse Gymnastics 1 8 Middle8.200 312T8.600 196T7.750 341T8.925 146T33.475 280
281Lyder, SarenaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XSA Older8.900 85T7.850 292T7.500 354T9.150 68T33.400 281
282Leger, LeahInfinity Gymnastics 1 XS Younger6.500 3679.125 83T9.200 47T8.550 289T33.375 282
283Apfelbaum, AudreyRockland Gymnastics 1 XB Older8.500 228T8.800 165T8.000 324T8.050 346T33.350 283
284Sekhri, LylaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 5 Middle8.800 116T8.000 278T7.700 345T8.800 185T33.300 284T
284Wisniewski, GiulianaKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 5 Younger8.750 137T7.700 300T8.250 298T8.600 268T33.300 284T
286Loftus, AubreyEclipse Gymnastics 1 2 Older8.700 153T8.350 241T8.125 3168.100 344T33.275 286
287Lopez, EvelynInfinity Gymnastics 1 XSA Middle8.400 259T7.600 306T8.500 245T8.750 207T33.250 287
288Nolan, EmilyKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 4 Older8.500 228T8.025 276T8.325 285T8.250 338T33.100 288
289Grosso, MillaKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 5 Younger8.800 116T8.425 233T7.200 3658.625 266T33.050 289T
289Kurlander, SaviKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 3 Younger8.650 176T7.800 2977.800 335T8.800 185*33.050 289T
289Patak, ZoeAll Around Gym 1 6 Older8.550 211T7.000 339T8.700 186T8.800 185*33.050 289T
292Bosworth, AryaInfinity Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.600 192T6.150 362T9.075 89T9.200 51T33.025 292T
292Calmanovici, EdenGymCats Gymnastics 1 XB Older7.800 345T8.500 217T8.675 199T8.050 346T33.025 292T
294Morris, AbbieDynamic Gymnastics 1 6 Older8.250 303T8.300 244T8.750 171T7.700 356T33.000 294
295Mollica, JessieGold Star Gymnastics 1 XS Older8.700 153T7.150 3358.400 270T8.725 226T32.975 295
296Palange, KaitlynEclipse Gymnastics 1 8 Older8.400 259T7.350 324T8.300 289T8.900 150T32.950 296
297Gambino, SerenaGym Stars 1 XS Younger6.000 369T9.225 599.150 67T8.525 299T32.900 297T
297Pirrotta, AubreeEclipse Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.800 116T7.300 326T8.050 322T8.750 207T32.900 297T
299Honovic, JulietteInfinity Gymnastics 1 XG Younger9.000 57T7.575 3088.000 324T8.300 329T32.875 299
300Belfiore, MarisaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 8 Older8.300 286T8.200 257T7.450 357T8.900 150T32.850 300T
300Pantano, NInaPike Gymnastics 1 XG Middle8.200 312T8.500 217T8.425 265T7.725 35532.850 300T
302Harman, MackenzieDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XS Older7.250 3607.550 309T9.150 67T8.850 169T32.800 302
303Rascona, AshleyEclipse Gymnastics 1 4 Younger8.300 286T7.400 319T8.150 310T8.900 150T32.750 303
304Cortes, EstrellaGold Star Gymnastics 1 XG Middle8.500 228T6.800 349T8.350 281T9.000 112T32.650 304T
304Triassi, OliviaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Younger6.650 3668.450 225T8.850 143T8.700 233T32.650 304T
306Paterson, EverlyInfinity Gymnastics 1 4 Younger7.900 341T7.450 315T8.800 160T8.450 306T32.600 306T
306Keegan, GraceEclipse Gymnastics 1 7 Older8.700 153T7.400 319T8.450 254T8.050 346T32.600 306T
306Burgher, LaylaExcel Gymnastics 1 2 Younger7.000 363T8.450 225T8.550 230T8.600 268T32.600 306T
309Dimase, LaraEclipse Gymnastics 1 6 Older8.300 286T7.425 3188.000 324T8.850 169T32.575 309
310Meli, AveryPike Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.700 153T7.750 298T7.525 3538.550 289T32.525 310T
310Hall, EmmaGold Star Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.550 211T7.000 339T8.525 242T8.450 306T32.525 310T
312Strano, HannahDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XP Middle8.250 303T7.525 311T8.100 317T8.600 268T32.475 312
313Cavaliere, SophiaKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 3 Younger7.300 3598.300 244T8.250 298T8.550 289T32.400 313T
313Thimm, KelsieEclipse Gymnastics 1 8 Middle8.325 2857.900 288T8.425 265T7.750 35432.400 313T
315Singh, AriaKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 3 Older7.900 341T7.050 3378.575 228T8.850 169T32.375 315
316Simnowitz, EmilyJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 XG Younger8.750 137T7.200 332T8.000 324T8.400 313T32.350 316T
316Santiago, BrynPike Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.700 153T8.200 257T7.550 351T7.900 35132.350 316T
318Gutierrez, EllieJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 3 Middle8.250 303T7.375 322T7.950 331T8.750 207T32.325 318
319Bethel, SamanthaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XD Older8.600 192T7.300 326T7.800 335T8.600 268T32.300 319T
319Roling, HarperGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Younger8.400 259T7.750 298T7.650 347T8.500 302T32.300 319T
321Guerin, LilianaExcel Gymnastics 1 3 Younger8.100 326T7.825 295T8.200 303T8.150 341T32.275 321
322Pagano, AngieEclipse Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.300 286T7.000 339*7.800 335T9.150 68T32.250 322T
322Pasciuto, KaliKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 4 Younger9.000 57T6.900 3477.450 357T8.900 150T32.250 322T
322Mann, AlexaJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 4 Older8.900 85T6.000 365T8.650 201T8.700 233T32.250 322T
322Tsfasman, OrianaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 XG Older8.500 228T7.000 339*8.400 270T8.350 321T32.250 322T
322Lafalce, CarolineGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Middle8.400 259T7.450 315T8.100 317T8.300 329T32.250 322T
327Kirschner, JaelynPike Gymnastics 1 XB Younger7.500 354T7.525 311T8.450 254T8.750 207T32.225 327
328Hupczey, AudreyKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 3 Younger7.950 3407.700 300T8.100 317T8.450 306T32.200 328
329Dutkus, SydneyPike Gymnastics 1 4 Middle8.650 176T6.200 360T8.475 251T8.850 169T32.175 329
330Joachim, GiannaAll Around Gym 1 XP Younger8.550 211T6.750 3528.200 303T8.650 254T32.150 330T
330Frigon, AnnabelGymCats Gymnastics 1 XG Middle8.000 332T7.700 300T8.150 310T8.300 329T32.150 330T
332OConnell, MaggieGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Younger8.375 274T6.700 3538.700 186T8.300 329T32.075 332
333Bellber, MinaGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Younger7.200 3618.700 181T7.750 341T8.350 321T32.000 333T
333Contreras, KaylaEclipse Gymnastics 1 XP Middle8.500 228T6.400 3558.600 208T8.500 302T32.000 333T
335Maldonado, DamarisAll Around Gym 1 XG Older7.800 345T8.750 173T7.350 3638.050 346T31.950 335
336McGorman, ArdsleyAll Around Gym 1 XS Middle7.750 3508.700 181T7.850 3337.525 36231.825 336T
336Donato, GigiGold Star Gymnastics 1 2 Older7.700 3518.400 235T8.225 301T7.500 363T31.825 336T
338Volk, JuliaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 8 Younger8.475 244T7.250 329T7.100 366T8.925 146T31.750 338
339Keilly, IlyanaDutchess County Gymnastics Center 1 4 Younger8.775 1366.150 362T8.100 317T8.700 233T31.725 339
340Hamedl, LillianGold Star Gymnastics 1 5 Younger8.450 246T6.850 3487.500 354T8.850 169T31.650 340T
340Rascona, JulietEclipse Gymnastics 1 3 Middle8.400 259T7.000 339T8.050 322T8.200 34031.650 340T
342Dimase, LiaEclipse Gymnastics 1 8 Older8.225 3117.300 326T7.100 366T8.725 226T31.350 342T
342Feld, LilaPike Gymnastics 1 XB Younger7.500 354T7.100 3368.450 254T8.300 329T31.350 342T
344Cullen, MaggieExcel Gymnastics 1 6 Younger8.150 321T6.100 3648.450 254T8.550 289T31.250 344
345Rothschild, TaliaJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 XP Older8.300 286T7.250 329T7.100 366T8.550 289T31.200 345T
345Swagerty, FionaGymCats Gymnastics 1 XG Younger8.350 277T7.000 339T7.400 361T8.450 306T31.200 345T
347Laurange, BreanneGold Star Gymnastics 1 XB Middle7.000 363T6.775 3519.000 102T8.350 321T31.125 347
348Dailey, RileyGym Kids Gymnastics 1 2 Younger7.100 3628.050 271T8.750 171T7.000 36830.900 348T
348Reeves, ZuleikaEclipse Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.650 176T6.350 356T7.400 361T8.500 302T30.900 348T
348Lubeck, KhloePike Gymnastics 1 3 Older8.450 246T6.250 3597.800 335T8.400 313T30.900 348T
351Block, LilyJCC of Mid-Westchester 1 5 Older8.400 259T6.000 365T8.000 324T8.400 313T30.800 351T
351Silvernail, MorganInfinity Gymnastics 1 5 Younger7.500 354T7.200 332T7.800 335T8.300 329T30.800 351T
353Muwwakkil, AngelAll Around Gym 1 XS Younger7.800 345T7.550 309T7.600 349T7.800 352T30.750 353
354Goetz, NartalieKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 3 Younger7.350 3586.350 356T8.100 317T8.900 150T30.700 354
355McDermott, MaddieKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 3 Younger8.150 321T6.200 360T7.650 347T8.550 289T30.550 355
356Lombardi, EliaEclipse Gymnastics 1 6 Younger8.400 259T6.300 3588.200 303T7.250 36630.150 356
357Vazquez, BridgetKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 4 Younger8.200 312T4.500 3718.725 183T8.600 268T30.025 357
358DiMartino, GiulianaEclipse Gymnastics 1 7 Older8.550 211T6.000 365T7.600 349T7.550 360T29.700 358
359Munding, ElainaKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 4 Middle7.800 345T7.500 313T6.625 370T7.650 35829.575 359
360Juron, PenelopeKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 3 Younger7.000 363T7.350 324T6.450 3727.800 352T28.600 360
361Cruz, EmmaKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 4 Older7.900 341T6.800 349T6.625 370T7.200 36728.525 361
362Tucci, GretaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Older9.200 19T9.100 78T9.150 68T27.450 362
363Ubiera, AmelieGold Star Gymnastics 1 6 Older8.700 153T0.000 372T9.250 37T9.325 30T27.275 363
364Fuentes, VioletKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 3 Younger6.000 369T7.200 332T7.450 357T6.500 36927.150 364
365Harvey, LeaKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 4 Older8.200 312T6.000 365T5.350 3737.300 36526.850 365T
365Nicoletti, HayleyAll Around Gym 1 XS Younger6.250 3685.600 3697.450 357T7.550 360T26.850 365T
367Hasz, SonjaAll Around Gym 1 XS Middle8.925 141T8.750 171T8.750 207T26.425 367
368Romasco, AlexaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XB Younger0.000 371T8.200 257T8.800 160T8.850 169T25.850 368
369Claphan, BrileyKennett School of Gymnastics Inc. 1 4 Middle7.600 352T5.000 3706.950 3696.200 37025.750 369
370Way, AveryAll Around Gym 1 XS Younger8.550 211T8.300 244T8.450 254T0.000 371T25.300 370
371Weyls, VioletDynamic Gymnastics 1 4 Younger0.000 371T7.450 315T8.550 230T9.000 112T25.000 371
372Washalski, JordanPike Gymnastics 1 XD Middle9.050 49T8.600 196T0.000 374T0.000 371T17.650 372
373Prisco, SamanthaPike Gymnastics 1 XP Middle8.600 192T0.000 372T8.800 160T0.000 371T17.400 373
374Vega, GabriellaPike Gymnastics 1 XD Middle0.000 371T9.400 29T0.000 374T0.000 371T9.400 374
375Burns, KayaInfinity Gymnastics 1 XD Younger0.000 371T0.000 372T8.250 298T0.000 371T8.250 375