Year: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

Level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, XB, XS, XG, XP, XD, XSA

Event: Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, All Around

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America's Top 100 Level 10 All Around Scores -
2023 America's Top 100 Level 10 All Around Scores as of 02.07.2023
139.450Neff, AveryOlympus GymnasticsCrystal Cup
239.300Chio, KailinGymcats GymnasticsVegas Cup 2023 TOPs Session
339.225Duke, PresleyDynamo Gymnastics2023 Dynamo Classic
439.100Winger, CamilleBold Gymnastics2023 Long Beach Open
539.050Chio, KailinGymcats Gymnastics2023 Lady Luck Invite
539.050Huff, JulianneJamjev Gymnastics2023 Hill's Maryland Classic
539.050LaCoursiere, ChloeCoastal Gymnastics Academy2023 Arizona Grand Invitational
839.025Neff, AveryOlympus GymnasticsSand Dollar Invitational
839.025Ulrich, MadisonSoutheastern Gymnastics CenterGreensboro Gymnastics Invitational
1038.925Slade, KelseyArizona Dynamics Gymnastics2023 Rally in the Valley
1138.900Light, RaynaGolden City GymnasticsOzone Invitational
1238.875Zirbes, EllaFlips Gymnastics LLC2023 Alamo Classic
1338.850Sears, JamisonWorld Class GymnasticsAtlanta Crown
1438.825Ballou, NinaAmerican TwistersAtlanta Crown
1438.825Ballou, NinaAmerican Twisters GymnasticsSand Dollar Invitational
1438.825Coppola, OliviaCincinnati GymnasticsUGA Invitational
1738.800Jackson, RaileyGym NastiSt Jude Benefit Meet
1738.800Slade, KelseyArizona Dynamics Gymnastics2023 Long Beach Open
1938.775Pawlak, KamilaMetroplex GymnasticsAtlanta Crown
1938.775Wenner, ElyseStallone GymnasticsNashville Nights 2023
2138.750Echols, KimarraGymcats GymnasticsVegas Cup 2023 TOPs Session
2138.750LaCoursiere, ChloeCoastal Gymnastics Academy2023 California Grand Invitational
2138.750Light, RaynaGolden City GymnasticsDeVeau%27s Circle of Stars
2138.750Pawlak, KamilaMetroplex Gymnastics2023 Texas Prime Meet
2538.725McCann, CourtneyWOGA GymnasticsSCEGA's California Classic
2538.725McGowan, MacyPacific Reign Gymnastics2023 Long Beach Open
2538.725Winger, CamilleBold Gymnastics2023 Rocky Mountain Invitational
2838.700Duke, PresleyDynamo GymnasticsThe Dream Meet
2938.675Cash, AvaBull City Gymnastics2023 Hill's Maryland Classic
2938.675Swaby-Ranger, JahzaraAmerican TwistersBuckeye Classic
3138.625Diaz, SophiaHill's Gymnastics2023 Hill's Maryland Classic
3138.625Oshiro, AyumiSan Mateo GymnasticsSCEGA's California Classic
3338.600Ahern, OliviaBelieve GymnasticsBlues and BBQ Invitational
3338.600Doyle, AmyAspire Gymnastics Academy2023 Texas Prime Meet
3338.600Smith, LilySilvia's Gymnastics LLC2023 Denver Winterfest Classic
3338.600Snyder, HollyDocksiders Gymnastics Inc.Atlanta Crown
3338.600Torry, BrynnWorld Class GymnasticsAtlanta Crown
3838.575Ortiz, GabiLa Fleur'sNashville Nights 2023
3838.575Ulrich, MadisonSoutheastern Gymnastics CenterSand Dollar Invitational
3838.575Zancan, PaigeHill's Gymnastics2023 Hill's Maryland Classic
4138.550Chism, JazlynnMidwest Elite Gymnastics AcademyWindy City Invitational- Women
4138.550Coppola, OliviaCincinnati Gymnastics2023 Coaches Spectacular
4138.550Huff, JuJuJamJev Gymnastics2023 Denver Winterfest Classic
4138.550Vandevander, OliviaTeam AttractionAtlanta Crown
4538.525Kaempfer, AllisonAmerican TwistersBuckeye Classic
4538.525Light, RaynaGolden City GymnasticsSand Dollar Invitational
4538.525Vandertoolen, LundynOlympus GymnasticsCrystal Cup
4838.500Christensen, BrinleeOlympus GymnasticsCrystal Cup
4838.500Mustari, HaleyDynamo Gymnastics2023 Dynamo Classic
4838.500Ostrum, AriannaRussell Gymnastics 4 Kids, Inc.Nashville Nights 2023
5138.475Echols, KimarraGymcats Gymnastics2023 Lady Luck Invite
5138.475Jorgensen, AvaGold Medal Gymnastics2023 California Grand Invitational
5138.475Neff, AveryOlympus Gymnastics2023 Rocky Mountain Invitational
5138.475Wahl, AdysonZanesville GymnasticsAtlanta Crown
5538.450Brose, CreslynBull City Gymnastics2023 Hill's Maryland Classic
5538.450Draser, SkylarParkettes National Gymnastics Center2023 Hill's Maryland Classic
5538.450Jackson, RaileyGymNastiSand Dollar Invitational
5538.450Monahan, EllieCincinnati GymnasticsUGA Invitational
5538.450Rodriguez, DelayneGymcats GymnasticsVegas Cup 2023 TOPs Session
6038.425Aamold, MeganWest Valley Gymnastics School2023 Arizona Grand Invitational
6038.425DeVries, TaylorLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLCSand Dollar Invitational
6038.425Harrington, McCauleyWOGA GymnasticsSCEGA's California Classic
6038.425Rodriguez, DelayneGymcats Gymnastics2023 Lady Luck Invite
6438.400Garvey, ReilanUnited Gymnastics AcademyUGA Invitational
6438.400McCullough, AvaAIM Athletics Texans GymnasticsHopes & Dreams Invitational
6438.400Pederson, LilyFlips Gymnastics LLC2023 Alamo Classic
6438.400Pilgrim, AnyaHill's GymnasticsBuckeye Classic
6838.375Ciolfi, IsabellaMassachusetts Elite Gymnastics AcademyBoston Classic
6838.375LaCoursiere, ChloeCoastal Gymnastics Academy2023 Long Beach Open
6838.375McDonough, MaryLet It Shine2023 USA Invitational
6838.375Williams, CaMarahEDGE Gymnastics - RiversideMemorial Park
7238.350Brown, SimoneSoutheastern Gymnastics CenterGreensboro Gymnastics Invitational
7238.350Fulcher, AddyBull City Gymnastics2023 Denver Winterfest Classic
7238.350McDermott, ErinTampa Bay Turners Gymnastics2023 Tampa Bay Turners Invitational
7238.350Uhlenberg, DonnaSonshine GymnasticsNashville Nights 2023
7638.325Cash, AvaBull City Gymnastics2023 Denver Winterfest Classic
7638.325Cucci, AllisonTwin City TwistersSand Dollar Invitational
7638.325Diaz, SophiaHill's GymnasticsBuckeye Classic
7638.325Dorbin, MadelynGeorgia Elite GymnasticsAtlanta Crown
7638.325McCann, CourtneyWOGA Gymnastics2023 Texas Prime Meet
7638.325McGowan, MacyPacific Reign GymnasticsPalm Springs Gymnastics Cup
7638.325Pederson, LilyFlips Gymnastics LLC2023 Classic Spectacular
7638.325Perkins, MadisonAmerican Gymnastics Academy of Long Beach2023 Long Beach Open
7638.325Schell, EllaOlympia Gymnastics AcademyAthlete Warrior Challenge 2023
7638.325Swaby-Ranger, JahzaraAmerican Twisters GymnasticsSand Dollar Invitational
8638.300DiCello, KarleighHill's Gymnastics2023 Hill's Maryland Classic
8638.300Janicke, JessicaTwin City TwistersSand Dollar Invitational
8638.300Monahan, EllieCincinnati GymnasticsBuckeye Classic
8938.275Brown, SimoneSoutheastern Gymnastics CenterSand Dollar Invitational
8938.275Buckner, OliviaOlympus Gymnastics2023 Rocky Mountain Invitational
8938.275Horton, HannahRevolution2023 Alamo Classic
8938.275Keuneke, CJMM232023 Denver Winterfest Classic
8938.275Martin, AbigaylePearland EliteBuckeye Classic
8938.275Monahan, EllieCincinnati GymnasticsAtlanta Crown
8938.275Pelfrey, ZoieCincinnati GymnasticsUGA Invitational
9638.250Fuller, RyanHead Over HeelsRose Gold Classic 2023
9638.250Macasu, SamanthaLegacy Elite Gymnastics LLCSand Dollar Invitational
9638.250Ortiz, GabriellaLa Fleur'sSand Dollar Invitational
9638.250Rizo, CecilyTexas Dreams GymnasticsBuckeye Classic
9638.250Scheible, HannahAll American Flames GymnastixBuckeye Classic
9638.250Shepard, CamrynMavericks GymnasticsThe Texas Shootout Gymnastics Invite
9638.250Westerlind, HayliOlympus GymnasticsCrystal Cup
9638.250White, ImaniBrandy Johnson's Global Gymnastics2023 Hilton Head Island Invitational